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January 13, 2023 4 min read

Can CBD Help Your Concentration And Energy

CBD might help those that have a problem focusing.This article discusses CBD, if CBD can help you focus, how CBD can work for ADHD, what to look out for when shopping for CBD oil for focus, and frequently asked questions.

We are surrounded by all types of things that can distract us, whether at work, school, or daily chores, which can often lower our productivity. CBD has properties that help align your focus and balance between the mind and body to get the most out of you. Although THC is known to have properties that can affect focus, there is increasing research that links CBD to boosting focus. Let's take a deeper look at how CBD can help you focus!

What is CBD?

The cannabis plant has over one hundred compounds that can be isolated; these include cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, terpenes, and flavonoids. There are two main varieties of the cannabis plant, the Hemp and the Marijuana plant. THC is most dominant in the marijuana plant and is responsible for the 'high' effect that most smokers feel when they smoke Marijuana; Hemp has a high concentration of CBD and low THC levels. CBD has several health benefits, which is why most companies use the Hemp plant to extract Cannabidiol.

According to Eskander et al. (2020), CBD has properties that help offer relief from pain and inflammation. Cannabidiol has other benefits, including reducing anxiety, stress, and depression. This has made several companies come up with various products offering various benefits; you can find CBD edibles, topicals, and oil. These products can come in various flavors, sizes, and concentrations to fit your preferences.

Can CBD Oil Help You Focus?

There is no evidence linking CBD to increasing focus; however, because CBD helps with many things that can prevent focusing, it's safe to say that CBD plays a part in helping focus. Wu (2019)stated that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which controls major body functions such as sleep, pain, memory, and immune response. This interaction of CBD with the endocannabinoid system plays a role in helping focus and improve memory by aiding pain relief; chronic pain can cause loss of focus on important tasks.

According to Moltke&Hindocha (2021), CBD helps those suffering from several mental health conditions, such as anxiety, stress, and sleeping problems. These are normally the major cause of focus problems, and CBD's ability to offer relief helps improve focus. CBD's ability to work with your endocannabinoid system helps improve your sleep cycle, therefore, helps in improving all the energy you need to focus on your tasks during the day.


Although most of the loss of focus is caused by distractions, sometimes losing focus can be because of an underlying problem such as ADHD. Khan et al. (2020)suggested that CBD might have someproperties that might improve mental health, including those who have ADHD. Although ADHD is mostly diagnosed in children, some adults can also experience a lack of focus from this condition. Although more research is still being done in this area, some find the existing research and evidence enough to try out CBD oil to help them focus more.

What to ConsiderWhen Shopping for CBD Oil

There are several CBD products in the market to fit the wide variety of preferences from the market, which means that you can easily get a CBD product. CBD oil is preferred for focus because of its high bioavailability when taken sublingually and fast kicks effects compared to other forms of CBD, such as gummies or pills. However, there are several things that you mightconsider: -

When choosing the right CBD oil for you, you should consider the company you are buying your CBD oil. Check the customer reviews of the products they sell to ensure that other buyers find the desired results. A company that is transparent about its products is preferable.

A certificate of analysis helps you understand the contents of the product you are taking; this can help you know if a product contains any harmful pesticides or heavy metals. Because THC might make you less focused, a lab result will ensure that the CBD oil you take doesn't have a THC amount higher than the legally allowed amount. A product that has undergone third-party testing is much more preferred because;it's more likely to have less biased and inaccurate results.

Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Oil

Can CBD Oil Get You High?

The simple answer is no! THC is the compound responsible for the 'high' effect most smokers feel when they smoke Marijuana. CBD products have a very low amount of THC, which is unlikely to make you high.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Yes! In 2018 the UK allowed CBD products to be legally sold in the account that contains a THC amount of less than 0.2%.


CBD's ability to interact with the endocannabinoid system has been thought to be one of the major ways how CBD functions to give beneficial health benefits to your mental health. More research is still being done on how CBD might allow you to have more focus; however, Disintegration with the endocannabinoid system has been found to help reduce some of the things that might be causing your lack of focus, such as anxiety, stress, and sleeping problems. However, several people find this research and evidence enough to try out CBD for focus; you, too, can join this growing group of CBD enthusiasts.


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