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  • by Nicola Boulton January 20, 2023 5 min read

    Why Should You Prefer Dabbing Of CBD?

    Dabbing is the most preferred method of taking CBD since it provides quick relief. The blog explains the various benefits and side effects of dabbing CBD. It also highlights various information about CBD.

    CBD is a popular natural cannabinoid associated with various health benefits. The Food Standard Agency (FSA) has approved the use of CBD-infused products as food addictive for both recreational and medical purposes. There are various ways to harness these therapeutic effects of CBD. However, it depends on the problem being addressed and the form of CBD available. For instance, CBD tinctures are taken sublingually under the tongue, while CBD e-liquids are vaped using vaping devices. CBD wax crumbles and concentrates are mostly dabbed using a dab rig and nails. Dabbing CBD is the newest way to take the cannabinoid quickly. It involves heating CBD wax or concentrates and inhaling the vapor through the nose directly into the bloodstream. Learn more about cbd for lyme disease

    Understanding CBD

    CBD, or Cannabidiol, is an active natural compound in the Cannabis Sativa plant with over 100 other cannabinoids. It is primarily extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, where it is highly concentrated; CBD products are legal for public consumption in the UK but should contain less than 0.2% of THC. It is simply because tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is an intoxicating compound associated with mind-altering effects like highness and confusion to marijuana smokers. On the other hand, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound with healthy properties like anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-aging properties. According to Shannon et al. (2015), the following are health benefits that come with taking CBD products:
    • Managing body pains such as back pains, headaches, sciatica, chronic migraines, muscle aches, etc.
    • Manage epilepsy disease by treating its symptoms like seizures
    • Manage depressing thoughts by motivating a good mood
    • Provide a good night's sleep to people suffering from insomnia
    • Reduce body inflammations triggered by an excessive response of immune cells
    • Provide good mental clarity and concentration

    Benefits of Dabbing CBD

    Dabbing CBD Has High Bioavailability

    Perucca et al. (2020) explained that bioavailability refers to the rate and amount of CBD compounds that your body absorbs into the circulatory system. It varies depending on the CBD potency and product type. Most CBD forms like edibles, gummies, topicals, and oils have a long time before you experience their impacts. Dabbing CBD is a different case; it quickly diffuses a high concentration into the bloodstream. It makes dabbing CBD wax the most used in tackling health conditions like high blood pressure, chronic pains, lack of mental clarity, and any other body condition requiring instant results.

    Good Flavour

    One of the major roadblocks to cannabis consumers using CBD is the bitter grassy flavor associated with its products, like CBD oil. Most people mask the unpleasant flavor by infusing CBD oil in their favorite meals or buying CBD wax or crystals. CBD wax is drizzled with terpenes and other natural flavorings to cover CBD flavor with a good aroma. This makes dabbing CBD wax a pleasant experience.

    Dabbing CBD Is Efficient During the Day

    Evans (2020) stated that During the day, dabbing CBD wax soothes tired muscles and maintains good mental clarity as you perform your chores.  The study above also showed that some conditions like arthritis are more active during the day, and CBD wax helps in soothing painful sores and joints in less than 2 minutes. It has become a better pain manager than other CBD forms due to its high potency and quickness in delivering the power of CBD. Liongson et al. (2022) proved that CBD soothes pain by interacting with cannabinoid receptors in the targeted area to block the signaling of pain nerve impulses into the brain, making a patient feel relieved.

    Dabbing CBD  Provides a Quick Relief

    Henson et al. (2022) showed that some health discomforts,such as pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, and sugar levels,require quick relief from CBD. There are several ways to consume CBD, but the fastest is dabbing and vaping. Both methods allow CBD to bypass digestive and liver metabolic processes. CBD wax is heated during dabbing to produce vapor inhaled directly into the bloodstream through lung tissues. Depending on the CBD dosage dabbed and individual body chemistry, it will take less than 4 minutes to feel the therapeutic effects of CBD kicking in.

    CBD Wax And Other Dabbing Products Are Characterised By High CBD Potency

    According to Cuttler et al. (2021), CBD wax, crumbles, or concentrates that can be dabbed contains a high concentration of CBD compounds compared to other CBD supplements like CBD edibles, topicals, oils, etc. When dabbing CBD,you will get efficient therapeutic relief from body conditions. Due to their high strength and concentration,dabbed CBD compounds can stay in the bloodstream for around 2 to 3 hours, ensuring they deliver their benefit to the addressed problem. Body enzymes easily dissociate CBD compounds since they are low levels in the blood, and the calming effects stop in less than an hour.

    Dabbing Is A Great Way to Enjoy CBD With Friends

    Dabbing is done using a dab rig and nails. Dab rigs are readily available in different shapes and sizes to match your friends' unique habits and preferences. When dabbing, you should only take one day at a time before continuing to make it easy for many people to take CBD for a long time. Most people prefer sitting in a circle and passing the dab ring and nail while dabbing CBD wax. This makes it great to have fun with your friends while harnessing CBD therapeutic benefits.

    A dab rig produces a cleaner and smoother hit than vaping and smoking

    With appropriate tools

    Potential Side Effects of Dabbing CBD

    Since dabbing CBD delivers high doses of the cannabinoid into the system, some newbie Cannabis consumers can be overwhelmed by the cannabinoid. According to Lachenmeier et al. (2019), dabbing CBD can have side effects depending on the condition being addressed, any medication being taken, and individual body chemistry.

    • Drowsiness hence impaired driving, especially when used alongside alcohol.
    • May react negatively with other prescribed medication resulting inan allergic reaction
    • Diarrhea
    • fatigue and nausea
    • Loss of appetite
    • Sometimes to seniors, it can cause hypotension (an excessive drop in blood pressure)


    Dabbing CBD is one of the fastest ways to harness the potential health benefits of CBD, such as treating body pains, managing depression, and boosting good mental clarity. Common dabbed products include wax, crumbles, and concentrates with high CBD potency and a good aroma. Dabbing is a good way to enjoy CBD with your friends since dabbing devices come in different shapes, flavors, and sizes for inclusivity. It is important to avoid overdosing while dabbing since most dabbing products contain high doses of CBD. Learn more about cbd for lymphoma


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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