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  • by Nicola Boulton September 27, 2022 5 min read

    Benefits of CBD Cream for Pain

    Cream infused with CBD is what is known as CBD cream. For ages, CBD has been used for smoking, but all that is changing. This article explains how CBD cream is used in the modern-day to treat pain-related conditions and its effects.

    CBD cream has become a renowned treatment for physical health conditions. Cannabinoid, famously known as CBD, is a compound extract from the cannabis and hemp plants. These two plants have been used for decades to treat pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, and other health-related issues. Research has shown that CBD is responsible for the many benefits these plants are associated with. CBD cream is applied topically to treat health conditions like pain, skin, and insomnia. Despite its many benefits, the FDA has yet to approve CBD cream as a pain management medication. More research is still ongoing on the full extent  CBD cream can be used.

    What is CBD Cream?

    CBD cream is one of the CBD-based products whose popularity has skyrocketed in the recent past. It entails cream infused with CBD compound extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD cream has three types: Full-spectrum CBD cream, Broad-spectrum CBD cream, and Isolate CBD cream. The three have distinct levels of THC in them. THC is the psychoactive component in cannabis responsible for the 'high' feeling. Full-spectrum CBD cream has THC levels of 0.3%, and broad-spectrum CBD cream has little to no traces of THC, while isolates CBD cream is the purest form as it has no traces of THC. Rudroff & Sosnoff (2018) indicated that full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD were more effective than their counterpart CBD isolate. The users reported experiencing an "entourage effect," which is a theory that suggests the best results are achieved when compounds in cannabis work together. However, more research is being conducted to ascertain this claim.

    How CBD Cream Works for Pain

    A high concentration of cannabinoid receptors can be found on the skin. These receptors are responsible for our perception of pain as well as the cognitive and emotional effects of cannabis. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is activated when CBD cream is applied topically on the skin. It binds to the cannabinoid receptors in the epidermal and dermal sections of the skin leading to pain relief and reduction in inflammation. According to O'Brien et al. (2018), CBD slows the progression of osteoarthritis and prevents nerve damage.

    Bioavailability is essential in determining how fast the CBD cream works for pain. Bioavailability is the quantity of a substance successfully absorbed into the bloodstream and has an impact. Take, for example, medications you must take on an empty stomach or with food. The quantity absorbed into the bloodstream varies based on several factors;

    • Weight
    • CBD Tolerance
    • Other Medications

    Benefits of CBD Cream for Pain

    Studies on CBD cream as a medication for pain relief are in their infancy. However, early evidence indicates that it is functional. Thousands of people are engulfed in chronic pain from cancer, arthritis, joint pains, and multiple sclerosis. Various medications have been used to treat chronic pain, including opiates, antiinflammation, and antiseizure drugs. These drugs have devastating side effects, including substance abuse and sexual dysfunction. This explains why alternative remedies are being sought after by both doctors and patients. Pain sufferers have found new hope in the use of CBD creams. Studies have shown that CBD cream has a ton of benefits.

    CBD Cream for Pain relief

    Currently, no CBD-based products have been approved by the FDA to be used as painkillers. However, a drug called Epidiolex, a byproduct of CBD, has been approved for the use of rare forms of epilepsy. Additionally, most adults who use CBD products have reported pain-relieving effects achieved using CBD products.

    CBD Cream for Chronic Pain

    Any pain that lasts for several months is known as chronic pain. When used alongside THC, research has discovered that CBD is an effective pain reliever for varying chronic conditions. Good et al. (2019) observed that CBD cream with concentrations of 2.5% and 5% was reported to reduce pain by 32%. Researchers measure pain levels in each subject before and after applying the CBD cream.

    CBD Cream for Arthritis and Joint Pains

    Arthritis is a condition that comprises tons of joint-related conditions and pains. Pain, stiffness, and swelling are common symptoms of arthritis and may progress as time goes by. Hunter et al. (2018) found that CBD cream reduces pain and inflammation. However, mixing CBD and THC proves to be more beneficial.

    CBD for Neuropathic Pain

    Neuropathic pain is caused by different conditions that damage nerves or the nervous system. Stabbing pain, tingling sensations, numbness, and muscle weakness are some of the symptoms associated with neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain is commonly caused by multiple sclerosis (MS). D'Andre et al. (2021) noted that CBD cream is helpful to patients diagnosed with chemotherapy-induced neuropathy. Learn more about does cbd cream relax muscles?

    Side Effects of CBD Cream for Pain

    There are no reported devastating side effects associated with using CBD cream. However, CBD cream may trigger allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin. Ingestion of CBD cream is highly not advisable. If CBD cream is ingested, it will cause a dry mouth and a reduction in the processing of other pharmaceuticals by the liver. Before using any CBD products, you are advised to consult a medical practitioner. Learn more about cbd cream and sleep


    Studies have proved that CBD cream might be helpful to people suffering from different health conditions like chronic pain, arthritis, and neuropathic pain. A newbie in the CBD market is advised to start on small doses and steadily increase the use up to good doses. It is also important to note that different CBD cream types have varying strengths in dealing with pain. Try out the three of them to find which suits you best. The CBD market is unregulated, so you must be cautious before purchasing CBD products.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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