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  • by Nicola Boulton September 05, 2022 5 min read

    How Can Your Appetite Be Helped with CBD?

    The relationship between humans and food is complex, with environmental and genetic factors. How much a person eats and what they feel about eating is another aspect that each person considers before taking a meal. Each person needs a healthy appetite for better and more productive functioning. Some people are using CBD to help in increasing the amount of desire they need. This article explains how CBD can boost or reduce a person's appetite.

    CBD as a plant extract is associated with many benefits, from recreational to medical help. As a hemp-based extract, CBD is a pure substance that has gained popularity in recent years after its legalization. It is used commercially as manufacturers produce a wide range of CBD products. Many CBD products are consumed in different forms and ways in various potencies and concentrations. The FDA has not regulated or approved any benefits of CBD apart from Epidiolex, which is a CBD-based drug that Is used in the treatment of epilepsy. All the other products are unregulated as some are used to aid in improving an individual's appetite. CBD for consumption should not contain THC levels of more than 0.03%. Anything more than that is illegal under Federal laws.

    How Appetite Works

    Hunger is the urge to eat and is a survival mechanism that keeps an individual's body in optimal condition. Appetite is the desire to consume food; it helps a person decide the type of food they want to eat when they are hungry. To know how appetite works, individuals should be able to understand what goes on inside a person's body when one feels hungry and how best CBD can stimulate appetite.

    Why Appetite Stimulation Is Important

    For a person to grow and operate fully, their body needs nutrition. Individuals can feed on proteins, fats, or carbohydrates. Without any food, an individual can suffer negative repercussions on their mental and physical health. For healthy living and appetite, one must have a balanced diet that entails the categories of nutrients. CBD can help an individual achieve appetite by interacting with ECS and its receptors.

    Does CBD Give You Munchies?

    Individuals consuming CBD cannot feel munchies. On consumption, CBD cannot make a person hungry, nor does it give one a feeling of munching like other components. The munchies feeling can be from THC and the different variants like delta-10, THC-0, and delta-8. Unlike CBD, THC is seen to directly induce hunger in a person by activating CB1 receptors in the brain. It results in the production of the ghrelin hormone, a hunger hormone. CBD does not activate CB1 receptors or release ghrelin hormone but is seen to interact with the site of receptors and indirectly boosts hunger and appetite.

    Is CBD an Appetite Stimulant?

    Gülck & Møller (2020) explained that CBD exerts adaptogenic properties as it can optimize the biological functioning of an individual’s body without resulting in any negative structural changes. When used by a person, CBD can act as a mild appetite stimulant or suppressant, depending on a person's need. CBD modulating the ECS results in a more extraordinary ability as it encourages an appetite that is healthy for an individual while providing support to the homeostasis of the body.

    How Does CBD Affect Appetite?

    The components found in cannabis have a reputation for affecting how much a person eats, mainly the THC component. CBD works indirectly and boosts the ECS efficiency, like appetite and mood. It can override the signals in the brain after combining with the ECS receptors responsible for telling the body one is complete.

    Can CBD Increase Appetite

    The ability of CBD to aid in appetite can result from its influence on serotonin receptors which plays a massive part in digestion and appetite. Liu (2019) explained that CBD stimulates appetite by reducing symptoms of stomach upset rather than directly affecting the hunger feeling. It is achieved through:

    Alleviating Nausea To Boost Appetite

    Patil et al. (2020) explained that CBD reduces nausea symptoms and increases food intake and appetite. Nausea is the sensation characterized by a feeling of vomiting with a reduced urge to eat. CBD activates serotonin receptors that help balance and calm a person and reduce stress and anxiety symptoms that can cause nausea.

    By Improving Gastrointestinal Health To Stimulate Appetite

    CBD and its compound have been a treatment remedy for millions of years. Perisetti et al. (2020) explained that CBD could help improve gastrointestinal health by alleviating gastric inflammation and inflammatory bowel diseases since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties.

    How CBD Can Be Used To Support Healthy Appetite

    Although studies on CBD are ongoing, CBD has been beneficial in various aspects. CBD consumption can help build an individual's healthy appetite and support the body to maintain a balanced state. An individual can have some better ways of supporting and encouraging a healthy appetite by using CBD through:

    Stay Active

    A person's diet should be healthy and constant, and one should eat foods they enjoy. An individual can obtain a healthy appetite by staying active. Through exercising, one can burn a lot of calories, thus helping in losing weight. Cardio sessions help one release endorphins, making a person feel good and helping the body refuel.

    Stick To Schedule

    Eating is one of the main activities of humans, even when one is busy and with tight schedules. Some of the unhealthy habits is eating when one feels like it and with no fixed interval. Eating simultaneously on a daily occasion can help us improve our appetite and maintain a healthy body.

    Supplement With Omega Fatty Acids

    Individuals can obtain many benefits from omega fatty acids, one way to lose weight. Not all omega is the same; individuals are advised to use omega-three fatty acid found in hemp seeds, nuts, and fish.


    Appetite has turned out to be a complex mechanism in an individual. With CBD and its interaction with the ECS, there are many things that individuals should understand. CBD can help improve an individual's appetite by indirectly interacting with some receptors of the ECS. Unlike CBD, THC makes one feel hungry and want too much. Individuals should be keen on the products they choose for consumption to prevent any adverse effects.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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