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September 27, 2022 5 min read


Various companies have developed different lip balms to improve the beauty and overcome the drying of lips. However, CBD lip balms offer anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and moisturizing properties that improve the appearance of your lips. This article will explain more about CBD lip balms and whether they work.

Different cannabidiol products have been displayed in several local and online stores, and cannabidiol lip balm is one of them. Studies have shown that cannabidiol lip balms can be a good remedy for your chapping and drying lips, but still, more research is needed to prove this. This article will figure out some of the ways cannabidiol lip balms helps your lips. Moreover, one will learn about types of cannabidiol that can be chosen to meet each one's demand, benefits, side effects, and the legalization of cannabidiol. Furthermore, there are certain tips that can help when choosing a quality and standard cannabidiol.

What is CBD?

According to Schilling et al. (2020), CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. The cannabis plant has various cannabinoids amounting to 100 and above, but cannabidiol takes the day's cake because of its several applications for medical and recreational purposes. Furthermore, it is closely related to THC, another cannabinoid found in cannabis. However, the duos are different in the effects they cause on the body. This is because THC causes a 'high' effect in an individual, while cannabidiol cannot cause such effects when consumed. However, one should know that long-term consumption of THC leads to addiction and over-dependence.

Does CBD Lip Balm Work?

According to Gyawali et al. (2022), cannabidiol lip balm can be used to treat chapped and dry lips. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, alleviating inflammation and relieving acne around the lips. Acnes are painful and can normally make a face look rough and irritating; hence one should try to apply cannabidiol lip balm to experience its therapeutic effects. Moreover, Sindhu et al. (2021) showed that cannabidiol has antioxidant properties, releasing chemical compounds that prevent attack by pathogens around your lips. Generally, cannabidiol products are important to the skin since creams and lotions are applied for external purposes. There is no hesitation in using cannabidiol lip balm for the beauty and health of a person. However, it is important if one uses such products to follow the doctor's regulations to avoid health issues.

Is CBD Lip Balm Good?

Cannabidiol lip balm is good for one's health since it does away with chapped lips. One should apply cannabidiol lip balm when the lips are dry and rough to increase hydration and relieve pain. Learn more about how to apply cbd cream your body

Pros and Cons of CBD Lips

Cannabidiol lips have some cons and pros that cannot go without being mentioned.

  • You can choose any cannabidiol lip balm according to the potency and flavors used to make it up.
  • Cannabidiol lip balms have more effects on the skin, preventing inflammation and bacteria attacks.

Here are the cons of cannabidiol lip balm in medical fields:

  • Some retailers may decide to sell them at higher prices, discouraging more customers from buying them.
  • The benefits include preventing the development of acne, maybe from other chemicals within the product instead of cannabidiol. Learn more about how to apply cbd cream your eyes

Tips on How to Choose Best CBD Lip Balm

It may not be easy for first-time cannabidiol consumers to choose a high-quality CBD product since some sellers may dupe them by selling low-quality or harmful products. Below are tips on how to choose the best cannabidiol lip balm:

  • Confirm whether the brand shares its Certificate of Analysis
  • Ensure the product has undergone intensive independent third-party tests
  • Ensure the product is free from heavy metals and impurities.
  • The company should have indicated the hemp source. (preferably US-grown hemp)
  • It should be free from contaminants.

Legalization of CBD

Congress passed the Farm Bill in 2018, and this legislation led to the removal of hemp from the legal definition of marijuana. Although hemp was considered a non-intoxicating compound under Federal law, state governments were mandated to develop laws regulating the use of CBD in their states. Currently, 17 states have legalized CBD for medical and recreational use.

Benefits of CBD

Apart from the benefits cannabidiol lip balms have on the lips and the skin, there are some benefits cannabidiol products have to an individual's health.

Side Effects of CBD Products

Every product that has got benefits will not miss drawbacks. Therefore, the following are the side effects of cannabidiol products:

What One Should Do Before Using CBD

Before one concludes to explore the use of cannabidiol in different ways, some things should be undertaken prior. Below are what should be done before using cannabidiol products:

  • Please consult your doctor to know the effect it might have on your health.
  • Know the purpose of you using cannabidiol.
  • Know the types of cannabidiol and the best one for your needs. This will help you choose the right one.
  • Ask regular cannabidiol consumers more about cannabidiol and how it has influenced their lives.
  • One should know the right time cannabidiol should be consumed. This will prevent allergic reactions.


Cannabidiol lip balms are important when managing pain caused by chapped and dry lips. Therefore, one must know what research says about how it achieves it. Cannabidiol lip balm has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that achieve such importance. Furthermore, one should know the pros and cons of cannabidiol lip balm to avoid disappointment in the outcome. There are general benefits of cannabidiol; hence they should be known since they compel more individuals to cannabidiol usage. Unfortunately, poor usage of cannabidiol results in side effects, as mentioned above. Being a first-time cannabidiol user, one can be cheated on the quality of the products.


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