Our Story

Glow Bar is a wellness company for women created by Sasha Sabapathy – a brand planner turned chef who has spent her life between Malaysia, London and New York. Sasha created Glow Bar out of a desire to share with other women stress management remedies that she has discovered over the years. From adaptogen spiked lattes to lavender night time tonics , Sasha has dedicated a large portion of her adult life to using natural remedies to de-stress and achieve a sense of balance. After talking to many of her friends, Sasha discovered that stress was having a huge impact on the lives of others around her. We did some poking around and learned that almost 80% of women we asked feel stressed on a daily basis! That’s a seriously significant amount! We have created our elixir blends to help you cope with three major areas of life the most affected by stress - happiness, skin and sex. This is just the beginning for Glow Bar. We are on a mission to revolutionise the way women cope with stress, and we’re excited to have you along for the ride! For now - grab a jar of our elixirs and chill, sip & glow.

Glow Bar Super Happy

A Note From Our Founder

I learned about adaptogens while I was living in the States as I moved to New York when I was twenty two. I was such a baby and I remember being both in awe and completely overwhelmed by the city. I was working extremely hard during the day, and going out every night - basically burning the candle at both ends. I didn’t realise however, that I was pushing my body to the limits and my system was becoming flooded with cortisol- a hormone produced when our body is experiencing stress. High cortisol levels gave me a serious case of anxiety and depression which I couldn’t budge, and a close friend of mine suggested that I try a herb called Ashwagandha. I was reminded of the natural remedies I took as a child, and decided it was definitely worth a go. After taking Ashwagandha diligently for a month, I realised that I wasn’t as anxious as I used to be, and dealing with stress was getting easier. I decided to read more about this miracle herb, and began to take other adaptogenic herbs such as Cordyceps and Reishi.

Sasha Sabapathy

After a few years of taking multiple capsules of herbs a day I began concocting my own elixir blends in my kitchen. They’ve brought me so much joy over the last few years and I decided that I wanted to share the benefits of these amazing superherbs with other women. Stress is where it all began for me, and it was important for me to create blends that helped three areas which I have discovered are affected the most for women - happiness, skin and sex. Taking these herbs everyday have helped me to find a new sense of calm and happiness, and it is my hope that they do the same for you!