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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 5 min read

    The Benefits of Using a Vitamin-Enhanced Moisturizer

    Do you have dry skin? If so, you may be craving that hydrated, clear skin or youthful glow. This article highlights the benefits of using a moisturizer.

    People have different skincare routines to achieve their desired results. Unfortunately, the journey does not get successful at all times. Thankfully, the beauty industry is always moving, bringing customers some amazing products to benefit their skin. One of these is a moisturizer for dry skin. Besides, manufacturers are incorporating vitamins such as C in their moisturizers to give them more benefits. Are there any benefits you can get? Read on to find out about this and more.

    The Benefits of Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizers

    The industry has amazing products for you if you are passionate about healthy and good-looking skin. Are you still wondering why you should purchase a vitamin-enriched moisturizer? The following benefits can help you make up your mind;

    Can Help Hydrate a Dry Skin

    According to Telang (2013), vitamin C can help hydrate dry skin. Remember, with vitamin-enriched moisturizers, you can get additional ingredients and vitamins that also have a variety of benefits.

    Hydrated skin is always a plus. Suppose you can have it well moisturized in the morning and at night; the better. Therefore, since there is a lot of moisturizers in the market, ensure you get the best vitamin-enhanced moisturizer to combat skin dryness.

    Contains Antioxidants

    Several vitamin-enhanced moisturizers are rich in antioxidants, as suggested by Matsui et al. (2009). This property allows one to protect their body against oxidative stress. Therefore, you can apply this topical product for nourished skin.

    Contain Powerful Vitamins

    Vitamin-enhanced moisturizers contain different vitamins. For instance, a moisturizer may contain vitamin C, which is highly appreciated for its anti-aging benefits. Other vitamins you can find in a moisturizer include vitamins A, B, and E. The moisturizers are enhanced with such vitamins to help give you healthy and beautiful skin.

    Acts as Anti-Aging Agent

    In some cases, the moisturizer may contain both vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, all of which have anti-aging benefits. Furthermore, with vitamin C, there is increased collagen production, which reduces wrinkles or fine lines on the skin.

    If you have signs of premature aging or get exposed to harmful conditions that may make you appear older than you are, you can apply a vitamin-enhanced moisturizer. According to Sharma et al. (2012), vitamin-enhanced moisturizers can help with anti-aging.

    Helps Protect the Skin Against Damage

    According to Duraisamy, Narayanaswamy & Balakrishnan (2011), the skin can be damaged by over-exposure to UV rays and free radicals. The good thing is that applying a moisturizer can be of great help. Thankfully, the vitamin-enhanced moisturizer you buy and apply may contain other vitamins that prevent or reduce damage to the skin.

    However, applying vitamin-enhanced moisturizer does not mean avoiding sunscreen. If you stay in the sun for long, it is best to incorporate the moisturizer with sunscreen. Who wouldn't like to get skin protection from the two products?

    How to Use Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizers

    The beauty industry has a lot in store for you to ensure you have healthy and glowing skin. You can topically apply vitamin-enhanced moisturizers on your skin slowly and gently. Moreover, you can apply the moisturizer during the day or at night.

    You should start small if you are a newbie with a particular product. Take small portions of the vitamin-enhanced moisturizer, then apply it to your skin. This is also a good way of knowing whether or not you are sensitive to the moisturizer, especially if your skin is super sensitive.

    How to Buy the Best Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizers

    With so many vitamin-enhanced moisturizers on the market, you may find it difficult to choose the best one. The good news is that considering certain factors can help lessen the task. These factors are;


    Always ensure you buy a quality vitamin-enhanced moisturizer. Remember, going on the pricier end does not always guarantee quality.

    Ingredient List

    This will help you know the vitamins incorporated into the moisturizer and other beneficial ingredients. For instance, if it contains hyaluronic acid, you can know it helps with dry skin. Nonetheless, from the list, you can pick out those you are sensitive to, which can cause you allergic reactions. If there are any, you may opt to buy from another brand.

    The Brand Reputation

    Always purchase from a trustworthy company.


    If your skin cannot tolerate any ingredient in the vitamin-enhanced moisturizer, you may consider another option. Moreover, ensure you sample different moisturizers so you get one with a scent you are not allergic to.

    Your Skin Type

    If you have an oily, dry, or normal skin type, ensure you get an appropriate vitamin-enhanced moisturizer. Remember, knowing your skin type helps you know the best moisturizer texture to go for. The light texture is good for normal skin types, whereas heavier, creamier, vitamin-enhanced moisturizers go well with dry skin types.

    The Label

    Always ensure you look at the label of the moisturizer. This will help you know whether or not it is tested or can result in allergic reactions.

    Additionally, you may need to buy moisturizers for different seasons. You can have one for winter and another one for summer. Moreover, always be ready to buy new ones, especially as you age and evolve. Therefore, the moisturizer you apply in your teen may not be the one you will need when you hit your 30s. As you age, your skin gets drier, so keep this in mind.


    Moisturizers are antidotes to dry skins. You can have a vitamin-infused moisturizer to get the best of both worlds. Some benefits you can get from applying vitamin-enhanced moisturizer topically are hydrated skin, reduced wrinkles and lines, skin protection, healthier skin, and improved appearance and glow. Additionally, numerous brands are on the market, so choosing the best vitamin-enhanced moisturizer can be tricky. One important thing you must keep in mind is your skin type. This way, you can determine the best texture for moisturizer. Besides, you can consider the product's quality, the brand's reputation, and the ingredients contained so you can determine whether it will react with your skin or deliver the benefits you need.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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