September 05, 2022 4 min read


Stress is an everyday phenomenon in the current world. In most cases, stress emanates from life stressors like finances, high-cost living, and pandemics, among other problems. There are several stress management strategies, including but not limited to yoga and medication, physical exercise, and natural medications like CBD. Herein, we discuss 5 simple ways to manage stress.

Have you ever been stressed? No doubt at one point in your life you may have undergone stress and anxiety; these two are common phenomena for many individuals. We deal with stress daily in so many ways; family issues, workplace stressors, finances, and health status. Furthermore, there are stress triggers, making some people more vulnerable to stressful conditions than others. However, you need to minimize your stress levels to be healthy. Read this article to establish 5 simple ways of managing stress.

Engage in a Physical Activity

Staying active is one of the best ways of relieving stress, especially when you are consistent. Rather than sitting in front of your TV or scrolling through your phone, why not engage in aerobic exercises and other forms of physical activity?

Studies show that, engaging in physical activity reduces stress and depression, enhances mood, improves the quality sleep. To reduce your stress levels in 2022, you don't have to start high. You can begin by taking a walk or bike riding. Importantly, if you have an activity you enjoy doing, get active at it; you have higher chances of sticking to a physical routine if it constitutes your hobby.

Stick to a Healthy Diet

You need to eat a healthy diet to have an overall healthy body and mind. Unfortunately, it may not be easy to always go for healthy eating as an option. After all, some engage in stress eating while others have a diet consisting of excessively processed foods and rarely intake healthy and nutritious foods. Lane et al. (2022) showed that individuals who take added sugars and highly processed foods are at a higher risk of having higher stress levels. Therefore, take less processed foods and sugars. On the other hand, stick to a healthy diet consisting of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins, seeds, and nuts to properly nourish your body.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

Friends and family are major social support systems each one of us needs at a point. There are so many life situations that bring in stress levels. Having a go-to friend or family member when you are down or need a listening ear and a less judgmental heart is a vital way to manage stress. You may consider joining a social support group if you can't rely on your family and friends for support in stressful times. Volunteer work is also a great way of meeting new friends with similar interests as you. Don't be alone when stressed, but get a family, friend, or support group you can depend on.

Yoga and Meditation All the Way

Yoga is continually gaining popularity as a means of relieving stress. It works regardless of your age group and is available in different styles.

With yoga, you aim to align your mind and body. Yoga enhances your mental health as it promotes psychological well-being. Sohani et al. (2018) showed that yoga effectively reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, it aids in lowering blood pressure and cortisol levels. Yoga and meditation are great ways of reducing stress. The latter has to do with practicing mindfulness. According to Woods-Giscombé & Gaylord (2014), the activities you engage in during meditation anchor you to the present. Your meditation periods can be short. However, be consistent with it to get stress relief and enhanced mood. You can also read books on meditation, download meditation apps online, or visit relevant websites to learn the basics of this practice. Also, you can visit a therapist.


CBD is a popular cannabis product in the market currently. You can get it whole or into beauty, health, and wellness products. The cannabis derivative has multiple health benefits. Evans (2020) suggested that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that suppress pain and inflammation that often lead to stress. Anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD can help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Therefore, you can use this substance to lower your stress levels. Notably, CBD contains no intoxicating effects on the users. Besides, you can have it in oil, gummies, pills, and capsules. You can also take it through your mouth, add it to a favorite drink or beverage, or have it as an ingredient for your baked food.


Stress is a natural phenomenon that affects many people regularly. It is caused by several factors, including but not limited to finances, diseases, high cost of living, and unmet goals. High-stress levels can harm your health; you should keep them under control to prevent their detrimental impacts. As discussed in this article, you can minimize stress by engaging in physical activity, taking a balanced diet, doing yoga and meditation, having friends, family, or a support group, or trying natural remedies like CBD. Consistency in a stress management routine is essential for its effectiveness.


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