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  • by Nicola Boulton September 15, 2022 5 min read

    How to Use CBD Facial Creams & Lotions

    CBD face cream and lotions, like other CBD topicals, have found their way to the world through their health benefits to people's facial appearance. However, the main question for newbies is how to use them. The article enlightens us on how to use CBD face cream and lotions by explaining why people want to learn to use CBD facial cream and lotion, the steps of using a CBD face cream and lotion, and tips on using CBD face cream/lotion.

    CBD has gained popularity in the skincare industry as most companies are shifting to producing organic products derived from the hemp plant, such as CBD face cream, lotion, CBD salves, scrubs, and many more. Cannabidiol is an active compound extracted from the leaves and flowers of industrial hemp plants the diluted by organic carrier oils like MCT, olive, or hempseed oil. CBD oil is incorporated as an ingredient alongside other cream materials like beeswax and aloe Vera to make CBD face cream or lotion. CBD face cream is easy to use since you apply it directly to your facial skin; however, newbies to skincare products can be challenging and overwhelming. Continue reading as the article highlights steps of how to make use of CBD face cream & lotion.

    Why Do People Want To Learn to Use CBD Facial Cream and Lotion

    CBD facial products are organic and rich in various skin nutrients. Most synthetic skincare products are characterized by high face dependency, increased skin pimples and rashes, and generally worsening skin complexity. Evren et al. (2019) elaborated on the following benefits associated with CBD-infused cream/lotion:

    • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin for a very long period
    • Act as an anti-bacterial agent in protecting the face from infection
    • It prevents the cracking of skin face
    • Soothe harsh diseases that can affect the facial skin like eczema and acne
    • Acts as a cleansing agent to remove dead cells and dirt
    • It has anti-aging properties like removing facial wrinkles and reducing skin sagging
    • Regulate oil production by the skin oil gland
    • Prevent excessive sebum, which can cause pimples and rashes on the face
    • It heals any injuries on the face tissues
    • In case of skin face irritations and pain, it acts as a painkiller

    Steps of Using a CBD Face Cream and Lotion

    Like most CBD face topicals, CBD face cream/lotion is applied directly to your face skin. It is convenient; all it requires is simple guidelines and good hygiene. According to Liu & Tina (2019), joining the CBD regime is expensive and demanding. Therefore you can't wish to spoil the expensive product by applying it incorrectly. Cream & luxe (2020) explained the following steps to using CBD face cream and lotion;

    1st Step: If You Have Long Hair, You Can Tie and Clip It to Avoid Disturbance

    2nd Step: Wash Your Hands and Face

    Any time you want to apply CBD face lotion, always wash your hands and face to eliminate sweat, makeup, or bacterial infections on your sensitive skin. A clean face provides a smooth surface for CBD compounds to penetrate your pores and do wonders.

    3rd Step: Apply the Product

    Using the spatula which comes with your product container, scoop the lotion/cream and place it on the face in patches format,

    4th Step: Dab the Patches Smoothly with Your Fingers and Ensure You Cover the Entire Face

    In areas affected by dimples and dirt, you can gently and deeply massage the cream to feel a calming effect.

    5th Step: Leave the Face Untouched for 30 Minutes

    It allows enough time for CBD compounds to penetrate the skin and interact with skin cannabinoid receptors to induce the benefits mentioned by the article in the above content. You can wash your face with a clean towel using warm water.

    Tips on Using CBD Face Cream/Lotion

    Meissner et al. (2021) explained that if you wish to entirely  harness the power associated with CBD oil from your face creams, the following are the tips and precautions you should adhere to when, before, or after using them;

    When using;

    • Ensure your face is clean before applying CBD cream
    • Apply the product on damp skin since it makes it harder for the cream to penetrate the skin when it dries off completely.
    • Wear gloves or use well-washed hands during application.
    • While your CBD cream or lotion is thick, mix it with water to soften it for dry skin.
    • Don't apply it together with CBD cream to avoid chemical reactions if you have sunscreen.
    • Apply a small quantity of CBD cream until you understand your face tolerance
    • Apply the first, and then after an hour, you can apply the CBD face cream if you use exfoliates like salicylic acids. The exfoliate leaves your skin dry and pale, and if applied after the latter, it will degrade CBD moisturizing power

    Before Using and Buying

    • Always choose CBD cream with benzoyl peroxide chemicals which neutralizes the allergic reactions if you have allergic reactions.
    • Ensure your product has undergone third-party testing and results are available on the brand websites
    • Choose a CBD face cream with high potency and no THC content
    • Consider reviewing the manufacturer's reputation through other customers' comments and ratings before purchasing the CBD product.
    • Consider the CBD type in the face cream/lotion. They are three types, CBD isolate, Full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum. Broad-spectrum is most preferred in dealing with facial wrinkles and dirt due to its entourage effects associated with other cannabinoids like terpenes without the risk of psychoactive effects associated with THC
    • Ensure you read the instruction labeled on the CBD cream bottle to avoid overuse, bad storing, or expired products

    After use

    • Ensure you store the product under room temperature away from sunlight which might dissociate the CBD composition.
    • Apply your foundation after 30 minutes of applying CBD cream to avoid disturbing the magic associated with CBD
    • Don't apply the cream daily; 4 times a week is preferred to avoid excessive use.
    • Always ensure the CBD cream is entirely absorbed into the deeper layer of the skin before washing your face or applying any foundation.
    • CBD creams and lotions are different from consumable CBD edibles. Therefore keep them away from the reach of children because they contain other additional chemicals that are not good for your general health.


    Face creams and lotions have been used for centuries for skin hydration and protection. However, infusing them with CBD has recently increased their demand, with people already knowing the skin health benefits of CBD. Like most CBD topicals, CBD face cream and lotion are convenient and easy to use by applying them directly to your entire facial skin. Joining the CBD regime, be ready to spend a fortune; therefore, it is important to follow the right application steps to avoid splitting your money using the face product.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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