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January 19, 2023 5 min read

How To Figure Out the Right Dosage of Different CBD Products?

There is no standard dosage for CBD, but individuals can figure out the right dosage. This article explains how to determine the right dosage, the factors that affect the dosage and if individuals can take too much CBD.

CBD is becoming popular recently due to its health and therapeutic properties. It treats various conditions in the body like pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression and improves overall wellness. CBD comes in different forms, such as capsules, vapes, gummies, topicals and oils. Figuring out a person's effective and safe dosage is a complex decision. Individuals should find the right dosage for them that suits their needs well. Consulting a doctor is very important since he will help them determine the right dose and how to take it safely.

How To Determine the Right Dosage

Epidiolex is the only CBD drug regulated and comes with its standard dosage. Other CBD products are not regulated, and it is up to users to determine the right dosage that suits their needs well. Everyone is different since a small dosage can work for one person and can fail to work for another person. The amount of CBD users should take depends on the symptoms and condition they are treating and the unique endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is accountable for regulating bodily functions like emotions, behaviour, nervous system and motor control. It also ensures the body remains in its equilibrium state. More research on CBD dosage is required to determine efficacy, appropriate dosing and safety guidelines. Individuals should consult the doctor to help them determine the dosage that they should start with since CBD products are not regulated. The most normal dosage for CBD is between 20 to 40 milligrams each dosage. Several consumers may consume less than that average, and others may consume a higher amount, up to 100 milligrams. Based on the potency of the product users are undertaking, this might be a few droplets of some millilitres of CBD oil. It could also include one to five gummies or capsules for each dose. The dosage is usually articulated per unit when users take soft gels, capsules, and gummies. For instance, there may be 50mg of cannabidiol in every single gummy or capsule. Individuals should start with a small dosage to observe how the body responds to CBD.

CBD, like any other drink, can trigger some side effects. However, when CBD tolerates well, they should work their way up until they get the dosage that suits their needs well. When it comes to products like CBD gummies, individuals may wonder how they should start with small dosages. Splitting the CBD gummy into two and taking them at different times can help them determine the right dosage. CBD capsules cannot be split, but individuals should start with one capsule to see how the body reacts and if the condition they are addressing is improving. If they fail to achieve their desired results and the body responds well, they should take another capsule and work their way up. CBD oil and tinctures are the best methods for starting at small dosages. Although approximating cannabidiol oil cannot be that straightforward. Tinctures and oils come in a bottle with a dropper; usually, only CBD contents and total liquid volume are included on the label. Starting with small drops of CBD oil may be very important in determining the right dosage. Some people may prefer to calculate the dosage they should take. They approximate the dosage based on the desired strength, weight and potency of the cannabidiol oil they are consuming. The best method to figure out the right dosage is to start with a small dosage and work way up.

Factors That Affect the Dosage

Various factors affect the amount of CBD individuals should take. People are very different in various ways, which can affect the CBD dosage they should take. They include,


Metabolism differs from one person to another. Some people have a high metabolic rate, while others have a low one. Individuals with high metabolism require high CBD dosages. This is because they take little time to process CBD, and users start experiencing the effects faster. The faster the body metabolizes CBD, the quicker they leave the body. When these people consume large amounts of CBD, they will take time to metabolize them, making them stay longer in the body than when they take small dosages. According to Hložek et al. (2017), users with lower metabolic rates require small dosages of CBD since it will take a lot of time to process.


The conditions being treated also determine how much CBD one should take. When the condition is very severe, a large dosage will be required. Individuals with severe pain like cancer, multiple sclerosis and nerve pain will have to take a high dosage of cannabidiol oil. People with insomnia also require high dosages to improve the quality and quantity of their sleep. Some conditions like anxiety, depression and anxiety can be treated by individuals starting with small dosages and working their way if they do not notice any improvements.

How the body tolerates CBD also affects the dosage individuals should consume. When the body tolerates a small amount of CBD, individuals should stick to that. But when it can tolerate large dosages, individuals should always increase their dosage gradually.

Can You Take Too Much CBD

Individuals can take as much CBD as their bodies can tolerate. Some research shows that 1500 mg of CBD may be well endured each day, although everyone is different. According to Machado Bergamaschi et al. (2011), excessive cannabidiol can trigger some side effects such as drowsiness, light-headedness, upset stomach, diarrhoea, general disorientation, nausea and dry mouth. While uncommon, it can also cause liver damage. According to Geffrey et al. (2015), CBD has been shown to interact with other medications. It is a great idea to stop using CBD products when under medication or consult the doctor if you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD and you are under medication. Individuals who consume some blood thinners' seizure medications, thyroid medications and heart rhythm medications must be very careful. It is important to always work with the doctor when consuming any CBD product. The doctor will help you know the best brands to purchase, the best product and the dosage they should start with.


There is no specific dosage for CBD products since they are not regulated. However, individuals can figure out the right dosage. They should start with small dosages to see how their body responds and then work their way up when the body responds well. Doing this for a week, they will be able to get the right dosage for them. It is always good to consult the doctor before consuming any CBD product to help you know the right dosage for your condition.


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