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  • January 13, 2023 5 min read

    Can CBD Oil Help Treat Kennel Cough?

    What is kennel cough? Does CBD oil help treat kennel cough? Can CBD reduce inflammation and help with canine depression?Where can I get the best CBD oil for kennel cough?

    The legalization of the cultivation of industrial hemp in 2018 in both UK and US led to the growth of the cannabis industry. New CBD products are introduced with claimed health and wellness benefits. Cannabis companies make millions of dollars from selling CBD products but, do these products work?Customers buying these products may be desperate because medications are not improving their condition. Other cannabis producers are manufacturing CBD products for animals. Pet owners also want something that their animal will enjoy.This article will explore what CBD is and if it does help treat kennel cough in dogs.

    What is CBD?

    Cannabidiol, CBD is a cannabis compound extracted from the hemp plant. The cannabis compound has more than 100 compounds with various uses. CBD is extracted using solvent or alcohol extraction processes. The hemp plant is used because its rich in CBD and has less THC, a cannabis compound that causes the high effect. The extracted CBD is refined into the full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate CBD used in products like edibles, oils, and topicals. Third-party labs test the extracted CBD for contaminants to ensure safety. They also are tests for potency and cannabinoids. The lab results are uploaded to the brand's website.

    Kennel Cough

    Kennel cough is an umbrella term for a wide range of infectious conditions where coughing in dogs is the major sign. Kennel cough is also called Tracheobronchitis in dogs. Kennel's cough affects the trachea and bronchial tubes. The disease is caused by a wide range of bacteria and viruses that spread from one dog to another when housed together. The disease is characterized by a chronic cough that lasts for several weeks. The dog can also experience a runny nose and eyes, swollen tonsils, depressed behavior, and lack of appetite(Reagan& Sykes, 2020).There is no specific treatment for kennel infection, but since it is a bacterial disease, antibiotics can help. The dog can also get a kennel cough vaccine.

    CBD Oil for Kennel Cough

    Dogs have an endocannabinoid system just like humans and that's why they can feel the therapeutical effect of CBD as explained,


    According to Lowin et al. (2020), CBD's anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce tonsils' swelling.

    Stimulate Appetite

    Lack of appetite can lead to weight loss and worsen the kennel cough symptoms. According to Kirkman (2020), CBD has been used to promote eating. Giving CBD oil to your dog can help stimulate its appetite.

    Canine Depression

    The kennel cough symptoms like coughing and swollen tonsils can lead to canine depression, impacting the dog's playfulness. According to Gracia-Gutierrez et al. (2020), CBD can relieve depression.

    How to Administer CBD Oil to Dogs

    Administer it directly from the dropper

    Add to food and treats

    When to Administer CBD Oil for Kennel Cough

    There is no specific time to give your dog CBD oil. You can give it at anytime of the day or night but at least after 6-8 hours.They can start feeling the effect of CBD after some minutes, lasting at least 6 hours. Giving them another dose before this time frame might lead to an overdose.

    How to Dose CBD Oil for Kennel Cough 

    Your dog can experience nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and lack of appetite. The best way to dose your pet is by calculating its optimal dose. 1 to 5mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body mass. If your dog weighs 20 pounds, its optimal dose per serving is between 2mg to 10mg of CBD. You can calculate the number of drops you need if your dropper is not labeled. A full dropper is at least 1ml of CBD oil. If you have a 30ml bottle with 300mg of CBD, a full dropper will contain 10mg of CBD. A full dropper has at least 20 drops; each drop will have 0.5mg of CBD.


    Shopping for CBD Oil for Kennel Cough 

    Lab Results 

    Each CBD product undergoes testing to check for contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides. The labs also check for the cannabinol profile and the product potency. The cannabinoid profile is the list of all cannabinoids in the product and their respective concentrations. This list will show you the amount of THC in the product; if it's more than 0.2%, your dog might get high. Learn more about cbd and its effects on multiple sclerosis

    The Brand 

    The brand's reputation is very important when shopping for CBD products, not only for the dogs but also for you. You will learn how other users interact with the brand's products by checking the user reviews and social media comments.

    The Price

    The safety of your canine friend is equally important as yours. You can buy cheap products that might not be safe. Cannabis products, in general, are expensive due to the cost of production and dangerous production methods. 

    Where to Shop

    Finally, where to buy CBD oil for kennel cough will also determine if you get a high-quality product. To be sure of the product you're buying, buy from the brand through their website. Brands have shipping and return policies. You can get free shipping or a discount, and if the product does not meet the advertised standards, you can return it within the specified days. Learn more about cbd for lyme disease



    CBD does not treat kennel cough, but it helps the dog cope with the symptoms of the disease, like runny nose and eyes, swollen tonsils, depressed behavior, and lack of appetite. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can greatly help in keeping the trachea open. You can give the dog CBD oil direct from the bottle using a dropper or adding it to its food and treats.Before administering CBD oil, know your dog's weight. This helps in calculating the dosage. A dog with 10 pounds can safely take 5mg of CBD. Quality should be a priority when shopping for CBD for kennel cough. Consider lab results, the brand's reputation, the price and where to buy.


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