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  • by Nicola Boulton August 26, 2022 5 min read

    CBD for Asthma: Ultimate Guide

    The cannabis plant has been used as a recreational drug and as a therapeutic option for many health disorders throughout human life. However, one might ask themselves if CBD can help to combat asthma. This article will discuss how CBD can help fight asthma, what CBD products are available and how you can determine the dosage needed.
    CBD has been in the limelight for having properties to aid many with health conditions. Although CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, it doesn't have any psychoactive effects like its close cousin, THC. However, CBD helps battle many health conditions such as acne and arthritis and suppresses some symptoms of cancer. CBD's ability to treat inflammation has made many people more interested in CBD. However, some are also claiming CBD helps with asthma. Let's dive deeper into this possibility and find out what research has to say.

    What is Asthma?

    Asthma is a lung disease that can result from inflammation in the lungs that might be caused by the immune system when stress or allergen exposures occur. Once there is inflammation in the lungs, mucus secretion occurs, and muscle spasms make breathing difficult. This can affect your health further and lead to trouble sleeping due to breathing difficulties;asthma symptoms can vary from very mild to severe attacks that can be life-threatening. The main asthma symptoms might include breathlessness, wheezing, feeling exhausted and chronic cough. Although these symptoms might sometimes be very mild, they can occur very rapidly and cause heavy breathing; if you find no relief from using the inhaler, you must rush to the doctor.
    There are various prescriptions available for treating asthma; however, sometimes, these products can be disliked by many people. Preventive inhalers that asthmatic patients normally use have been linked to causing sore throats, worn voice, and oral infections, as Amin et al. (2020) described. The good thing is that products such as CBD are newly entering the market as a natural way of dealing with asthma. So how does CBD help with asthma? Learn more about cbd for asthma: can it help?

    CBD for Asthma; How It Works

    CBD has been under research with the possibility of helping battle asthma. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have been an interesting point of view because asthma might be caused by inflammation of the lungs. CBD might help to ease the excess inflammation that happens. According toPatricio et al. (2020),CBD might have neuroprotective benefits that can help ease asthma symptoms. CBD is thought to decrease the sensitivity of your airways; this will help prevent and control your asthma attacks as CBD is referred to as a bronchodilator.
    CBD has shown possibilities of relieving muscle spasms or attacks that can happen to the muscle. Those suffering from asthma attacks commonly experience contraction of the diaphragm muscles and abdominal muscles that are usually responsible for controlling your breathing. CBD has been shown to have properties that can relax muscles. These properties helped with epilepsy, as explained by Peng, Ding & Wang (2021).These same properties are thought to help those with asthma attacks by opening airways to aid in better breathing. According toVuoloet al. (2019),CBD provides promising results in aiding asthmatic patients. However, most of the research has been limited, and more research is still required before we fully understand how CBD works for asthma.
    Many users of prescribed drugs that help with asthma normally claim that these drugs later cause anxiety issues. The property of CBD to help those with CBD can go a long way to helping those with drug-induced anxiety problems. Although you might use CBD products with your prescribed medications, you should get advice from your doctor and talk to them about opting for CBD to prevent any reaction with your pharmaceutical prescribed drugs.
    What CBD Products Can You Use to Battle Asthma?
    CBD products areavailable all over the market. Due to the surge of CBD products, many companies have been offering different products. You can find CBD products in edibles, topicals, oil tinctures, CBD vapes, and capsules. All these forms offer a variety of choices for those using CBD products; furthermore, everybody has their preferences and likes.
    CBD edibles are normally food supplements that contain CBD because they contain the taste of the food they are made from; they are a favorite amongst those that don't like the natural taste of CBD. However, because CBD edibles have to go through the digestive system, they may take longer for the effects to kick in. CBD oil is normally packaged in bottles and can be applied through drops; an easier way of getting CBD oil in your bloodstream is by taking it under your tongue and letting it settle there for a while. This is a perfect way of enjoying the effects of CBD in a shorter time and can be a favorite among those that want a more accurate dosage than using edibles.
    However, CBD capsules are the most accurate way of measuring the amount of CBD you take. Each capsule can contain a specific amount of CBD, making it easier for you to take count. However, because capsules are normally processed in the liver, it may take about 90 minutes before you can fully feel the effects of CBD products.

    How Much Dosage Is needed?

    The FDA has not yet approved any dosage of CBD products; therefore, finding out the amount of CBD you need to feel the effects might require a little game of trial and error. You can start with a small dosage and then climb up the ladder to a higher amount of CBD until you find just the right amount of CBD you might require to feel the effects of CBD fully.Although you can take CBD using vaping, there are a lot of controversies about using Vaping or smoking as an effective way of controlling your asthma. Until more research is done on vaping, it is safer not to use vaping or smoking to curtail your asthma, as this can lead to further complications.


    CBD products have been flooding the market; however, with many companies entering the market, it is possible to find some rookie products or false claims. Therefore it is important to note that although there is a lot of research to find out more about CBD products, scientists have only just understood the tip about CBD. Some of the research done, however, has strong evidence suggesting that CBD might be helpful to help those with asthmatic conditions because of its anti-inflammatory properties.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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