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  • September 14, 2022 5 min read

    How Do CBD Creams Benefit Your Skin?

    Skin is the largest and most visible organ of the human body. When you look at people’s skin appearance, you can tell if they are sick, exhausted, or okay. Therefore, the majority of CBD creams are used as herbal remedies to soothe their skin appearance. The article explains what exactly CBD cream is and the benefits of CBD skin cream.

    CBD products have gained popularity in both the health field and skincare industry because of their ability to reduce inflammation, pain, anxiety, stress build-up, stimulate appetite, and many more. CBD cream is the most popular product for harnessing CBD power in the skincare regime. Apart from moisturizing the skin like other skin care products, it can treat skin conditions like arthritis and remove skin wrinkles,  heal skin wounds, and improve skin complexity. Most cosmetics include high dependency, worse skin itching, and sometimes destroying skin appearance. It is evident that CBD cream has no dangerous side effects; in fact, it aid in lowering skin addiction to other cosmetics and their unpleasant effects.

    What Is CBD Cream?

    CBD (Cannabidiol) is an active chemical compound derived from the leaves and flowers of the Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant using either CO2 or alcohol extraction method and then diluted with carrier oils like coconut, MCT, or hemp seed oil to make CBD oil to create a CBD cream. The hemp plant is most preferred for industrial production of CBD since it contains a high compound concentration and low-level THC content. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is another famous compound associated with a feeling of high in marijuana users. CBD, unlike THC, is non-psychoactive and exhibits healthy properties like pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-aging that are essential for overall body health. Therefore, when CBD is used as an ingredient in making skin cream, the end product is a booster for good skin conditions by alleviating symptoms of skin diseases like arthritis, acne, eczema, and many more under clinical trials.

    Jhawar et al. (2019) stated that during the extraction of CBD oil to infuse into skin cream, companies use different techniques resulting in three different CBD cream products, namely;

    • CBD isolates cream –apart from other cream materials, it is pure since it is a 99% CBD compound. It is made by extracting all other cannabinoids in the hemp plant and isolating CBD compounds. The plant is dissolved in CO2 solvents, which extract the crystalline CBD. It provides the skincare industry with a high potency of the herbal remedy, ensuring effective results in harnessing its power.
    • CBD full-spectrum -comprises all cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp plant, including traces of THC. Apart from harvesting the benefits of CBD, it provides the skincare routine with entourage effects associated with other cannabinoids. However, since the Food and Drug Administration has not regulated the manufacture and sale of CBD products, this type of CBD cream may contain THC content higher than the recommended mark (less than 0.3%).
    • Broad-spectrum CBD cream- cream manufacturers often use broad-spectrum CBD since it is a CBD without traces of THC and contains other cannabinoids like CBN in small quantities. It incorporates entourage effects into your skin without the risk of getting high.

    You need to consider facts and factors like extraction method, brand reputation, hemp plant cultivation, THC level, dosage, product potency, and if it has undergone third-party lab testing before purchasing it to get all the benefits of CBD cream. Using the product is simple and convenient, applying the cream to the affected areas.

    Benefits of CBD Skin Cream

    According to Lowe et al. (2019), CBD penetrates your outer skin layer to the inner layer, where it interacts with skin cannabinoid receptors components of the endocannabinoid system ( ECS) responsible for maintaining body balance. Its interaction with the system results in the following benefits to the skin;

    It Moisturizes and Nourishes Your Skin

    The skin can appear pale and dry due to your daily work, infections p or environmental causes like coldness. Cream or lotion can do the work of hydrating the skin, but they act as moisturizers. When they are wiped out, your skin remains dry. When infused with CBD, it induces the oil gland in all body parts to produce the oily liquid that naturally maintains skin hydration for the long run.

    Neutralizes the Free Skin Radicals

    Michalak et al. (2021) suggested that CBD cream is a stabilizing agent for free radicals that weaken the skin. The skin is the barrier and protector of the inner body part from external threats. It comprises many unstable and dead cells which release a chemical reaction called free radicals. It causes the damaging to healthy cells resulting in skin infections, wrinkles, irritation, and dirt. CBD also acts as a cleansing and anti-bacterial agent to protect and clean up the treating infections from damaged cells.

    CBD Cream Has Anti-Aging Properties

    When people age, their skin is characterized by wrinkles, sagging, and leatheriness in appearance since skin elasticity and firmness are affected. Age affects the production of two skin proteins, elastin and Collagen, responsible for maintaining skin elastic response and wrinkles. Silver (2019) showed that CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptor, especially CB2, which induces the skin gland to produce more proteins. Collagen is responsible for removing skin wrinkles and pimples, while elastin is known to maintain skin elasticity even when stretched.

    CBD Cream Heals the Skin Damages

    CBD is an antioxidant because it contains organic nutrients such as amino acids and omega 3 & 6, which help skin cells reproduce and heal damaged tissues due to infections like acne or external attacks. CBD is diluted with organic oils like hemp seed oil which is rich in vitamins and antigens that help to remove dead cells and add healing potential to the CBD cream.

    It Alleviates Skin Irritations and Inflammation

    Inflammation results from oxidative activities in the skin cells due to infections or threats. It damages skin tissues, thus burning and irritating feelings to people. Garcia et al. (2019) revealed that CBD is largely known to have anti-inflammatory properties whereby it interacts with ECS to maintain homeostasis in the immune system by preventing the release of skin inflammations when not necessary.

    It Treats Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, and Arthritis

    When you are diagnosed with these harsh skin diseases, you are administered dosed CBD cream to apply in the affected areas. According to Giacoppo et al. (2015), CBD cream helps in combating symptoms associated with the conditions such as swelling, itching, chronic irritations, and rashes. It acts as an adaptogen by reducing the effects of hormones like kinase associated with acne and eczema disorders.


    CBD oil can be added as an ingredient in making most skincare products like cream. CBD cream is now available in all herbal stores and beauty sellers in three types: CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. It is crucial in treating skin conditions like acne and arthritis. It exhibits benefits such as moisturizing dry skin, reducing irritations, removing wrinkles and infections, acting as an anti-agent, and treating skin imbalances like rashes, itching, and pimples. Since most CBD cream has no specific dosage, it is important to consult your physicians before joining the CBD skincare regime.


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