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September 27, 2022 5 min read

Does CBD Help Neuropathy in Feet?

The uses of cannabidiol are increasing as many countries and states are yet to legalize it. Are you suffering from neuropathy feet, and you have been using various medications to cope with it? Cannabidiol products are of importance in neuropathy feet. Find out more from this article and get your problem sorted.

Finding a remedy to it may be good if you are trying to cope with neuropathy feet and other ailments that come with it. This condition makes some people bed-bound or house-bound, unable to perform their daily duties. This article will give some of the ways cannabidiol can be effective for neuropathic by following some research and studies that have been done over the past. Since some individuals fear using cannabidiol because of myths and misconceptions that have not yet been verified, the article will provide side effects, how to choose the best cannabidiol product, and how to use it after buying it for neuropathic pain. Moreover, one will understand this condition better since the description will be given. Peer into the article and find out:


Such an individual might have come across the two compounds if one uses cannabis or smokes medical marijuana for either pain alleviation or to enjoy and become 'high,' According to VanDolah et al. (2019), CBD is a natural extract from the marijuana or hemp plant. In hemp, it is obtained from parts where it is highly concentrated, like the leaves and flowers, while in marijuana, it can be obtained from either part of the plant. THC is a cousin to cannabidiol, with a thin line of difference between them. Therefore THC is a natural extract from marijuana or hemp that causes an individual high' effect when consumed. Cannabidiol is the most widely used compound of cannabis sativa because it has no effect like making one feel 'high' or leading to addiction and over-dependence.

What Does Research Say About CBD with Neuropathic in Feet?

Hesselink (2012) found that cannabidiol cream can be used to treat neuropathic feet. Most people who used cannabidiol cream topically found it effective to use it repeatedly. However, more is yet to be revealed on how this cannabidiol product can help in neuropathic feet. A person is advised to seek the doctor's guidance before using any cannabidiol product for neuropathic feet.

Basics of Neuropathy Pain

According to Rosenberger et al. (2020), Neuropathy is a condition resulting from improper functioning of peripheral nerves. It is facilitated by infections, improper function of the organ system, or chronic conditions like diabetes. The following are symptoms of Neuropathy:

  • Constipation
  • Tenderness to pains
  • The legs and arms become numb and tingle
  • One feels that the legs are heavy
  • Sharp pain experienced
  • High sensitivity to touch
  • Drop in the level of blood pressure.

Is CBD safe for Neuropathy?

More research is still needed to prove the safety of cannabidiol for Neuropathy. Cannabidiol can help manage Neuropathy. One must consult a doctor before using cannabidiol for Neuropathy since people respond to drugs differently. Considering the safety of using cannabidiol for Neuropathy, pregnant individuals below 18 should avoid it. One should consult a doctor, especially if one is living with cancer or diabetes and is currently taking medications. The following are the side effects of cannabidiol usage:

How to Use CBD for Neuropathy

Different methods can be used when delivering cannabidiol for Neuropathy, depending on the form of cannabidiol one is using. For instance, when using cannabidiol oils or tinctures, the sublingual or oral method will be good for such a form. However, the sublingual method is good as it ensures that cannabidiol reaches faster to the bloodstream. When one decides to apply cannabidiol externally, going for cannabidiol lotions or creams is better. For those who may like smoking so that cannabidiol reaches their bloodstream faster, they should go for cannabidiol vapes. However,  if one finds it hard to put up with the earthy smell of cannabidiol, going for cannabidiol edibles will be the best option. Suppose one is using cannabidiol for the first time for Neuropathy. In that case, it is advisable to start with the smallest amount of cannabidiol since the body takes time to respond to medications. Moreover, reading the manufacturer's instructions on the use of cannabidiol is good since it gives one accurate way of using the product. Failure to follow the instructions may expose one to the risks and side effects of cannabidiol.

How to Choose the Best CBD Product

Choosing the best cannabidiol product in terms of quality and standard can be overwhelming, especially if one is starting to use cannabidiol. Therefore, below are some guidelines that can help one choose quality and standard cannabidiol:

The Product Should Have a Certificate of Analysis.

One thing that should be contained in this document is the product's shelf life.

  • The product must have passed the test for heavy metals and impurities. Heavy metals like mercury and lead harm an individual's health; hence, one should ensure that a product is free from such metals or other impurities.
  • The product should have Third Party Test. This party is an outside organization that is not involved in the stake of the product. It also plays an important role in ensuring that human consumption products are safe.
  • The source of hemp should be indicated.

What Should Be Done Before Using CBD

The following should be done for one's safety to be assured when using certain cannabidiol products.

One Should Consult a Doctor

The doctor will give effective measures that should be taken for the product to help the body. They may include when to use the product and how to use it to manage side effects.

  • Know types of cannabidiol and their composition.
  • One should know the purpose of buying cannabidiol products. This will enable one to choose the correct cannabidiol that suits the need.
  • Ask more about cannabidiol from those who have been using cannabidiol for a long.


Although more research is still needed to prove that cannabidiol products are effective in managing neuropathy pain, to the article, neuropathy pain results from pain in the peripheral nerves. Infections and chronic diseases like diabetes facilitate it. One should know the symptoms of its attack to curb it before it ruins one's life. It is important to know how to apply it for maximum effectiveness for cannabidiol to help one manage neuropathic feet. Choosing quality and standard products may be overwhelming, especially cannabidiol products; hence, the guidelines are important. Moreover, one should know the condition's symptoms since this will enable one to fight it in time.


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