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  • by Nicola Boulton September 05, 2022 5 min read


    Lower back pain is a common problem affecting people of all ages and gender. Early studies show that CBD could improve back pain, but keeping a good posture, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising could go a way to help you relieve back pain. Here is all you need to know about CBD, how it relates to lower back pain, and other tips to help your back feel better.

    No matter how bad your lower back pain might be, good exercise, a healthy posture, throwing in a towel or backrest, applying medicated cream to your back, and keeping a healthy weight go a long way to help you manage it. Meanwhile, the hype and demand for CBD increases, and more people are making it part of their regime. Of course, CBD has pros and cons, but fans feel that you get many benefits from it, hence why they look at it for remedies for lower back pain. Here is all you need to know about CBD, lower back pain, and the techniques that soothe the pain.

    CBD Basics

    As more people embrace CBD, you may feel pressured to do so. Yet, you must have basic information about it before putting your hard-earned money into it. What is CBD, and why do many find it relatable? According to Mascal et al. (2019), CBD is a non-intoxicating compound in hemp and other cannabis plants. There are many such compounds, also called cannabinoids. CBD stands out for being non-psychoactive, resulting in desired effects without making you feel high. CBD comes in many options, including strengths, formulations, and delivery methods.

    CBD and Back Pain

    According to Watt & Karl (2017), CBD is therapeutic. Many fans believe in this therapy, explaining why CBD grows in the hype. Still, more research is needed to prove the therapy in CBD, and the FDA does not want CBD brands to claim that their products can treat or cure anything. Thus, we cannot say that CBD will cure your lower back pain, but early studies see the light in the cannabinoid. For instance, Eskander et al. (2020) reported that CBD could manage lower back pain through its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Besides, according to Hammell et al. (2016), CBD can fight inflammation and pain, suggesting that it would be great for lower back pain. People apply CBD pain cream on the lower back, and others massage it with CBD massage oil, hoping it will feel better. How else would you soothe lower back pain?

    Maintain a Good Posture

    How do you feel when you keep an uncomfortable position for long and get up? The muscles may get sore, increasing your chances of getting muscle pulls and cramps. Besides, the back will likely hurt, and if you have underlying lower back pain, it will certainly increase. Conversely, keeping a good posture helps you feel better since the back pain does not feel strained. Are you working in an office setting and have a screen in front of you? Be upright and position your eyes right above the screen. Besides, position your hands well and put them on the desk. Moving a little also adds to it, making you feel even better.

    Keep a Healthy Weight

    Your weight also affects your lower back health. We can compare it to carrying a heavy load on your back and moving with it. It is uncomfortable, isn't it? Conversely, light weights certainly give you an easy time, even allowing you to move faster when needed. What if you started working on your weight to the point you feel comfortable moving around? It certainly goes a long way to help you gain stability and boost your lower back health. There are many types of exercises you can try, and you must choose what you can sustain. One person might be ok doing yoga while running might sound better for you.


    Exercise could be part of maintaining a healthy weight, but since it has angles from which you can view it, it can stand on its own. Sitting for too long will make your lower back pain, but walking for a few minutes every hour boosts back pain. It does not matter how long you walk, but consistency is key. To see the difference between sitting for long and exercising or moving from time to time, stay still for one day and be moving on the other day. Once you realize how keeping active impacts lower back pain, you will always be on the move.

    Use Medicated Cream

    Besides CBD, you could also use medicated cream on the lower back pain. The creams feature emollients, water, and preservatives, going a long way to boost lower back pain. Besides, they cannot miss essential oils yet Djilani et al. (2012) found them therapeutic and medicinal, showing why medicated cream may be good for lower back pain. As you shop for lower back pain medicated creams, ensure you deal in high-quality products. The labels and the brands’ reviews say a lot about the company from which you want to buy the cream.

    Throw in the Towel or Back Rest

    Throwing in the towel or a backrest is yet another way to soothe the lower back pain. The spine is a sensitive area, and injuring it means affecting many other body parts. Do you want to sit? Throw in the towel to keep the legs raised a little. Are you going to sleep or lie on a flat surface? You can put the below in a position that allows the lower back to relax. The more comfortable the spine is, the less pain you will feel on the lower back. Of course, the methods above may or may not work. Should you fail to see any improvements, you might need to see a doctor for advanced treatment. Still, many find relief for the lower back pain by one or more of the tips above.


    CBD is a compound in cannabis plants popular for its non-psychoactive nature. Early studies show that it may help with lower back pain and people use massage oil or cream for the pain. Do you have longer-lasting back pain? A good backrest, stable posture, healthy weight, and medicated creams go a long way to offer a remedy. Should you observe no remedy, seek medical advice.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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