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  • September 28, 2022 5 min read

    How to Choose the Strength of CBD Gel and Creams

    Are you a beginner in CBD and looking for the ideal strength of topical CBD products? This article outlines the proper way to pick the strength of CBD creams and gel, by involving an expert, and trying out different strengths to find what suits you.

    Most often, novices and amateurs alike have a hard time purchasing the right strength of CBD creams and gels due to the tons of strengths available in the market. The potency level of a cannabidiol product is essential since it determines the intensity of its effects when consumed. When purchasing a cannabidiol product, one should remember that different strengths of cannabidiol products react differently in different people. Additionally, the only way to determine the appropriate CBD strength is by visiting a certified health care practitioner for guidance.

    Choosing the Strength of CBD Gel and Creams

    Sperry et al. (2021) stated that a product's strength is also the same as its potency levels. If a cannabidiol product is said to have a CBD potency of 300 mg, it has a strength of CBD. It is worth noting that the potency of a product and, in this case, a CBD gel or cream depends on the size of its jar or container. Most companies list the actual CBD in milligrams on the product's packaging. The actual CBD listing includes all the CBD contained in the bottle. It means that the smaller the bottle, the higher the potency; the more significant the bottle, the lower the potency.

    For example, a 15 ml bottle with 300mg will have a higher potency level than a 30 ml bottle containing 300mg. To gain an in-depth understanding of choosing the appropriate CBD strength, one needs to know the different CBD potencies. Most brands formulate CBD creams and gels with potencies of 300 mg, 600 mg, 1000mg, 2000 mg, and 4000 mg; the last two are the most potent of all potencies. Note that these strengths are packaged in 15,30,50, and 60 ml bottles.

    The Different Strengths of CBD Gels and Creams

    McGregor et al. (2020) confirmed that bottle size significantly influences potency levels when purchasing CBD gel and creams. Note that potency levels are divided into three numbers; 300 mg, low potency; 600 mg, medium potency; and 1000, high potency.

    Low Potency 300 mg

    A CBD gel and cream with a CBD potency of 300 mg is considered low since the CBD content is 10% of the natural ingredients of the package. For most people, the 300 mg has intense on the endocannabinoid system since it will treat an array of conditions such as;

    • Mild headaches
    • Mild to acute body pains and aches

    Medium Potency 600mg

    Medium potency CBD creams and gel are ideal for persons looking to boost their CBD doses. However, most dermatologists spot no difference between 600 and 300 mg potency. Regardless, different people use CBD gel and creams with this potency since it helps with;

    • Chronic inflammation
    • Moderate and mild pain
    • Mild headaches

    High Potency 1000mg

    1000 mg potency accounts for 30-60% of the container's or jar's fundamental constituents. It is worth noting that high potency cannabidiol products, not just CBD gel, and creams, are not ideal for everyone. There are specific conditions that require the attention of highly potent CBD gel and creams, such as;

    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Mild to acute pain
    • Chronic inflammation
    • Mild to severe migraines

    Ultra-High Potency 2000mg

    2000 mg potency means that the CBD content is almost 66% of the entire packaging. Such products have a dense consistency, given the intense levels of CBD. Such potent CBD gel and creams are referred to as concentrates since they are devoid of other elements of the cannabis plant, like terpenes, flavonoids, and THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. According to Lee et al. (2014), dermatologists always advise beginners to steer clear of ultra-high potent CBD topicals since their effects are too intense for a beginner.

    Safety of Strengths of CBD Gels and Creams

    Involve an Expert

    Larsen et al. (2020) added that many factors are involved when choosing any product or medicine dose. Such factors may include health history, medication one takes, body mass index (BMI), etc. All these are vital in ensuring that the body benefits from the prescribed CBD gel and cream dose.

    Expect Trial and Error

    No two people respond to CBD the same. It is why doctors prescribe different medications and dosages to people suffering from the same health condition. Most of the time, dermatologists adjust the dose of the CBD gel and creams until the user experiences the desired effects. Users should be patient when using CBD gel and creams because one can not experience an improvement within two days of use. The area under treatment has to get used to the treatment before any changes are observed.

    Side Effects Are Normal

    Sometimes, CBD topicals stir mild side effects like skin rash or inflammation. In such cases, dermatologists advise users to reduce the frequency or amount used. In cases where the user does not experience any positive side effects like an improvement of the conditions, they may increase the amount of cream or gel used for better effects.

    Effectiveness of CBD Gels and Creams

    Most people are more familiar with other CBD products, such as oils and vapes, since they work directly with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system. One of the most frequently asked questions is the effective rate of CBD topicals. Most of the time, CBD gel and creams are recommended for individuals suffering from;

    • Inflamed muscles and joint pain
    • Musculoskeletal conditions
    • Arthritis pain

    Any high-quality CBD cream or gel is made from high-quality CBD extracted from the hemp plant and then infused with grade A oils such as coconut oil. Other brands may even infuse their CBD creams and gel with essential oil that positively affects the skin. Additionally, CBD topicals are perfect since they do not cause adverse side effects like addiction or abuse.


    Since there are so many different strengths of CBD creams and gels on the market, novices and amateurs frequently struggle to find the correct one. The strength of a cannabidiol product is crucial since it affects how strongly its benefits are felt after consumption. One should remember that different CBD product strengths affect various individuals while making a purchase. Additionally, consulting with a licensed health care professional is the only method to identify the proper CBD strength. It is essential to remember that the size of the bottle significantly impacts the strength levels when buying CBD gel and creams. Remember that potency levels are divided into three unique numbers: 300 mg is considered low, 600 mg is considered medium, and 1000 mg is considered high.


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