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  • September 28, 2022 5 min read

    Does CBD Cream Make You Drowsy?

    Drowsiness is a feeling caused by several factors that make one sleepy or tired. CBD cream is a topical product that makes one relaxed. This article highlights the factors determining if CBD cream can cause drowsiness and ways to reduce the risk of drowsiness.

    CBD is a chemical compound in the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is mainly extracted from hemp plant leaves and flowers whose cultivation and products are legal under USA federal law. Upon extraction, the compound is diluted with an organic carrier such as coconut or MCT oil to form a high concentration. The oil is added to skin care products like cream to create a CBD skincare regime. CBD cream helps deal with wrinkles, muscle fatigue, and pain. It is convenient to use because it involves profoundly and gently rubbing the product into the affected area to harness the power of cannabidiol.

     Can CBD Cream Cause Drowsiness?

    Pure CBD cream should not make you tired or drowsy; instead, it helps you feel relaxed and active. The optimal dosage of CBD cream has various health benefits, such as cleansing your skin, treating muscle pains, moisturizing your skin, and treating various harsh skin diseases. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), responsible for maintaining body balance by blocking anxiety, pain, and inflammation signaling. However, if you apply too much CBD cream, you might feel drowsy or dizzy, depending on your body chemistry. The optimal dosage of CBD cream can make you feel;

    Energetic and Focused

    CBD products like creams are popular in motivating your daytime. Deng et al. (2016) explained that CBD cream increases your body's energy levels by converting stored fat into glucose which is broken down to energy by metabolic process. Simultaneously, the cannabinoid interacts with brain receptors to reduce the brain neurons' inflammatory activities, thus increasing your focus and concentration.

    Sleepy and Less Stressed

    Most people with sleeping problems use cannabis products like CBD cream to help them feel calm and relaxed after a long tiresome day. According to Garcia-Gutierrez et al. (2020), CBD in the bloodstream causes your brain neurons to release anandamide that binds with muscles' CB2 receptors making your feel relaxed. Similarly, the release of 2-AG endocannabinoids by ECS, after interaction with CBD, binds with CB1 receptors in the brain to decrease the production of cortisol, making your brain switch off from traumatic thoughts.

    Factors That Determine If CBD Cream Can Cause Drowsiness


    Drowsiness is an expected side effect if you overdose on any prescribed medication or supplements. Therefore if you apply CBD cream more frequently than your skin receptors can tolerate, you will deplete your body energy, making you feel tired. Additionally, if you are new to the CBD skincare regime, body receptors and systems have not familiarized with the cannabidiol, and their interaction may result in dizziness and body fatigue.

    THC Level

    Hindocha et al. (2015) stated that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a famous cannabinoid that causes a high feeling in its users. It can also make you feel emotionally and physically drained due to its connection with your body's receptors. Therefore, some full-spectrum CBD creams may contain THC content above the recommended mark, making you feel drowsy when you apply. Before purchasing, it is vital to check the product ingredients and if it has undergone a third-party lab test.

    Cream Chemical Ingredients

    Besides CBD oil, the cream contains other chemicals such as gelatin, lactic acid, and malic acid. The chemicals may react negatively, resulting in drowsiness and dizziness. Always go organic while purchasing CBD cream by selecting products with organic nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and lipids.

    CBD Cream Potency

    You may overwork your body processors if you apply CBD cream containing over 60% of the cannabinoid. Ultra-high CBD potency is not meant for lightweights or newbies to CBD cream since they may overwhelm the adapting cannabinoid receptors. Therefore always stick to medium CBD and low potency if you are not dealing with a severe condition.

    Other Medications

    Body enzymes break down most drugs. If CBD reaches the bloodstream, it interacts with these enzymes, where it is easily synthesized for further penetration into body cells. However, in the presence of other medications, such as anti-seizures, CBD reacts with the drugs chemically, resulting in a complex structural compound that is difficult for enzymes to synthesize. Therefore, you may feel tired and weak as most energy is already utilized in the reaction.

    Can CBD Cream Make You High?

    Pure CBD has no psychoactive effects associated with THC. According to Ward et al. (2014), unlike THC, CBD does not bind with skin receptors but promotes the production of endocannabinoids such as anandamide that connect with the receptors. CBD does not alter the body's standard functionality; therefore, there are no mind-altering feelings like highness, confusion, or tension. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not regulated the manufacturing and selling of CBD products; hence it is easy to find CBD cream contaminated with THC above the recommended mark (less than 0.3%)

    Ways To Reduce the Risk of Drowsiness Effects from CBD Cream?

    1. Drink a lot of water. Constant hydration increases the detoxification process of cannabinoids like CBD, avoiding a prolonged stay in the body.
    2. Apply CBD cream before sleep since good sleep will boost your energy level the next day.
    3. Increase wakefulness naturally by drinking beverages like coffee and tea to raise your low blood pressure caused by CBD drowsiness. You can also get more energy from sunlight.
    4. Avoid applying CBD cream while under anti-seizure drugs or anti-depressants to prevent the cannabinoid from interacting with the medication, causing body fatigue and other undesirable side effects.
    5. Don't apply too much CBD cream. Always start slow and gradually increase the CBD dosage to avoid overwhelming the skin's cannabinoid receptors.
    6. Always consult your doctor for dosage clarification and your health history. The doctor will tell the strength of your immune system and any possible allergic reactions that can induce drowsiness.
    7. Avoid alcohol consumption. CBD is an active compound; therefore, it can efficiently react with alcohol molecules resulting in undesirable side effects like dizziness, hypotension, and drowsiness.


    CBD cream helps treat skin diseases like acne, arthritis, and eczema by reducing symptoms like skin redness, muscle pain, joint discomfort, dry skin, rashes, and wrinkles. Additionally, it can help you feel energetic and focus on your daily activities. However, using the product can have various undesirable side effects, such as drowsiness. The negative feeling can be caused by overdosing on the product or using CBD cream contaminated with a high percentage of THC molecules. Therefore, checking your product ingredients before purchasing is essential. Moreover, going organic prevents further intoxicating effects.


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