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August 30, 2022 6 min read

How CBD Can Help In Improving Your Yoga Practice

Most yogis are turning to CBD because it is a natural treatment for their sore muscles and rarely has any side effects. It is also not psychoactive, making it a plus. Herein, you learn ways CBD helps improve yoga, which shouldn't use CBD, and how to use CBD for yoga.

CBD and yoga are ancient combinations, and it looks like it's coming back with a bang. CBD is trending because of its various medical benefits; it is no surprise that it has been incorporated into yoga practices. CBD (cannabinol) is a cannabis plant-based compound. It contains several properties that help improve yoga practices, such as; anti-inflammation and anti-anxiety. Yoga has been around for some time, and nothing has changed. It promotes inner awareness like before. Various overlaps between CBD and yoga make them a perfect pair. Read along to know how CBD improves yoga practice.

Ways CBD Helps Improve Yoga

Yoga exercises may be psychically demanding since they tend to strain the tendons and ligaments when done incorrectly. Yoga requires great balance demanding strong and correct body positioning. Stretching can also be intense at times. Below are various ways how CBD help improves yoga practices:

Reduces Stress

Cortisol is a hormone responsible for stress and anxiety in the body. According to Spinella et al. (2021), CBD is a great stress and anxiety alleviator since it affects the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for maintaining balance in the body and managing physiological responses. Using CBD in yoga helps boost your body's ability to alleviate stress. You get to feel deeper relaxation levels during yoga. This combination will help you feel free from stress and anxiety during the day.

CBD Helps Increase Focus and Concentration

CBD acts as a great wake-promoting agent. It means it helps keep your mind more alert; hence the possibility of losing focus decreases. CBD is involved width various neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, which are responsible for keeping our minds focused. Yoga is a great way of staying focused since it helps you reclaim your mind.

Alleviates Pain and Inflammation

Engaging in rigorous yoga routines may lead to a certain degree of muscle pain and inflammation after practice. Evans (2020) revealed that incorporating CBD into yoga routines helps in reducing pain and soreness. Boyaji et al. (2020) commented that it is because it is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It interacts with the ECS, whose major function is managing pain.

Promotes Better Rest

Try combining CBD and yoga; you will not be disappointed if you have had a long day and are wondering what will make you feel better. Lutz (2022) stated that CBD interacts with specific cannabinoid receptors of the ECS, helping your body respond to physical and emotional responses. Combining CBD and yoga helps your body feel rested.

CBD Improves Energy

Adding CBD into your morning yoga helps boost your energy, making you feel more active during the day. CBD stimulates the nervous system and brain, making your nerves calm and, in turn, relaxed. It also acts as a stimulant; hence it interacts with your brain making you more energized.

CBD Helps Manage Moods

According to Pinto et al. (2020), CBD helps reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, boosting your moods. The good thing about CBD is that it does not cause high effects and dependence. When added to yoga, it helps stabilize mood swings making you happier throughout the day.

Who Shouldn't Use CBD During a Yoga Routine?

There are no side effects of using CBD during yoga, although you should avoid the following:

  • Individuals under other medications.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • Immune compromised individuals. Learn more about cbd for joint pain relief

How to Use CBD for Yoga

There are various administration methods of CBD in our body. However, if you feel pain in a specific area after yoga practice, use CBD topical creams and lotions to the target area to help you with pain and soreness. You can also take CBD edibles like gummies and tinctures or infuse CBD oil into your favorite foods and drinks to gain its benefits. You should begin with as low as ten to fifteen milligrams of CBD and increase it gradually as your body gets used to it if you are new to CBD. CBD tinctures take around fifteen minutes for their effects to kick in, while soft gels take about thirty-five minutes. It depends on the product's bioavailability, meaning how fast it is absorbed into the body. YOU can use CBD salves after or before yoga to reap its benefits. Ensure to use it consistently to maximize the benefits of CBD.

Factors to Consider While Choosing CBD Products for Yoga

CBD is not FDA approved since it means that various brands are taking advantage of this and producing ineffective, low-quality products. Below are tips that will help you choose CBD products that will improve your yoga:

Know The Various Types of CBD Products

CBD is available in three formulations: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. The full spectrum of CBD has CBD and the other cannabinoids available in the cannabis plant. Including low traces of THC that do not exceed 0.3 percent. It is preferable since other cannabinoids work with CBD to enhance its effectiveness. The broad spectrum has most compounds except THC making it a perfect option for people who do not want THC effects. According to Marinotti et al. (2020), CBD Isolate only has the CBD compound making it the purest.

If It Has a Certificate of Analysis

When purchasing any CBD product, you must look if it has a COA. It helps you know the number of cannabinoid contents in the product and if it has any harmful substances like pesticides. Ensure that these analyses are from a third-party source since they will not produce biased information. You can find the COA on the brand's website.

The Potency of the Product

It is important to match the potency of the product to your needs. CBD products display their dosages in milligrams. Since there is no standard CBD dose, it is recommended to start slow and low and see how your body reacts to it. Once t get used to CBD, you may gradually increase your dosage.


Regarding yogis, incorporating CBD into your routine is a great idea. CBD  helps improve yoga by enhancing focus and concentration,  reducing stress levels, promoting better rest, and reducing pain and inflammation. There are various ways you can use CBD, depending on your preference. CBD oil is the most popular form since it is easy to use. Place a few drops of the oil under your tongue and wait for its effects to kick in; since it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, its effects kick in quickly but do not last for long. CBD topicals are useful if you are undergoing pain in a specific area after yoga since all you have to do is apply the cream or ointment to that area, and with no time, you feel its effects. However, you should not use CBD products if breastfeeding, pregnant, or under medication since it will negatively affect the fetus and your body.


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