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  • by Nicola Boulton September 27, 2022 5 min read

    Will CBD Help Treat Post Covid-19 Syndromes?

    CBD has become overly popular over the last two decades due to its health benefits. Did you know that CBD may help treat Post Covid-19 syndromes? This article will help you understand how CBD is handy in treating Post Covid-19 syndromes.

    Post-Covid syndrome is a medical condition that occurs after acute infection with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) caused by Covid-19. There's a possibility that most Covid-19 variants can cause post-Covid 19 syndromes. The severity of COVID-19 seems to be connected with the risk of developing post-Covid 19 syndromes. It's unknown whether there is a genetic susceptibility to post-Covid 19 syndromes. However, it is suspected that there is an unknown genetic basis for why some genes are turned on and off with a COVID-19 infection that shows up in chronic symptoms with the post-Covid-19 syndrome. After much research and evidence, post-Covid 19 syndromes may be classified as post-infectious autoimmune disorders. The science behind the disease is not clearly understood. Nevertheless, the persistence of its symptoms after the virus is clear suggests an underlying immune-mediated mechanism, where several systems in the body are involved at the same time. This article has explained how CBD may be useful when treating Post Covid-19 syndromes.

    How Do You Tell You Have Post covid19 syndrome?

    The following are ways you can tell you have Post-Covid 19 syndrome.

    • Persistent symptoms 3 months since one got infected with Covid19
    • No alternate diagnosis

    Sadly, a test to diagnose post-covid-19 syndrome is yet to be discovered. In case you continue experiencing symptoms after a Covid-19 infection, ensure you consult your doctor. The duration of Post Covid-19 syndrome depends on the severity of the infection. The symptoms may last for months or longer.

    People More Likely To Develop Post Covid-19 Syndrome

    Researchers have worked tirelessly to determine which people are more likely to get post-covid-19 syndrome. Some groups are at more risk of being affected by post-Covid 19 syndromes. The following examples show a group of people more likely to develop post-Covid 19 syndromes.

    • People who experienced extremely severe Covid-19 illness, mainly those who needed intensive care.
    • Individuals who had underlying conditions before contracting Covid-19
    • Individuals who didn't get a Covid-19 vaccine.

    Some people risk falling sick from Covid-19 because of where they stay or simply because they can't access health care. Persons with disabilities also risk developing the post-Covid-19 syndrome.

    What To Do When You are Suffering from Post Covid 19 Syndrome

    When you have Post-Covid 19 syndrome, you experience different symptoms. Your doctor will most likely deal with those symptoms individually. For instance, he may recommend sleeping pills, puffers for cough, and exercise to regain energy. However, this approach does not deal with the root cause of the illness; rather, it only treats the end symptoms. CBD may be the solution to your problem if you've been struggling with Post-Covid19 syndrome and are looking for help.

    What Is CBD?

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the chemical compounds derived from the cannabis plant. It is well tolerated when CBD is derived from the plant, delivered in the form of an oil, and taken orally. Taking large amounts of CBD, based on sensitivity, can be sedating. Nevertheless, this is the desired effect when treating symptoms such as insomnia. When dosed by an experienced doctor, you might not experience the side effects during the daytime.

    How CBD Works

    Shannon et al. (2019) found that CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system, and evidence shows that CBD has a calming effect. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which help minimize immune-mediated symptoms from Post-Covid19 syndrome. The positive effects of CBD may take about two to four hours to kick in. Most people have turned to CBD as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs to help relieve various systems. There is a possibility of CBD interacting with other medications, so it is best to talk to your doctor first if you're on any medication.

    CBD for Long Covid 19 Fatigue

    Amdal et al. (2021) stated that fatigue is a common symptom after infections such as Covid-19, which usually settles after about three weeks or less. With post-Covid 19 syndrome, one can experience fatigue two to three months after the initial infection. Several factors make fatigue last longer, such as poor sleeping patterns, lack of physical activities, demanding work, stress, and anxiety.

    To manage fatigue brought by post-covid-19 syndrome, try and break difficult tasks into small chunks. Consider the ideal time to do various activities based on your energy. Slowly increase the amount of exercise, and remember that frequent short rests are better than a few longer rests.

    Since post-Covid 19 syndrome fatigue can worsen due to poor sleeping patterns, it's advisable to have a bedtime routine that helps prepare your mind and body for sleep. If your experience difficulties falling asleep, you can incorporate CBD oil into your night routine and help support your goal of slowly drifting off to sleep.

    CBD for Long Covid Headaches

    Karadas et al. (2020) revealed that headaches are a common symptom of Covid 19 though having a headache doesn't necessarily mean that the virus is still present in the body. Individuals who often suffer from migraines have a high chance of having post Covid19 syndrome headaches. Likewise, post- Covid 19 syndrome headaches are likely to occur in people with a history of headaches.

    It is important to avoid any triggers that might cause headaches and try to cut down on alcohol as it could worsen the headaches. Regular sleep is important for managing migraines and may benefit people with Post-Covid 19 syndrome.

    Individuals suffering from physical effects brought about by post-Covid 19 syndromes can incorporate CBD oil into their daily routine since CBD has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that may be effective in treating headaches.

    How to Prevent Post Covid-19 Syndrome

    According to Huh (2020), the only way to prevent Post-Covid 19 syndrome is by protecting yourself and those around you from getting infected. Ensure you get vaccinated and stay up to date with vaccines if you are eligible. This may help protect you from severe illnesses.


    Preliminary data suggest that CBD has some influence on the acute stage of the disease. CBD is well tolerated and is also available for treatment in most countries all over the world. Furthermore, some preclinical observations indicate that CBD positively impacts a weak immune system, alleviates inflammation, and helps improve most of the symptoms observed in patients who suffer from the post-Covid-19 syndrome. Therefore, it is okay to say that CBD could be a treatment alternative in patients with the post-Covid-19 syndrome. However, this is not yet proven in appropriate clinical trials.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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