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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 5 min read

    Why CBD Is Popularly Used to Treat Depression

    Depression is one of the common mental health conditions most individuals are battling. CBD is an effective way to deal with depression symptoms.

    The current generation is the most depressed group we have ever had. You are either depressed, you know someone who is going through depression, or you have recovered from depression. Who can blame? There must be a reason for the rapid increase in depression cases. It’s either our lifestyle, social media pressure, the food we eat, or economic hardships. Whatever the cause is, we are moving in the wrong direction that will leave us damaged emotionally, mentally, financially, and socially. Teens are depressed, and as young as thirteen, kids are already suicidal. These heartbreaking statistics show that a lot has to be done. According to Hoffman (2020), cannabis professionals claim CBD product is promising in reducing depression symptoms. Most individuals use it to manage depressive thoughts, behaviors, and side effects of antidepressants. You are probably curious to know why CBD is popular for treating depression. We have it figured out. Continue reading.

    How CBD is Associated with Depression

    Individuals using CBD claim this product has helped ease depression feelings. Cannabidiol can improve feelings of depression. That’s because CBD interacts with serotonin, a critical hormone in the brain which regulates mood, stress, and emotions. Serotonin is like a natural antidepressant and ensures an individual mood and other feelings are well neutralized. When boosting this happy hormone, an individual will not suffer depression symptoms like persistent sadness and slowed-down energy. Cowen (2015) suggested that Low serotonin level is linked to depression. CBD’s role is to affect how the brain’s chemical receptors respond to the existing serotonin in your system. Ferber et al. (2020) showed that the CBD bound on these receptors releases anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects. CBD is an anti-stress and can reduce stress related to depression.

    Do CBD and Antidepressants Work the Same?

    Antidepressants and CBD serve the same function. The difference comes in how quickly someone starts to experience the effects and the severity of the side effects. Antidepressant drugs balance the chemicals in the brain, that is, neurotransmitters. Once these effects kick in, emotions and mood will improve. Depression medicines positively impact concentration abilities, sleep patterns, appetite, and behavior. McLauchlan (2021) noted that antidepressants jump-start moods and induce positive vibes in individuals to help them get over the feelings of depression. Taking CBD or depression medicine, that battling depression will return to their original version and regain their old life. Regularly taking these alternatives will eventually make them start doing activities they enjoy, make better decisions, and live a more satisfying life.

    Which Is Better, CBD or Antidepressant Medication?

    According to Austrich-Olivares et al. (2020), CBD appears more beneficial than antidepressant drugs. Herein are a few facts that make many people choose CBD over antidepressant drugs;

    CBD Is a More Discrete Option

    Most young people struggle with depression but don’t let others know because they fear being judged. Antidepressant medications like Prozac, Halcion, Zoloft, Carbamazepine, Valium, and Buspirone are well known. Carrying them around may be inconvenient for those who don’t want anyone to find out they are taking depression medicines. CBD products are more discrete and are known to offer various health benefits. Therefore, no one will know the user is treating depression. That’s why most depression patients are more confident taking CBD than antidepressant medication.

    CBD Offers a Better Timeline for Benefits

    Strawn et al. (2021) suggested that antidepressants take longer before they start working, while CBD offers immediate and sustainable antidepressant effects. Depression medical drugs may take one to two weeks to work, but most individuals will not receive relief soon enough. Suicide continues to cause most young adults’ and teens’ deaths. People question why antidepressants take too long to work, and experts are searching for better options besides CBD that may offer faster relief. Poor response to depression medicine is linked to chronic depression and worsened overall health. Most individuals experience long-term relief of uncomfortable depressive symptoms after antidepressant use for two to three months.

    CBD Has Fewer Side Effects

    CBD has fewer and tolerable side effects than most antidepressants. Depressed individuals taking antidepressants complain about side effects like; mood swings, insomnia, addiction, and sexual dysfunction. CBD can also cause side effects, but they are rare, and when they occur, they are tolerable.

    CBD Has a Fuller Package of Benefits

    Antidepressant medications have limited purposes. These medicines are mainly designed to help with specific depression-related symptoms like sleep difficulties, poor appetite, and stress. CBD goes beyond helping with depressive symptoms. It can help depression patients deal with other conditions like nausea, blood pressure, skin problems, and many more. Therefore, an individual using CBD products will save costs since buying this all-in-one package prevents spending extra cash purchasing different products for various health issues.

    How Can You Make CBD for Depression Work for You?

    • Exercise patience as you wait for the product to take effect
    • Take your CBD product constantly and ensure you consume the correct dose
    • Explore other options for depression treatment
    • Avoid recreational drugs and alcohol
    • Don’t start using a CBD product without talking to your healthcare professional

    Options for Boosting the Effectiveness of CBD for Depression

    • Increasing the dosage
    • Combining antidepressant medication for full relief
    • Change the type of CBD if you don’t receive benefits
    • Pair CBD product with psychotherapy
    • Avoid situations that can trigger depression, such as substance use

    How Long Are You Needed To Use Depression Treatment?

    It depends on your depression severity. Chronic depression will require you to use CBD or antidepressant drugs for longer. CBD has a shorter usage period than depression medicines. Donald et al. (2021) explained that antidepressants are taken for around six to nine months and can take longer if you are not getting better. Some individuals use antidepressants for years. Your doctor will guide you to decide when to stop taking these drugs completely.


    CBD alleviates depression symptoms. Products infused with this natural compound have effectively helped many individuals get rid of that feeling of being depressed. Antidepressants are also important in treating depression. If you want to use CBD products to ease depression, incorporate the product into your lifestyle but don’t abandon antidepressants because you need them as well.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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