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  • September 27, 2022 5 min read

    Is Hemp Cream Good for Cracked Hands?

    Hemp cream can help heal cracked hands due to its various therapeutic properties. Read this article to learn more about the benefits of hemp cream for cracked hands, how to use hemp oil for dry hands, and the side effects of hemp cream.

    Skin cracks when dehydrated because of underlying ailments and conditions, such as eczema, harsh weather, and detergents. Cracked hands are a cause of concern because they may affect the person's quality of life. When the hands are cracked, it is painful and hinders you from performing your tasks, causing distress. Furthermore, the pain may interfere with your sleep. Hemp cream is popular because of the medicinal properties that it possesses. It is used to heal the skin and reduce pain and inflammation, especially if included in a skin care regimen. 

    What Is Hemp Cream?

    Hemp cream is a skincare cream that has been infused with hemp. Therefore, all the therapeutical properties of hemp cream are derived from hemp. It is important to note that hemp is not similar to marijuana, even though they are both derived from cannabis. The user does not experience psychoactive reactions from using hemp as they would from marijuana because it lacks, or has a negligible amount of, a chemical component known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This compound is responsible for the "highness" derived from marijuana use. However, as a skin care product, hemp cream does not harm the user as it does not delve beyond the skin, and therefore a user may be concerned about the negligible amount of THC. Most states allow the use of hemp so long as the THC level is 0.3% or less; therefore, it is available in several local and online stores. Furthermore, it is essential to understand the laws of your jurisdiction to avoid heft legal penalties.

    What Causes Cracked Hands?

    The skin moisturizes and oils itself naturally. However, the skin dries when the oils and moisture are lost and not regained. Some causes of dry hands include exposure to pollutants such as wind and smoke and harsh weather conditions such as higher temperatures. The skin will continue to lose the fats until they show dryness. If they are not attended to, they will continue drying until they cause cracks. Sometimes, however, cracked hands may be caused by diabetes, dermatitis, and atopy. Treating dry skin involves treating the underlying issue, which helps rejuvenate the skin.

    Benefits of Hemp Cream for Cracked Hands

    The more you ignore the cracks, the more they deteriorate and may develop into complex skin ailments. Baral et al. (2020) opined that hemp replenishes the skin. The following are the reasons why hemp can be used for cracked hands;

    As a Moisturizer

    The cracks are caused by dehydration. You will need a substance that can moisturize the skin and another that can keep the moisture. Fortunately, hemp cream will moisturize and retain its moisture. Brave (2019) referred to hemp as an excellent moisturizer for nourishing the skin. The skin is replenished, and the cracks are sealed if used regularly. Furthermore, water is essential in keeping the skin elastic, and it is very important to drink more water to hydrate the skin. It can therefore be used as an anti-aging cream.

    As an Anti-bacterial Cream

    Cracked skin can cause infections; therefore, hemp cream is helpful because it has antiseptic properties. Infections on the skin can worsen the skin condition. Inprasit et al. (2020) stated that hemp has anti-bacterial properties.

    Hemp Cream to Nourish the Skin

    Hemp cream has vitamins, amino acids, lipids, minerals, and other essential nutrients for healthy skin. Teterycz et al. (2021) concluded that using hemp cream regularly improves the appearance of the skin. 

    Helps in Managing Emotional Disorders

    The hemp oil does not get to the bloodstream, and the benefits it offers the user are superficial. Cracked skin does not occur as an isolated condition. It also causes pain and alters the appearance of the skin, thus causing stress and anxiety. Therefore, emotional distress is eradicated after the dry skin is healed. 

    It Helps in Coping with Insomnia

    Cracked skin causes insomnia because of the pain and distress. Therefore, hemp cream helps the user slip by alleviating the issues causing the sleeplessness.

    How to Use Hemp Cream for Dry Hands

    Hemp cream is used topically. The topical use of hemp is suitable when you intend to use the hemp cream for a localized area or if you want instant relief. The following are the steps that you may use to apply the hemp cream;

    Step One

    Do a Patch Test

    The patch test ensures you do not get an adverse reaction on a larger part of the skin. If you notice any burning or tingling, it may be best to reduce the amount you are using, but if the reaction persists even when you reduce the dosage, you should stop using it. If the reaction does not disappear days after the patch test, you should seek a doctor's opinion.

    Step Two

    Clean the Spot

    Wash and dry the spot where you want to use the hemp cream.

    Step 3

    Gently Apply Some Hemp Cream

    Apply the hemp cream and massage the area so it may penetrate through the layers of the skin for better results.

    Step 4

    Cover the Spot

    You may cover the area with a bandage to retain the moisture for a while or let it dry while uncovered.

    Step 5

    Repeat the Steps Every Day for the Best Results

    The Side Effects of Hemp Cream

    According to Peyravian (2022), the side effects of hemp cream may include dying, burning, tingling and rashes. Hemp cream is a natural product, but people may react differently depending on their body chemistry. It is recommended that the user patch tests it before using it on a more extensive skin part. An allergic reaction may also be caused by a particular ingredient in the hemp cream. Sometimes the skin may react because it is the user's first time using the hemp cream, and you may opt to use it again. However, if the reactions do not subside, it may be best to avoid using the hemp cream. You should seek medical intervention if the symptoms persist after you stop using the CBD cream.


    Hemp cream is beneficial to cracked hands because it contains nutrients that are essential for healthy skin. The skin cracks when exposed to harsh conditions such as dry wind and higher temperatures; therefore, hemp cream restores lost moisture as it acts as a moisturizer. Furthermore, hemp has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Before using hemp cream, you should do a patch test to check if the product is safe for your skin. Hemp cream is safe, but it may have some side effects on the user, and if you experience some reaction, you should stop using it. If the symptoms continue long after you stop using it, you should seek medical help. 


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