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  • September 15, 2022 5 min read

    Is CBD Good For Wrinkles

    CBD cannot remove wrinkles; it can prevent them and make them less visible. Read this article to know more about the causes of wrinkles, the benefits of CBD on wrinkles, and how to buy CBD for wrinkles.

    As the popularity of CBD spikes, users also get more ideas about infusing CBD into their daily routines. The skincare and beauty industries have not been left behind. Wrinkles concern users who want to maintain youthful skin, and suppress premature wrinkling that may cause low self-esteem. The benefits of CBD have not been scientifically proven, but CBD is used for a wide range of products anecdotally. CBD may be suitable for wrinkles based on its benefits to the skin. Read on to know more about CBD and how it can be beneficial for wrinkles;

    So what is CBD?

    CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical component in cannabis alongside hundreds of other chemical members, including THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the element that is responsible for the psychoactive reaction in cannabis. As hemp has only 0.3% of THC, it is legal in many countries, and its CBD is preferred to CBD from marijuana which has plenty of THC. The difference between hemp and marijuana is based on the amount of THC that they have.

    Causes of wrinkles

    Wrinkles are associated with aging. As we age, the skin produces less oil than it used to, consequently becoming saggier. Less fat means the skin is less elastic; therefore, the skin settles into visible crevices and lines. But aging is not the only cause of wrinkling. Below are more causes of wrinkling;


    Sunlight may benefit healthy skin, but too much sunlight damages the skin because it contains ultraviolet light (UV light), which hastens its age. UV light damages the skin's elasticity, and makes it collapse prematurely.


    According to Fatani et al. (2020), smoking causes destroys the skin’s connective tissues. It acts as a catalyst for premature wrinkling of the skin. A smoker's wrinkling appears around the mouth and beneath the eyes. The following are the factors that cause wrinkling through smoking;

    • The constant pursing of lips and squinting are responsible for the wrinkles that form around the mouth.
    • The heat produced by smoking dehydrates the skin.
    • Nicotine narrows the blood vessels, thus causing nutritional deficiency and less blood flow to the skin cells.
    • The chemicals produced during smoking damage the structures meant for the skin’s elasticity.

    Facial expressions

    The wrinkles will form a pattern depending on your facial expression. If you tend to create lines when you smile, squint, or frown, the skin will form permanent wrinkles on the areas where the lines appear during these expressions. Wrinkles arising from facial expressions do not start when we are younger as the skin is elastic and bounces in place at a tender age; but the skin is less flexible as we age.

    Benefits of CBD on wrinkles

    CBD does not eliminate wrinkles, but make the wrinkles less visible. Any product that promises the removal of wrinkles is not genuine. As soon as the wrinkles appear, they can only be 'removed' by aesthetic procedures, not skin care products. However, CBD products can improve the appearance of the skin and prevent the formation of more wrinkles. Williams et al. (2021) stated that CBD could make wrinkles less visible. The following are more reasons why CBD is good for skin wrinkles;

    As a moisturizer

    The wrinkles form because the body does not produce as much oil as it used to for the skin to be elastic. Wrinkly skin appears to be dehydrated. CBD has hydrating properties and oils, too; it hydrates the skin and maintains moisture.

    To nourish the skin

    The skin needs nutrients to be supple and healthy. CBD has vitamins, fats, and proteins essential for healthy skin. It will, therefore, improve the appearance of the skin.

    It helps in relaxation

    Wrinkling is sometimes caused by facial expressions related to stress, for example, frowning. CBD has been known to improve a person's mood and is therefore valuable for managing emotional issues and preventing the development of wrinkles.

    CBD as an antiseptic

    The skin is prone to injuries when it is dry, including scratches that you cannot explain and busted pimples. If left untreated, they can cause skin infections. CBD has anti-microbial properties beneficial in protecting the skin from pathogenic diseases.

    Prevents acne

    The main cause of acne is the overproduction of sebum, a substance produced by the body to give the skin a waxy appearance. Sebum is also meant to protect the skin. When the body produces too much sebum, it will block the pores and cause pimples known as acne. CBD is helpful because it regulates the amount of sebum and moisturizes and cleans the skin spontaneously. Brave (2019) opined that CBD is helpful in the treatment of deep scars.

    How to buy CBD for wrinkles

    The quality of the CBD product will determine its effect on the skin. The cannabis market is congested with substandard goods, which worsen the appearance of wrinkles, and therefore finding the best quality goods may be an arduous task for new CBD users. The following are some tips for buying CBD for wrinkles;

    Consider the doctor’s opinion

    Seeking the doctor’s opinion is an essential step because of the following reasons;

    • The doctor may test your skin to check if it is compatible with CBD.
    • If you are on any medication for a skin condition, the doctor may check to confirm that the medicine cannot cause a reaction when used with CBD. Evans, (2020) stated that CBD could interfere with other medications.
    • You will likely get recommendations of the best places to buy CBD from the doctor.
    • The doctor can check if your CBD product has contaminants.

    Research on the CBD product

    Before purchasing the product, you must read customer reviews and learn more about CBD. Some of the information you will need includes the type and potency of the CBD you want. You will also need to know the company's reputation from where you want to buy.

    Side effects of CBD

    CBD is a harmless natural product; however, some people have experienced allergic reactions from topical CBD productsMeissner et al. (2021)  highlighted that oral use of CBD could cause liver problems. Others have reacted to the CBD product's additives, ingredients, and contaminants. If you notice some rashes, burning, or itching, discontinue the routine until the symptoms disappear.


    Wrinkles are not always a sign of aging, as premature wrinkling can be caused by sunlight, smoking, and facial expressions. While CBD may not remove wrinkles, it will improve the appearance of the skin and prevent the formation of more wrinkles by moisturizing the skin and helping the user feel relaxed. Buying CBD is not an easy task, especially for a new user, and therefore a trip to the doctor for advice may be helpful so that the user does not purchase a harmful product. Like any other drug, CBD can cause side effects such as rashes, burning, and itching, and the user should stop using it if they notice the side effects.


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