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  • September 27, 2022 5 min read

    Does CBD Shampoo Get in the Bloodstream?

    CBD shampoo is a topical CBD product. Read this article to know more about CBD shampoo, why CBD shampoo does not reach the bloodstream, and how CBD can reach the bloodstream. You will also know why we use CBD shampoo.

    CBD use has been going on for a long time, and it has especially grown in popularity in recent years since the US federal government declared through the Farm Bill (2018) that hemp would no longer be in the Controlled List Act, where it is placed with drugs such as LSD and heroin. The legality of CBD caused the sprouting of more CBD industries, and they all aim to produce CBD in the form the user desires. The person's choice will determine the effect they want from the CBD product. If you want it to reach the bloodstream, CBD shampoo will not be a good idea because CBD shampoo is used topically and will, therefore, not reach the bloodstream.

    What Is CBD Shampoo?

    CBD shampoo is a shampoo that has been laced with CBD, which is a chemical component of cannabis. CBD is used for its therapeutical properties. CBD derived from hemp is especially popular because it has curative properties yet does not cause the user to be euphoric. It is a better alternative for users who wish to avoid the psychoactive reactions that arise after using marijuana, which possesses a chemical component known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC and CBD are two of hundreds of chemical elements found in cannabis. Hemp is legal in many countries, while marijuana is illegal, and the difference in legal status is based on the amount of THC they both possess. While hemp possesses only 0.3% or less THC, marijuana has more than 0.3% of THC. CBD products, including CBD shampoo derived from hemp, are therefore preferred because it is available in many countries, including online. CBD from marijuana may not be easy, especially online, because marijuana is illegal in many countries.

    Why Does CBD Shampoo Not Reach the Bloodstream?

    CBD shampoo is a topical CBD product that is only meant to benefit the hair and the scalp. It will reach the follicles, but the skin is too thick to reach the vessels. No matter how much you increase the CBD shampoo dosage or massage it into the skin, it will not reach the bloodstream.

    How Does CBD Get into the Bloodstream?

    You may think that any CBD you use will somehow reach the bloodstream, but that is not always the case. The method you use to consume CBD will determine if it will reach the bloodstream. CBD used topically, can never reach the blood vessels. The following are the main methods to get CBD into the bloodstream.

    CBD Injection

    CBD injections are a straightforward method to get the CBD into the bloodstream because the CBD is injected straight into the blood vessel. It is a popular method for people who want faster absorption of CBD.

    Sublingual CBD

    CBD used sublingually will get into the bloodstream, and it is best for people who the CBD to be absorbed faster. CBD is used sublingually and consumed as a drop under the tongue. The CBD diffuses through the tissues under the tongue and gets into the bloodstream. You may wonder why the CBD used as shampoo cannot get in the bloodstream, yet the CBD used sublingually gets in the bloodstream. Sublingual use of CBD

    Using CBD as an Edible

    CBD is used as an edible when you ingest it by infusing it in food or drinks at home. When CBD is used as an edible, it will undergo the process of digestion and pass through the liver, and subsequently join the bloodstream. The process may be longer than other methods of using CBD, but it does get to the bloodstream.

    As Vape /Smoke

    Vaping and smoking are popular among people who prefer using CBD as an inhalant. When you inhale, vape or smoke, it gets into the lungs and bloodstream.

    CBD that gets into the body gets into the bloodstream.

    Why Use CBD Shampoo

    CBD shampoo is a special shampoo because of the benefits that it is associated with. Cox-Georgian et al. (2019) showed that shampoo is used to clean hair, but CBD shampoo cleans and is also beneficial because it possesses some medicinal properties. Wilson & Brown (2021) stated that CBD is useful because it makes hair stronger when used moderately.

    The following are the reasons why you would use CBD shampoo;

    To Moisturize the Hair

    Frequent hair washing with regular soap and shampoo may strip the hair of its natural oils. CBD shampoo has hydrating properties and lipids, essential to moisten the hair. Schmidt et al. (2021) concluded that CBD naturally has oil.

    For the Regulation of Sebum Production

    The body produces a substance known as sebum to keep the skin shiny. However, an overproduction of sebum will clog the pores, affecting the growth of the hair and scalp. CBD shampoo will regulate the amount of CBD production and hydrate and moisturize the scalp without clogging the pores.z

    As a Painkiller and an Anti-Inflammatory

    Scalp injuries and itching can cause discomfort. The CBD shampoo works by interfering with the activities of endocannabinoids which involves the receiving and transmitting signals in the body. Kayani (2018) stated that CBD could be a pain reliever.

    To Keep the Scalp Healthy

    Healthy hair will only grow on a healthy scalp. The CBD shampoo has proteins, fats, and vitamins, essential nutrients for a healthy scalp and hair.

    For Relaxation

    Although the CBD shampoo will not get to the bloodstream, it helps the person relax indirectly by alleviating pain and discomfort from skin conditions that affect the scalp or the causes of hair loss, e.g., through over-scratching.

    Managing Insomnia

    Sometimes hair and scalp issues may make it impossible for you to find sleep. The reasons related to the hair and scalp cause insomnia, ranging from hair loss that causes stress or vice versa, scalp conditions, pain, inflammations, itchiness, etc., which CBD shampoo can manage. Brave (2019) discovered that CBD helps treat insomnia because of its many benefits to the skin, mind, and body.

    As an Antiseptic

    You may have injuries on your scalp or conditions that make your scalp susceptible to infections. CBD is known to have antibiotic and antiseptic properties, which can protect your skin from infections.


    There are various CBD products in the CBD market, each with its benefits, which the users consider when they buy a product. When you want to buy CBD that will get into the bloodstream, avoid topicals, e.g., CBD shampoo, which cannot get into the bloodstream. However, get some CBD shampoo if you do not want it to enter the bloodstream. The skin is too thick for the CBD shampoo to penetrate and reach the bloodstream. Products that you can consider if you want CBD to get into the bloodstream include vapes, sublinguals, and edibles. However, CBD shampoos are popular because they help in hair growth as moisturizers, sebum regulators, and antiseptics.


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