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  • September 27, 2022 5 min read

    Benefits of CBD Face Moisturizer Cream

    How helpful is CBD for your delicate facial skin? How can one maximize the benefits of a CBD face cream moisturizer? This article has discussed all the benefits of a CBD face moisturizer cream and how you can maximize its benefits.

    Most people are familiar with Cannabidiol (CBD oils and balms, however, CBD has introduced beauty products, and the reception is quite impressive thanks to CBD's pronounced benefits for the skin. CBD face moisturizer cream is among the latest CBD beauty products, and consumers have reported that it's great for their skin and has helped them achieve their desired results. This article has discussed how CBD face moisturizer cream can benefit your skin.

    What Is CBD?

    According to Chandra et al. (2017), Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound derived from the cannabis plant. Cannabis has two primary active ingredients: CBD and THC. THC has psychoactive effects, whereas CBD does not. Therefore, CBD won't make you high; on the contrary, it provides you with antioxidants and reduces inflammation. CBD is a potential treatment for various illnesses, and it's associated with pain relief.

    What is a CBD Face Moisturizer Cream?

    A CBD face moisturizer cream is a skincare product meant to be applied topically, with CBD as the primary ingredient. It is designed to preserve your skin's water levels, enrich it, and provide protection from environmental damage. CBD has properties that make CBD face moisturizer cream an ideal choice for sensitive and dry skin.

    Benefits of CBD Face Moisturizer Cream

    CBD Face Moisturizer Cream Is Anti-Sebum

    Ogita et al. (2019) found that sebum is a waxy, oily substance produced by sebaceous glands to help keep the skin moisturized. Sebum is the most effective natural moisturizer for dry skin and is important for overall well-being. Nevertheless, underproduction and excess sebum production can lead to skin issues such as acne, blocked pores, irritation, and itchiness. Skin pores block when sebum and pollutants such as dust mix. Stress and hormonal changes are some of the reasons that bring about changes in your sebum production. A CBD face moisturizer cream may be beneficial in such a situation as it can regulate sebum production in your body. CBD prevents your skin from producing excess sebum, making it an ideal ingredient for a face cream.

    It Has Antioxidant Properties

    CBD face cream moisturizers are beneficial to people with sensitive skin. The face cream is an antioxidant that protects your skin from oxidative stress. It is triggered by free radicals, body molecules that react with others. Examples of free radicals in the environment include pollution and smoke. Such skin reactions are believed to bring about aging. CBD face moisturizer cream has antioxidant properties which tackle aging issues such as fine lines and wrinkles. Since CBD is an antioxidant, it protects your skin from damage and stressors, giving you a lovely and youthful look. One of the reasons why CBD face cream moisturizer is in high demand is because of its anti-aging factor, and it has also proved to be good for skin repair.

    Skin Conditioning

    CBD face moisturizing is a trusted skin conditioning agent that lubricates and protects the skin. Businge et al. (2014) noted that CBD contains fatty acids which act as soothers with the ability to regenerate. CBD's skin conditioning effects ensure your skin stays smooth and wrinkle-free. Skin conditioning is important because skin cells are shed throughout the day. Oily skin can be triggered by dehydrated skin because your body is forced to produce more oil to compensate for its lack of moisture. Since CBD has anti-sebum and skin conditioning properties, it ensures the balance of your skin's moisture levels is restored. CBD face moisturizer cream is a better option than silicones, which tend to be greasy.

    Has Calming Effects

    Jadhav et al. (2013) revealed that CBD face moisturizer cream is beneficial for sensitive skin because it has calming effects, which help reduce skin sensitivity issues such as redness and swelling. Every skin type is affected by environmental stressors; therefore, CBD's skin soothing properties will be favorable for your skin.

    How to Maximize CBD's Face Moisturizer Creams' Benefits

    Use Your Hands

    Ensure your hands are completely clean before doing anything else. Failing to wash your hands may attract bacteria that can cause further problems to your skin. Use them to apply CBD face moisturizer cream instead of sponges or cotton balls. The disadvantage of using a sponge or a cotton ball to apply the moisturizer cream is that it soaks up most of the moisture preventing your face from getting hydrated as it should.

    Method of Application

    A face moisturizer cream should be gently massaged on the face. Pressure might irritate your skin, especially if you have eczema, acne, sensitive skin, and other skin conditions. CBD face moisturizer cream is designed with gentle formula but using pressure while applying it might worsen the symptoms of your condition. CBD face moisturizer cream's active ingredients will still be absorbed in your skin even with gentle application.

    Regular Use

    One of the best ways to reap the full benefits of a CBD face moisturizer cream is to use it regularly and consistently. CBD is more efficient when used continuously as compared to occasional use. Even after achieving the desired results, the face moisturizing cream won't cause any harm.


    Besides using the CBD face moisturizing cream, ensure to hydrate regularly. The body is made up of water; therefore, if your cells lack enough water, they look dull. Hydration ensures your skin appears firm and gives you a softer and more youthful appearance.

    How to Choose a CBD Face Moisturizer Cream

    Ensure you purchase all CBD products from a reputable dealer. Your face is among the most sensitive part of your body. Therefore you have to ensure that what goes into your face won't cause harm. Below are factors you should consider while buying a CBD face moisturizer cream.

    • Potency
    • The product should have undergone third-party lab testing
    • The face CBD moisturizer cream should be made from naturally grown hemp.


    The face is the most sensitive and softest part of the body. Therefore you must take good care of it. Caring for your skin means investing effort and time in a skincare routine customized for your skin type. CBD face cream moisturizer is good for your skin. It has plenty of benefits, including keeping it hydrated, protecting it from environmental stressors, calming it, making it appear more youthful, reducing inflammation, and others. However, it's important to do a patch test before using the face moisturizer cream to ensure you're not allergic to it.


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