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  • by Nicola Boulton January 20, 2023 5 min read

    What Happens to Your Body When You Take CBD - How Long Does It Stay?

    CBDs longevity in the body is a function of multiple factors, including dosage and consumption method. This article discusses the effects of CBD on the body and factors determining how long it lingers.

    CBD has multiple pharmacological utilities. It contains properties which suppress pain. According to Evans (2020), it treats inflammation, alleviates mental disorders and helps with sleep-related issues.The cannabis derivative comes in different forms with varying concentrations and consumption methods, including edibles, vapes topicals and oral extracts. The non-addictive cannabis compound is subject to different purification methods resulting in three spectrums, including full, broad and isolate spectrum. Their duration is medicated by multiple issues, including; the dosage, users' metabolism rate and the method of consumption.

    How CBD Manifest In The Body

    CBD manifestation in the body is dependent on several factors summarised below;

    CBD Dosage

    A high dosage lingers longer in the bloodstream and vice versa. CBD is well tolerated in the body. Studies show that one can tolerate up to 1500mg/ml of CBD. High doses of cannabidiol accumulate in the body, making them last longer than low dosages.

    Consumption method

    Sublingual and Vaping

    The sublingual method involves placing drops of CBD underneath the tongue and allowing it to settle for about 60 seconds. The cannabidiol oil is absorbed through the glands in the mouth. It manifests within 15 to 30 minutes; the sublingual has the highest bioavailability. This quantity is ideal for urgent pain or inflammation. The sublingual last for a short while in the body.

    In contrast, vapes are taken through the lungs; an e-liquid infused with cannabidiol is converted into vapour using special device vape pens. The non-intoxicating cannabis compound manifests almost immediately, though its effects are short-lived. It is ideal for users who want quick relief from anxiety, pain, and inflammation.


    CBD edibles are gut-processed and metabolised in the liver before they get to the auction site. Edibles include gummies, smoothies, cookies, chocolates or capsules, pills and CBD tablets. They take longer to manifest and have low bioavailability, although they remain in the body much longer. Some cannabis compounds get lost during digestion and metabolism and manifest after 2 to 3 hours.


    Topical is used for localised skin conditions like pains, inflammation, acne, eczema and other dermal issues. According to Toth et al. (2019), they are absorbed through the peripheral receptors that evade the bloodstream, making topicals non-intoxication even under high levels of THC. Their effects manifest faster than edibles, although they are not long-lasting. Topical products’ bioavailability is unknown.

    User-specific factors

    CBD's effect on the body is mediated by user-specific factors such as body weight, metabolism rate, age, and body chemistry.

    Body weight

    CBD is a fat-soluble compound. Plus-sized users have a high-fat content which harbours soluble cannabis derivatives. Such users tend to store cannabidiol much longer than their small-sized counterparts.

    Metabolism rate

    CBD breaks down much faster among users with active lifestyles than users with sedentary lifestyles. People with high body metabolism rates tend to metabolise cannabidiol much faster. The effects of CBD manifest more quicker for such users. Similarly, their CBD clears much faster from the system.


    Cannabidiol lingers much longer in advanced-age users due to their characteristic low metabolism rate. In contrast, younger users tend to have high metabolism due to their active lifestyles. Therefore, CBD lasts for a shorter duration in their bodies.

    How to Shop For CBD

    CBD products are sold in physical and online stores in many parts of the UK. Hemp-derived cannabidiol is legal in the UK so long as it contains THC levels below 0.2%. In the US, the percentage is regulated at 0.3%. However, regulations around hemp products are relatively weaker. Therefore, users should devise strategies to obtain good quality products. The following strategies may work for first-time users;

    Customer reviews

    Online buyers benefit from reviews of previous users. Products with positive reviews may indicate high quality and vice-versa. Customers should avoid products with negative reviews. Learn more about is cbg good for nerve pain?

    Manufacturer’s reputation

    Reputable brands sell high-quality products to maintain their good name and preserve their customer base. Companies with warnings from regulatory bodies may have low-quality products. Users should avoid CBD products from brands with questionable reputations. Such brands may sell harmful chemicals that negatively affect their consumers.

    Third-party lab test results 

    Credible and transparent brands submit their CBD products for an independent lab test. The third-party lab results objectively assess the products' ingredients and contaminants like heavy metals. New buyers should buy CBD products with third-party lab results because they are high-quality.

    Side Effects

    According Iffland & Grotenhermen.(2017), CBD has the following side effects;

    De Gregorio et al. (2019) stated that CBD may inhibit the effectiveness of other medications. The cannabis derivative is classified under grapefruit drugs. It competes with the uptake of pharmacological drugs such as anti-histamine, blood thinners, and some steroids used for different health conditions. Users should seek medical advice before using CBD alongside grapefruit-sensitive drugs.

    Topical CBD has limited side effects. Instead, they have risks like irritation, itching and rashes. However, the effects are caused by low-quality products. Oral extracts may also have an unpleasant cannabis taste or flavour. The earthy Cannabis taste may discourage new users.

    Bottom Line

    CBD exerts health and therapeutic benefits in the body with different effect-duration. The duration taken by CBD is a function of dosage, method of consumption and cannabidiol concentration. Also, the duration is mediated by user-specific factors like metabolism rate, weight, age, and body chemistry. CBD is generally safe for human consumption with little or no side effects if used in the right dosage. For good treatment outcomes, users should buy from reputable brands, products with good reviews and sellers with few warnings from regulatory bodies like FSA. CBD may also interact with other drugs. Therefore, users should seek medical advice before using the cannabis derivative alongside other pharmacological drugs.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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