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September 27, 2022 5 min read

Benefits of CBD Creams for Your Eyes

CBD creams have brought about a lot of benefits to the eyes. They have even been added to the skincare routine because of the benefits they have brought to the area beneath the eyes. Some benefits include; protecting the eyes from harsh environmental conditions, minimizing sebum production, and minimizing inflammation under the eyes.

The rise of CBD products has prompted many individuals to start using them. This is because they are known to have a lot of benefits for individuals. CBD topicals are one of the great introductions of CBD products. Some have even started including them in their skincare routine as their benefits are rising, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. The skin is known to be a very sensitive part of the body. It needs special care and attention. The part around the eyes is very sensitive as well. CBD cream is applied around the part of the eyes so that it may become moisturized and healthy. This article digs deep into the benefits of CBD eye creams.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the organic and active compounds extracted from the cannabis plant. They are of three types, and the difference between each type is the component of the compounds found between them. They include; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate-based CBD. Most people use full-spectrum CBD because of the presence of almost all the compounds present in the cannabis plant. Broad-spectrum CBD has almost all the compounds in the cannabis plant except the THC compound. Isolate-based CBD is completely pure as it undergoes different processes to ensure that all the compounds present in the cannabis plant are removed. They are known to be the most inactive form of CBD.  

What Is CBD Eye Cream?

According to Moore (2019), CBD cream is a CBD topical that is made from the leaves or flowers of the cannabis plant and adds them into a carrier oil like the seed or coconut oil. They are applied to the skin beneath the eyes and left for the endocannabinoid receptors to interact with them.

Benefits of CBD Creams

Protects the Eyes from Harsh Environmental Conditions

Fu & Lu (2021) found that CBD eye creams have vitamins E and C, which are thus important to the eyes. This is because vitamins are important in fighting the free radicals from getting into the eye and having some negative effects. They also protect the eyes from harsh environmental conditions like the sun's harmful rays. The presence of both the vitamin C and E assist in giving out double antioxidant properties as they would when used separately. This ensures that the eyes are very much protected and taken care of.  

Minimize Inflammation under the Eyes

Inflammation in the eyes can be caused when harmful substances contact the healthy cells around the eyes. This will bring about some soreness and swelling. It may cause some fluid build-up around the eyes and become swollen. When waking up, the eyes may be swollen due to puffy eye bags. Evans (2020) stated that CBD eye cream has some anti-inflammatory properties that assist in minimizing fluid build-up and inflammation around the eyes.

Moisturizing the Skin Beneath the Eyes

Cream (2020) reported that CBD cream is used to protect properties and make the skin around the eyes healthy and moisturized. They have nourishing and moisturizing properties. This helps in keeping the area around the eyes moisturized and hydrated. The skin is prevented from being dry and boosts the smoothness and softness of the skin. It brings about radiance and glowing skin. 

Minimize Sebum Production

Sometimes, the skin may produce so much sebum and block the skin's pores, thus bringing about acne. CBD cream has the properties of decreasing sebum production and preventing acne and clogged pores. CBD cream is known to be sebostatic. This means that it can cut down the production of oil. The skin has the presence of the endocannabinoid system that is centrally placed in the body. The CBD binds to the endocannabinoid receptors to signal certain activities to continue and others to stop. This is because the endocannabinoid system is the one responsible for regulating body functions. An increase in sebum production may be brought about by endogenous cannabinoids such as the anandamide produced by the sebaceous glands. The cannabinoids act on the receptors, thus blocking the production of sebum.  

Minimizes Pain Beneath the Eyes

When the eyes are full of bags or swollen or sore due to inflammation, they may bring about pain in the area surrounding the eye and the eye. CBD creams assists in relieving the pain felt around the eyes since it is known to have pain-relieving properties. CBD cream is applied to the part around the eye and then soothes the pain felt in and surrounding it.    

Reduces and Heals Dark Circles

The area around the eyes may become puffy and sometimes have dark circles. Dark circles are brought about by various factors such as dehydration, oversleeping, and eye dryness. CBD cream has mostly been introduced in the cosmetic industry to assist in dealing with the dark pigmentation around the eyes. Most people have seen their benefits and even added them to their skincare routine. It is brought about by inflammation in the body and, thus, the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD cream. It relieves and minimizes the dark circles beneath the eyes and soothes the irritation felt. It also assists in minimizing the puffiness and redness of the skin.

Presence of Anti-Aging Properties

When one is aging, there is always the probability of fine lines and wrinkles appearing beneath the eyes. The antioxidant properties of CBD assists in minimizing wrinkles as well as fine lines and making the skin glow and look younger. The CBD cream does so by blocking the free radicals, capturing them, and turning them inactive.


The eyes deserve the special care and attention we give to the various parts of the body. This is what brings about several eye-related conditions and issues. This may make the eyes look dull and tired at the same time. The skin issues under the skin may even reflect on the eyes and show that the eyes have not been taken care of. This is why CBD eye creams have been introduced in the cosmetic market to help acclimate the various benefits.   


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