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  • by Nicola Boulton September 27, 2022 5 min read

    Benefits of CBD Lip Balm and Butter

    CBD lip balm and Butter are on every street corner of most states due to their high demand. Furthermore, they are exceptional from regular lip balm or Butter by providing additional benefits. This article explains those benefits by providing information about CBD lip balm and Butter and their various therapeutic benefits.

    CBD has gained huge popularity to the point that you can find it in every cosmetic product imaginable. Furthermore, it can be infused into daily routines such as preparing dishes, fitness sessions, beauty practices, health fields, and many more. CBD lip balm and Butter are just the start; CBD-infused topicals such as lotions, creams, salves, and scrubs are popular skin care products since they can act as cleansing and moisturizing agents in the skin. Most regular lip balms are designed to improve moisture on the lips and provide other therapeutic effects. Unlike traditional lip balm, CBD-infused lip balm or Butter comes with other potential benefits such as relieving skin pain and inflammation, acting as an antioxidant and antibacterial agent, and providing nourishment to the lips.

    What Is CBD Lip Balm and Butter?

    CBD is an active chemical compound existing naturally in the cannabis plant. It is extracted mostly from the hemp plant, which contains a higher concentration of CBD and lower levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is psychoactive and thus brings a feeling of 'high' to its users. CBD is anti-inflammatory and non-psychoactive. Therefore, it alleviates body inflammations without the risk of getting high.

    Rub & Xwerks (2022) suggested that CBD lip balm/butter is created by adding the healthy compound to lip balm formula together with carrier oils such as MCT, coconut, olive, hemp seed, or jojoba oils which aid in helping CBD get absorbed by skin membranes. In the process of creating CBD lip balm, it can result in three distinct types of CBD concentrates with different compositions and effects on lips;

    • Full-spectrum CBD lip butter provides the lips with entourage effects since it contains all cannabinoids in the hemp plant, such as CBD, CBG, CBN, and a small amount of THC. Other cannabinoids provide potential benefits to lips, such as anti-fungal effects and increased body relaxation. However, there is a risk of getting high if the THC amount isn't regulated to less than 0.3%.
    • Broad-spectrum CBD lip balm contains CBD compounds and almost all other cannabinoids except for THC. It provides additional benefits to dried and chapped lips due to the presence of additional cannabinoids without the risk of getting high.
    • CBD isolate butter is created by adding pure CBD compounds in powder form to lip balm ingredients. It provides health benefits to lips without contamination from other cannabinoids.

    What Are the Benefits of CBD Lip Balm/Butter?

    Many believe lips are the central defining part of their face. They are different from the surrounding face skin since they are softer, more vulnerable, and contain only 2 layers of skin protection. Thus, they are prone to skin aging, becoming thinner and flat and appearing less attractive as you age. When exposed to environmental factors such as sun, wind, and smoke, they shrink and become red, dry, and chapped. In addition, there are highly prone to dehydration caused by drinking little or no water, excessive alcohol consumption, and taking excessive caffeine.

    Fortunately, CBD lip balm has shown that it can effectively protect your lips from these external factors and ensure they're always soft and moisturized, plus other health benefits explained below:

    Moisturize and Nourish Dry Lips

    When it comes to maintaining lips, it is important to keep your lips hydrated since, unlike other skin in the body, lips don't have glands that produce oil that maintain skin moisture. Many things can contribute to the softness and dryness of lips, for example, diet, sun rays, genetics, and skin dehydration. Ashton & Livvy (2021) stated that CBD lip butter or balm reacts with lips cells to produce moisture and maintain lips hydration for a longer period. The product also contains natural hydrating ingredients such as beeswax and coconut oil, which help maintain lips' moisture.

    Antibacterial Properties

    Clinical studies show CBD after trials show an impressive stabilizing agent. The human body contains unstable cells and radicals that damage healthy cells resulting in infection. CBD benefits lips by neutralizing and stabilizing free radicals, which are responsible for protecting lips. All this is possible because CBD is antibacterial, thus protecting lips from bacteria, infection, cracks, and irritation.

    Antioxidant Properties

    CBD lip balm act as a cleansing agent for lips. The antioxidant found in CBD, like omega-6 and 3 acids, helps repair lip damage caused by excessive sun rays. Additionally, CBD lip balm contains nutrients such as vitamins A and C, which help remove harmful infections on your lips to maintain health.

    Improves Lip Appearance and Plumpness

    Most people are attracted to having beautiful, plump lips since they give your face a tasty touch. Everyone can admit that a good smile and healthy lips can create the perfect first impression. Therefore, CBD lip balm is the right product for you to nourish this appearance since it ensures lips are moisturized and plump all day.

    Promote Healthy Inflammatory Functions

    Scheau et al. (2020) said that CBD is largely known for its inflammatory properties since it alleviates pain and inflammation in the body. Lips are not exceptional; CBD, when applied, is absorbed through the soft membranes of lips, where it interacts with skin cannabinoid receptors. Our body contains an endocannabinoid (ECS) system responsible for maintaining body balance (homeostasis) by reducing inflammations occurring in intracellular activities. It contains endocannabinoid receptors in every body part, including the lips and the skin. Therefore, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to increase the production of body cannabinoids which binds with receptors to soothe chapped, red, burned, and swollen lips.

    CBD Lip Balm Contains Organic Nutrients

    Bruce et al. (2022) explained that CBD lip balm contains organic nutrients such as vitamins A, C, D, and E from jojoba or coconut oil and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids from hemp seed oil. Vitamins help the lips and boost the body's immune system and metabolism. The omega nutrients provide healing properties to sores, probably on lips.

    CBD lip balm may contain other organic substances like beeswax and aloe vera. Beeswax is a natural exfoliator that protects lips' thin layers from radiation or cold. Aloe Vera is highly known for containing gel rich in fatty acids, nutrients, and antioxidants, which help treat broken skin and skin irritations.


    CBD lip balm is a topical product that maintains lips hydration and soothes irritations, pains, and dryness. They are small, compact, and easy to carry anywhere, not forgetting they are easy to apply. CBD compound does not enter the bloodstream; therefore, limited chances of side effects. It acts as an antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and barrier for the soft membranes of lips—all of this help to prevent infection from external factors such as cold or excessive sun rays. For beauty purposes, it has shown its potential in helping maintain lips' moisture and nourish them for a better appearance.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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