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  • by Nicola Boulton September 27, 2022 5 min read

    CBD Cream and Sleep

    CBD creams can improve your sleep cycle, duration, and quality. This article discusses all you need to know about CBD cream and sleep, including how CBD creams work, from easing pain, reducing sleep-related anxiety, and inducing calmness to relaxation. We also explain how to use CBD creams, other potential benefits of CBD creams, and comparisons of CBD oil and creams for sleep.

    Sleep supplements, such as melatonin, have widely been used to improve sleep. Recent studies show a link between hemp products like CBD and better sleep. CBD products are being incorporated into treatment methods to improve the general well-being of human health. Sleep conditions like insomnia affect a good number of the overall population and might arise for several reasons. CBD products like creams can positively impact the body. Hence it's essential to know how CBD creams improve sleep. CBD creams contain cannabinoids that bind with the endocannabinoid system and central nervous system on the skin to release chemical receptors that alleviate certain health disorders.

    How CBD Creams for Sleep Work

    According to Babson, Sottile & Morabito (2017), most users prefer ingesting CBD oil, capsules, or oils to creams to help with sleep quality. Contrary to most beliefs that topical products have a lower bioavailability and hence cannot improve sleep, creams work magnificently in providing quality sleep. CBD creams can be absorbed in the body through the open pores to counter various health conditions that hinder sound sleep. Below are some ways CBD can lead to quality sleep and prolong your sleep duration, mainly when used consistently and in the right amounts; 

    CBD Creams for Calmness and Relaxation

    Restlessness and irritation are among the top causes of insomnia and restless leg syndromes that affect how you sleep. Feeling irritated can lower brain calmness and how the body relaxes at night, resulting in poor sleep. Applying CBD creams can reduce itchiness and irritation, enhance the brain's calmness, and help you relax appropriately at night. According to Brown (2012), a relaxed body and CNS facilitate REM sleep as the brain shuts down entirely. Incorporating CBD creams in your sleep ritual can be an ideal way to relax before bed, shortening the time taken or allowing one to fall asleep.

    CBD Creams for Anxiety

    Anxiety is a common mental condition that can cause sleep-related anxiety affecting how well people sleep. Using CBD creams to fight the numerous anxiety symptoms effectively manages your sleep problems. CBD creams have a calming effect that helps lower the nervousness in the body, gradually improving your sleep cycles and duration. They also aid in distressing the body and relieve the anxiety symptoms that affect quality sleep mode.

    CBD Creams for Pain

    Evans (2020) explained that CBD creams have proven more effective in easing tension and pain in various body parts like joints and muscle tissues. One cannot sleep well even with the tiniest pain, whether on your back, arm, neck, or leg. The creams are more beneficial in relieving pain as they are rubbed on the affected area enhancing how the body responds to the cannabinoids to induce soothing impacts. Some creams contain added scents like lavender that help better sleep. CBD creams target inflamed skin parts that contribute to body pain. A reduction in inflammation on the skin reduces minor body aches and promotes quality sleep.

    How to Use CBD Creams for Sleep

    Beginners to CBD creams should understand that these supplements work best for people with moderate stressful sleep issues. Tinctures and ingestible oils work best when experiencing sleep troubles due to stressful health conditions and significant body aches.

    CBD creams are easy to use as they are spread externally on the skin. Ensure your skin is clean before you apply the products for faster absorption and to prevent pore clogging. Massage the creams gently on the skin; you can choose to apply it on the shoulders, legs, neck, arms, temple, or forehead some minutes before sleeping. A sleep ritual that entails breathing, stretching, and relaxing techniques can make it easier to reap the potential benefits. Always store the CBD creams at room temperature and massage them thoroughly to the skin. Ensure it dissolves on the skin to get the most out of it. Avoid applying excess creams to lower risks that might arise due to overdosing.

     Which Is Better for Sleep: CBD Oil or Creams?

    With the different CBD supplements available to consumers, one might find it hard to pick the right product to get quality sleep. The common factors that impact the type of supplement to invest in include the severity of the underlying health condition and how your body responds. According to Sperry (2021), people with severe chronic conditions like anxiety, stress, depression, and body pain should opt for CBD oil as it is fast absorbing and has a higher bioavailability than creams. CBD creams are ideal for people with minor body aches that quickly fade away after several applications. CBD oil can be used by individuals who can get allergic reactions on the skin, especially when combined with other irritating ingredients. Creams are best for users who feel nauseous after taking CBD oil, as the supplements are used externally.

    Other Benefits of CBD Creams

    Absorbing CBD creams into the skin has more benefits than improving sleep. CBD creams can enhance skin hydration and moisturization by preventing moisture loss and providing clearer and healthier skin. CBD creams contain natural compounds that increase water retention and skin elasticity, resulting in better skin complexion. Some creams can treat and prevent skin disorders like acne and eczema.

    Where to Find CBD Creams for Sleep

    CBD creams are readily available in numerous online and physical stores. Ensure you shop in licensed shops to purchase regulated products that are of high quality. Reputable retailers have crams with the required THC amounts and a high CBD potential for safety purposes.


    CBD is available in different formulations, with CBD cream being one of them. CBD creams are applied topically to effectively resolve several health conditions like pain, insomnia, and anxiety to elevate your sleep. Creams are applied on the skin to induce these benefits and make you feel more relaxed for high-quality sleep. Ensure you take the correct dosages from reputable retailers and know what condition you address before using CBD creams for sleep.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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