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  • January 13, 2023 5 min read

    Can You Use CBD For Period Pain Relief?

    CBD can help reduce the symptoms of PMS. This article explains how CBD oil helps with PMS, how CBD works and how to consume CBD oil for PMS.

    Cannabidiol has turned heads in the wellness sphere and natural health owing to the developing list of potential health benefits. These benefits may include relief from premenstrual syndrome, anxiety and improvement in sleep. Individuals can enjoy the benefits of CBD without getting high since it does not contain THC, and if any, it is in small amounts. Women experiencing PMS may experience fatigue, depression, tender breasts and mood swings. These symptoms can be uncomfortable; hence, they look for ways to make themselves comfortable. CBD has shown the potential to relieve PMS. Individuals going through this condition should try CBD oil to reduce their symptoms.

    What Is CBD?

    CBD is a compound in the cannabis sativa plant, among many others. It has gained popularity in the recent world due to the potential health benefits it offers to the body. It improves overall well-being and helps treat various conditions in the body like pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia and many others. It does not make individuals high, so users should not be worried unless it has THC levels above 0.2%. THC is the substance that is accountable for altering the mental state of consumers. When buying a CBD product, users should always confirm the amount of CBD in the product. When the levels of THC in the product are in high quantities, it provides euphoric effects and can make CBD fail to deliver its benefits well. CBD comes in various forms, including CBD topicals, edibles, vapes and drinks. They are all good methods, depending on the user's needs and preferences.

    How CBD Oil Help with PMS

    Cannabidiol is a natural substance that helps relieve women from the symptoms of PMS. Every lady suffers from PMS differently. The efficiency of cannabidiol will be based on the kind of symptoms they encounter every month. CBD helps ease these symptoms and makes women feel more comfortable. Here are some of the ways that CBD helps to relieve PMS. Learn more about how does cbd affect exercise?

    Physical Pain

    According to Gallily et al. (2015), CBD is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for treating pain. When consumed, it attaches itself to the cannabinoid receptors, where they send a signal to the endocannabinoid system. During premenstrual syndrome, individuals experience cramps and various physical pains such as sore breasts, backache, and contractions of the uterus. Full-spectrum CBD is considered the best in alleviating the pains of PMS. This is because it contains THC traces, making it stronger and more effective. Although there is not enough research on CBD for PMS, CBD has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that help provide relief.

    Relieves Anxiety and Stress Symptoms

    CBD reduces mental conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety. These are conditions that make the mentally disturbed. CBD, when consumed, it interacts with the system in the body called the endocannabinoid system to reduce these conditions. The Endocannabinoid system controls many body functions, including sleep, pain, anxiety, appetite, and many others. According to Melas et al. (2021), CBD is known to increase the serotonin level, reducing anxiety. CBD helps in balancing mood. Mood changes are another symptom of PMS. Serotonin is responsible for changes in moods. CBD can potentially increase the serotonin level responsible for mood regulation.

    CBD Can Reduce Inflammation

    Inflammation is a symptom of PMS that may also respond to CBD. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that make it the potential to reduce inflammation. Cannabidiol also reduces cramping and muscle tension. Most studies on muscle and cannabidiol have to address spasticity in individuals with multiple sclerosis. According to Sinclair (2016), Cannabidiol interacts with the endocannabinoid system to help in muscle relaxation. Because of the spasms and uterine cramping during and before menstruation, cannabidiol could reduce and affect cramping since CBD is a muscle relaxer with strong anti-anxiety effects that may be both psychic and physical, overall tension and also menstrual cramps.

    How CBD Works

    CBD is known to interact with the system in the body called the endocannabinoid system accountable for controlling many activities in the body. There are cannabinoids located in different parts of the body. They can be found in the brain, nerves, connective tissues, and central nervous system. The Endocannabinoid system is responsible for maintaining the equilibrium of the body. According to Baswan et al. (2020), CBD makes the functions of ECS more effective, helping inflammation and stress and other conditions in the body.

    How to Consume CBD Oil for Premenstrual Syndrome

    The consumption of cannabidiol differs from individual to individual. The effectiveness and results differ based on the user, dosage, product composition and method of consumption. Some women consume cannabidiol daily for preventive management, while others consume CBD when in need, like when experiencing PMS. Since all women are not the same, the dose of cannabidiol for premenstrual syndrome differs from person to person. There is no specific dosage for PMS, but individuals can find one. When they start experiencing the symptoms of PMS, they should start consuming CBD oil in small amounts. When the body responds well and does not notice any improvements, individuals should work their way up until they get the right dosage. Consuming CBD oil sublingually is considered the best method. It involves putting some drops underneath the tongue using a dropper and holding for a minute until it is fully absorbed. When individuals use this method to consume CBD, they may start experiencing improvements in their symptoms between 15 to 30 minutes. Its bioavailability is high since it does not pass through the digestive system. It gets absorbed through the sublingual glands, which enter the bloodstream directly. Some women prefer infusing CBD oil into their drinks, like tea or coffee. This is the best method for individuals who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD but dislike the earthly taste of CBD. Individuals should ensure they add a significant amount when adding CBD oil to drinks.


    CBD has shown the potential to reduce the symptoms of PMS, like mood swings, tender breasts and fatigue. This is a condition that makes women feel uncomfortable. A few drops of CBD oil can help them relax and experience pain relief. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for relieving pains associated with PMS. There is no standard dosage of CBD that women should consume for PMS. However, they should start with small amounts and gradually increase when the body responds well. Learn more about cbd for neuropathy


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