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  • January 19, 2023 5 min read

    How CBD Helps to Strengthen the Immune System?

    The use of CBD has gained popularity in different fields. It hasvarious benefits in containing various disorders. This article will help users understand how CBD works in strengthening the immune system as well as the different forms of CBD.

    The immune system helps in ensuring the wellness of the body and keeping the body free from various illnesses.

    CBD interacts with various receptors in the endocannabinoid system, ensuring different body functions run effectively.

    Research on the benefits of CBD is still in the early stages since the use of CBD requires a lot of time to showcase clear results towards containing various conditions.

    The use of CBD is known to have a promising solution in containing different autoimmune diseases like lupus condition which are caused by complications in the immune system. People willing to use CBD to contain different illnesses are recommended to seek medical advice to avoid adverse effects that may be caused by using CBD with other prescribed medications. Learn more about will cbd help treat post covid-19 syndromes?

    What is CBD?

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-addictive and non-intoxicating compound derived from cannabis. The compound is extracted from hemp or marijuana, the two common strains of the cannabis sativa plant. On the one hand, hemp produces a high concentration of Cannabidiol with a little amount of the psychoactive THC. In contrast, the marijuana plant has a high amount of THC with low levels of Cannabidiol

    There is not enough evidence towards this claim. However, researchers are still researching the proper dosage needed to contain different symptoms linked to CBD use.

    There are different forms in which various companies have produced their products to meet different needs required by CBD users. These products are available in three forms of CBD, namely;

    Full-spectrum CBD. The full spectrum contains CBD as the primary ingredient fused with different flavours. Depending on legality, some countries may contain a reasonable amount of THC to give extra calm effects to the users.

    Broad spectrum. The primary content is CBD which is fused with a mixture of different scents to meet the user's needs in various conditions.

    CBD isolate. For consumers who do not prefer any other properties fused with CBD. The isolate form is a suitable deal since it entails CBD in its natural form with no other additives.

    There are various products fused with CBD, which come in different consumption forms to contain different conditions. They include;

    Topical forms. These are made with CBD to help regulate conditions linked to the skin and hair. Their mode of absorption does not necessarily need to enter the bloodstream. They include; lotions, creams, shampoos and balms.

    Edibles. CBD edibles are introduced to the body orally but have to be digested to give the required effects. They are available in chocolates, cookies, gummies, and cakes.

    CBD vape pens. The absorption mode here is inhaling the CBD vapes into the lungs to experience the desired effect. They are considered more reliable depending on the condition users want to contain since they come in both disposable and refillable forms. They have a higher bioavailability rate compared to edibles.

    CBD oils. The absorption method is aided by a dropper introducing CBD under the tongue, which is absorbed into the sublingual glands. This form is also recommended in different conditions since it has a higher bioavailability rate.

    Other ways of using CBD include bath bombs that can be prepared at home to meet various symptoms affecting different users. Other forms of packaging CBD are yet to be discovered, so this should be good news to various CBD users.

    How CBD Strengthens the Immune System?

    According to Nicholas(2020), CBD does not necessarily help boost the immune system. However, it has promising effects on patients with autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases are seen to be caused when the body's immune system attacks its body cells, treating them as threats.

    In most cases, these harsh conditions lead to inflammation, pain and discomfort in patients. A study case carried out by Tran et al. (2022) showed that CBD had a positive effect towards containing conditions of several autoimmune diseases such as lupus. It is good to note that CBD does not necessarily heal the conditions but contains adverse symptoms linked to autoimmune illnesses.

    The body contains a system known as the endocannabidiol system. The endocannabidiol system comprises different receptors, namely the CB1 and CB2 receptors. A study by Osborne et al. (2019) showed the endocannabidiol system is responsible for various body functions, including balancing mood, digestion, memory and sleep. CBD interacts with the CB2 receptors found in the peripheral nervous system located in the immune system.

    Medications believed to contain the harsh symptoms of autoimmune diseases are commonly known as immunosuppressants. These treatments are known to stop or slow how the immune system works.

    Hammell et al. (2016) research show that CBD contains properties believed to neutralise inflammation and antioxidant conditions. These conditions are known to be the common symptoms of autoimmune diseases. However, most research on autoimmune illnesses has not been done on humans for various reasons. More research is still undergoing to facilitate the use of CBD in containing diseases related to the immune system. Learn more about what is cbd pain freeze?


     CBD is spreading among people who use it to counter symptoms related to autoimmune diseases. It is a primary requirement to visit a health officer before using any CBD product since it may have adverse effects when used with prescribed medications.

    The specific dosage of CBD has not been concluded. Still, doctors in the field recommend that starters begin with lower doses of CBD and increase gradually after reviewing the effects.

    Effective methods of using CBD should also be considered to avoid longer durations experienced due to delayed bioavailability rates in various forms. Consumers should also consider purchasing their CBD from well-known sources to avoid being misled by rogue manufacturers unwilling to offer the important guidelines.


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