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  • January 16, 2023 5 min read

    Does CBD Oil Help People with Asthma?

    CBD is a cannabis compound with a therapeutic effect. Taking CBD oil for asthma can help improve Asthma symptoms. You can buy the best CBD oil for asthma online.

    Throughout history, people have been using cannabis plants for recreational and health benefits. Most jurisdictions restrict the cultivation and use of cannabis plants, especially marijuana. Legalizing the hemp plant has led to the increased use of cannabinoids. Hemp is a milder plant compared to marijuana. Cannabinoid producers and fanatics claim that CBD has potential health and wellness benefits, which have fueled the growth of the cannabis industry. What does the research say about the claimed benefits of CBD? This article will discuss CBD and whether it helps with asthma.

    What is CBD?

    Cannabidiol, CBD, is a cannabis compound extracted from the hemp plant. Producers use hemp plant because it is rich in CBD and less THC. THC is also a psychoactive cannabis compound. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant using solvent or alcohol extraction processes. The extracted CBD is refined into full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or isolates of CBD used in producing CBD products like oils, edibles, and topicals. The extracted CBD also undergoes testing by third-party labs to test for potency and contaminants like heavy metals to ensure the safety and purity of the product. The lab results are published on the brand’s website.


    Asthma is characterized by difficulty breathing, coughing, and a wheezing sound when you breathe, explains Rassouli et al. (2020).Asthma causes narrowing and swelling of the airways and may produce extra mucus. Asthma can be shorter or chronic in some people. Allergies, exercise, and occupational asthma can trigger Asthma attacks. Shortness of breath, chest pains, and trouble sleeping. Frequent Asthma symptoms may indicate that asthma is worsening. The symptoms may indicate another condition, and it is best to get examined by a physician. The cause of asthma is largely unknown, but environmental and genetic conditions might be the cause.

    How Does CBD Help with Asthma?


    CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that are essential in reducing lung swelling. Lung swelling is a common Asthma symptom. Reducing the swelling will lead to better breathing.According to Vuolo et al. (2019), the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help reduce hyper responsiveness in the airways such that the lungs become less sensitive to Asthma triggers.

    Soothes Pain

    CBD can help relieve chest pains associated with asthma. This will allow the patient to breathe with ease. Andreae et al. (2015) explained that CBD could relieve neuropathic pain. Learn more about can cbd help alopecia?

    Soothes Anxiety

    Lack of breath or difficulty breathing can make the patient very anxious. Asthma symptoms may become an anxiety trigger. CBD can help manage anxiety associated with asthma (Blessing et al., 2015).

    Using CBD Oil for Asthma

    Dosing CBD Oil for Asthma

    Taking CBD oil for asthma requires the patient to understand that there is no uniform dose of CBD for everyone. You need to calculate your dose, work it out or ask a physician to suggest a dose for you. Calculating a CBD oil dose for asthma, you need to know the product potency, the volume of the dropper, and the number of drops in the dropper. Working out your optimal dose requires you to start with a small dose and gradually increase the number of drops until you feel the CBD effect. CBD affects individuals differently; hence your optimal dose will not affect another person similarly. If you are on Asthma medication, it is best to ask a physician if you can take CBD oil for asthma. The physician can then suggest a dose for you.

    Taking CBD Oil for Asthma

    There are various ways of taking CBD oil ingestion sublingual, inhalation and topical methods. The topical method is quite ineffective in treating asthma. The inhalation method may seem effective since its fast and effective,but the CBD fumes may lead to further lung damage.

    The ingestion and sublingual method are effective when taking CBD oil for asthma. You can ingest CBD oil by adding it to meals and drinks. The CBD will undergo metabolism before you feel the CBD effect. You can feel the effect after an hour,lasting at least 8 hours.

    The sublingual method involves placing CBD oil drops under the tongue and holding them for at least a minute to allow absorption. You can feel the CBD effect after 20 to 30 minutes, but the effect is short-lived.

    Where to Buy CBD Oil for Asthma

    You can buy CBD oil for asthma from physical location stores or online stores like the brand’s website. You can start using the oil immediately after purchase with the physical store location. The storekeeper can help you get quality CBD oil, but at the same time, you can easily buy a low-quality product.

    Online stores like the brand’s website are convenient since you purchase CBD oil direct from the producer. The brands also have a return policy which you can use if the product is of low quality. You can return it for payback or exchange.

    What to Look for When Buying CBD Oil for Asthma

    The Lab Results

    The lab results prove that the product has been tested for purity and safety. The QR code and the batch number on the product label help to access the

    User Reviews and Comments

    The user reviews and social media comments show the brand’s reputation and what the other customers experienced with the brand’s products. Learn more about can cbg help with constipation?

    Type of CBD

    CBD oil for asthma can contain full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate CBD. CBD oil with full-spectrum will have a greater effect than other CBDs because it has all the hemp plant terpenes and cannabinoids. The cannabinoids have a greater effect when they work together.


    CBD oil for asthma does not treat the disease but helps the patient cope with symptoms like pain, anxiety and inflammation. The CBD's anti-inflammatory properties help with hyper responsiveness making the lungs less sensitive to Asthma triggers. Proper dosing CBD for Asthma can help with asthma. You can calculate the dose, work it out, or ask a physician to suggest a dose for you, especially when taking Asthma medications. You can buy CBD oil for asthma from physical location stores or online stores like the brand’s website. When buying the oil, check for lab results, the type of CBD, customers reviews and comments.


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