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  • September 27, 2022 5 min read

    CBD Foot Cream for Pain Relief

    CBD feet creams are known to have pain reliever properties. Some of the different ways CBD creams can relieve pain include treating diabetic pain, ankle and foot pain, and ankle and foot inflammation.

    Feet pain is a natural thing and has occurred to almost everyone. It can sometimes be brought about by banging or hitting the feet, diabetic neuropathy, tendonitis, and other underlying issues. The rise of CBD products and the benefits they have been acclaimed to have, such as anti-inflammatory properties and pain relievers, has made many people rely on them for treating the pain felt on the feet. Though they have been acclaimed to be the best alternative to over-the-counter drugs, they can take a longer time for them to be felt on the skin. This is because they first have to interact with the endocannabinoid system.

    What is CBD?

    Cannabis plants have two main active compounds. They include CD and THC. Therefore, CBD is a natural and organic compound extracted from the cannabis plant. It is known to be psychotropic. It does not have THC. This means that it cannot make an individual high. It is safe for use as it is a natural extract.

    Types of CBD

    There are three different types of CBD. They include;

    Broad-spectrum CBD

    According to Jin et al. (2020), broad-spectrum CBD has almost all the compounds found in the cannabis plant. The only difference between the broad-spectrum and the full-spectrum CBD is that the former does not have the presence of the THC compound. This means that it cannot make a person high. However, there are instances in which the THC compound can be found in small amounts.

    Full-Spectrum CBD

    They are at times referred to as the whole plant cannabis. This is because it has the presence of all the compounds of the cannabis plant. This includes THC. The level of THC present in the full-spectrum CBD is 0.3%, thus cannot make an individual high. However, they can cause a high effect when used in high amounts.

    Isolate-Based CBD

    Isolate-based CBD is considered to be the purest form of CBD. It goes through different processes to ensure that all the compounds in the cannabis plant are removed and left with the CBD compound. They are not very effective and are used by people that do not want to get the feeling of the THC compound.

    Methods of Using CBD

    There are different methods by which one can use CBD products. Some of the methods include; tinctures, topicals, and vapes. The method of consumption depends on individual preferences and the effects they want to achieve. This is why some prefer CBD creams, as the effects are long-lasting compared to the other forms.

    CBD creams fall under CBD topicals. Many forms of CD topicals include lotions, balms, and salves. They are applied to the skin to interact with the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid receptors found in the body. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, acts as a pain reliever, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

    CBD Cream for Pain Relief

    CBD has the properties of relieving pain in individuals. Some of how CBD cream can assist in relieving pain include;

    CBD for Diabetic Pain

    CBD comes in different forms. Hesselink et al. (2012) stated that CBD cream is associated with the properties of treating diabetic nerve pain. They minimize the tingling and burning sensations in individuals that have diabetic neuropathy. The nerves under the skin get relief by minimizing the pain felt when CBD cream is rubbed on the skin. However, CBD cream should be rubbed under the areas where one feels the pain. It also assists in minimizing nerve inflammation as well as blocking the pain sensations. The relief gotten is temporarily felt but helpful at the same time.

    CBD for Ankle and Foot Inflammation

    CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is brought about by harmful substances contacting the healthy cells, thus making the foot and the ankle swell and become sore. CBD is applied to the swollen area and interacts with the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system has the presence of cannabinoid receptors which help in regulating the different functions of the body. They help to reduce the swelling in the body on the feet. They are a good alternative to those who prefer over-the-counter medications.

    CBD for Blisters

    The anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial properties help to deal with the bacteria and inflammation that brings about blisters in the body. According to Leikin et al. (2012), CBD cream is rubbed and massaged on the affected areas, minimizing the pressure on the part of the feet that bring about blisters. It also deals with the pain that is associated with it. Not only does it treat blisters, but it also helps prevent blisters on the feet. The CBD cream is often applied on the skin before one wears the shoes and after removing them. This makes it possible to minimize the occurrence of blisters on the feet. Learn more about does cbd shampoo work?

    CBD for Ankle and Foot Pain

    Pain that is felt on the feet and ankle is brought about by wearing tight shoes or overworking the feet or high-heels. Lawrence (2019) suggested that CBD cream fights against the pain felt on the feet and ankles. CBD cream is applied to the area where one feels the pan and gets to interact with the endocannabinoid system. The cannabinoid receptors in the body interact with the cream and assist the CBD cream’s effects to be felt, minimizing the pain. CBD cream binds to the cannabinoid receptors, thus decreasing pain. Learn more about cbd serum and acne


    Using CBD foot cream for pain relief depends on individual preferences. However, they have a lot of benefits to the human body. Most people have included it as part of their skincare routine. They apply it on the heels of their feet and even their ankles when they are sore or swollen. CBD foot cream is the best alternative to medicinal drugs, especially when using them for pain relief. However, one should ensure they have consulted the health practitioner before using them. This will ensure that their health is taken care of and they are not risking it. You can use CBD cream for foot pain, diabetic pain, and blisters. You can also use CBD for other health benefits.


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