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  • by Nicola Boulton September 27, 2022 6 min read

    Can I Fail a Drug Test Because of Using CBD Lip Balm?

    Many ask if using a CBD lip balm can make you fail a drug test. This article explains how CBD lip balms work, how the CBD drug test works, why CBD might cause one to fail a drug test if CBD lip balm can make a person high, if it is safe, and the benefits of CBD lip balm.

    CBD is a chemical compound derived from hemp plants and consumed for its potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties. It can be used on all types of skin, especially sensitive skin, because it is mild on the skin. Making a CBD lip balm with extra moisturizing components like shea butter, hemp seed oil, or beeswax can provide a concentrated hydration boost while safeguarding the skin's sensitive surface. CBD lip balm is a moisturizing lip balm with the advantages of cannabidiol added. It helps moisturize one's lips and protect them from being flaky or dry. Furthermore, it acts as an antioxidant and antibacterial agent. However, some people are skeptical about CBD's therapeutic properties and are curious about whether CBD can make you fail a drug test.

    Can CBD Lip Balm Get One High?

    While CBD is a substance found in cannabis, it is different from THC, the substance obtained from marijuana that gives it its characteristic 'high' sensation. Individuals may rest confident that utilizing a popular CBD lip balm will not intoxicate them because CBD can give several THC benefits with no psychoactive outcomes.

    How Does the CBD Drug Test Work?

    The urine test is the type of drug test people are more likely to encounter. According to DiMarco et al. (2017), different forms of drug tests have various recognition verges. The cessation values for THC and CBD drug screening vary between the methods used. Therefore, individuals won't test positive if the amount of CBD they take is below the allowed tetrahydrocannabinol percentage. Any amount higher than 0.3% could result in a positive drug test.

    Why CBD Might Cause One to Fail a Drug Test

    THC is fat-soluble; when consumed through drops of oil beneath the tongue or edibles, it is engrossed and stored in the body's fatty tissue. THC can build up in the body and cause a positive drug test in as little as 4 to 6 days, depending on the amount of CBD (and hence THC) individuals ingest, how frequently they use it, their diet, and their body weight. According to Miller et al. (2016), THC is detected in one's system for thirty days, though it is only noticeable in hefty cannabis consumers immediately after one week. Additionally, there is a probability that the CBD product one is consuming comprises above 0.3 percent THC lawfully permitted.

    Do You Have to Use CBD and Take a Drug Test?

    There is no way to assure that CBD will not cause someone to fail a drug test, despite the information above suggesting it will not. The only way to be certain you won't fail a drug test is never to use any CBD with THC products.

    Uses and Benefits of CBD Lip Balm

    A lip balm's moisturizing ingredients work with CBD to nourish and relieve dry, flaky, and chapped lips. The mammalian endocannabinoid system (ECS), which controls various processes from mood to pain, sleep, and immune response, is one mechanism by which cannabidiol interacts to promote wellbeing. The following are some significant ways that CBD lip balm might help one's lips:

    Reduced Irritation and Inflammation

    According to Teitelbaum (2019), many athletes use CBD to treat muscle spasms and joint discomfort because it has potent anti-inflammatory qualities. Individuals' lips deteriorate from the effects of inflammation, which causes them to feel and seem cracked, dry, and irritated. Not only does using CBD lip balm replenish moisture, but CBD's interference with the ECS of skin also decreases irritation and inflammation, eases discomfort, and repairs the lips, giving them a healthy, desirable look

    Removing Harmful Bacteria

    CBD has antimicrobial properties. Natural CBD lip balm protects the lips against bacteria and infection by rubbing it on the skin. This is particularly crucial if the lips have cold sores that are more prone to infection, open skin, or cracked.

    Sun Damage Relief

    The body creates unbalanced chemicals called free radicals in response to UV radiation, sunlight, and other contaminants. Furthermore, they have the potential to harm healthy cells. CBD, a strong stabilizer and antioxidant, may be able to alleviate free radicals, defending individuals' lips from oxidative stress and early skin aging.

    Deep Hydration

    Lips can't hydrate themselves due to inadequate oil production, so regular application of a lip balm helps the lips keep moisture. When mixed with other all-natural components like beeswax, like CBD, which is naturally hydrating, the lips can recover completely since the moisture is locked in for a longer time.

    Is CBD Lip Balm Safe?

    The usage of CBD lip balms is effective and safe. Natural and gentle CBD is considered safe for use, lawful in some states, and not addictive. Although there are few side effects from applying topical CBD, you should cease to use it if you experience any redness or discomfort.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing a CBD Lip Balm

    CBD products are not subject to the same FDA regulations as pharmaceuticals or dietary supplements. There are many CBD products on the market from businesses with the best selection. Sometimes businesses misrepresent or mislabel their items. We advise you to consider the following factors when conducting your research:


    Companies with open records disclose their hemp source. They must present the analysis certificate. The COA details the cannabinoid outline and attests to the product's absence of mold, heavy metals, and pesticides.


    Several lip balms comprise fifteen to twenty-five milligrams of CBD per tube, though one can get fifty milligrams and more of CBD lip balms.


    Before purchasing a CBD lip balm, one should compare the prices from different shops and supermarkets to know the actual price. This will ensure we earn value for our money.

    Other Ingredients

    Individuals should avoid using lip balms that comprise camphor, menthol, phenol, and any alcohol. The best lip balm must contain organic and natural ingredients.


    THC is a substance that makes one high and shows up in a drug test. CBD products containing traces of THC of more than 0.3 percent can test positive in a drug test. Therefore, individuals should avoid products with more THC content to avoid failing a drug test. The use of urine is mainly done as a drug test. To be safe, one should avoid all CBD items containing THC. While purchasing CBD lip balms, ensure you read the customer reviews and confirm whether the product has undergone intensive independent third-party testing. CBD lip balms are popular because they reduce inflammation and enhance skin moisturization.


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    Can I fail a drug test because of using CBD lip balm?

    Using CBD lip balm is unlikely to cause you to fail a drug test because it contains minimal THC, the psychoactive compound that drug tests detect.

    Does CBD lip balm contain THC?

    Most CBD lip balms contain negligible amounts of THC, usually below the legal limit of 0.2% in the UK, making it unlikely to affect a drug test.

    How does CBD lip balm work?

    CBD lip balm works by providing topical relief and moisturisation through the cannabinoid CBD, which interacts with the skin's endocannabinoid system.

    Is CBD lip balm legal in the UK?

    Yes, CBD lip balm is legal in the UK as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC and is derived from industrial hemp.

    Can topical application of CBD result in a positive drug test?

    Topical application of CBD, such as with lip balm, is unlikely to result in a positive drug test because it does not enter the bloodstream in significant amounts.

    How long does CBD stay in your system from using lip balm?

    CBD from lip balm is not absorbed into the bloodstream in significant quantities, so it does not stay in your system long enough to impact drug testing.

    Are there any risks associated with using CBD lip balm?

    CBD lip balm is generally safe, but users should ensure it contains compliant levels of THC to avoid any potential drug testing issues.

    Can using too much CBD lip balm cause a positive drug test?

    It is highly unlikely that using excessive amounts of CBD lip balm will cause a positive drug test due to the minimal THC content.

    How can I ensure my CBD lip balm won't affect a drug test?

    Purchase CBD lip balm from reputable sources that provide third-party lab testing to verify low THC levels.

    What should I do if I fail a drug test after using CBD lip balm?

    If you fail a drug test after using CBD lip balm, inform the testing authority and provide evidence of the product's THC content from third-party lab reports.

    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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