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  • September 28, 2022 5 min read

    How Long Do the Effects of CBD Balm and Cream Last?

    CBD balms and creams are the most common skincare topical products. This article highlights more about CBD cream and balm, how they work and for how long, and factors determining how long it will stay in the body.

    CBD is a cannabinoid derived from hemp and cannabis plants. The compound is widely appreciated since it has a therapeutic effect on the body. The compound is infused in many different skincare products, for example, creams and balms. CBD skincare products are headlined in the beauty industry since they have proved reliable and effective for different skincare conditions. However, since the legalization of CBD by the food and drug administration, many products have been on the market because of the introduction of other companies that make the products. This poses the user at risk since studies show that many CBD products are counterfeit and of poor quality and thus can affect the user. The effect of CBD creams and balms will take 10 to 90 minutes, depending on different factors of the user.

    What are CBD Balm and Cream?

    Balms and creams are common skin care products in the market. CBD cream and balm have an additional compound called cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a chemical compound derived from hemp and cannabis plants. The compound does not have a psychoactive effect; therefore, canna not causes a high feeling. CBD is widely appreciated for its therapeutic effect on the body, such as pain relief. Überall (2020) observed that CBD could alleviate different forms of pain, including nerve, muscle, and joint pains. Therefore, a drug called Sativex is used for treating arthritis, a health condition characterized by severe pain, inflammation, and loss of motion.

    CBD cream has a white base compared to balms which contain wax and the oils that give it a thick texture. CBD cream can be easy to use compared to balms, which tend to be messy because they can stain the clothing with the oils. They are all designed for external use to provide the effect. CBD cream and balm are gently massaged on the skin to provide the effect. CBD topicals provide both deep and surface effects since the compound is absorbed into the body system through the skin.

    How CBD Cream and Balm Work

    The human body contains cannabinoid receptors.Therefore, CBD topical products should interact with the cannabinoids in the body to provide the effect. The receptors are divided into two; CB1 and CB2. CB1 is in the brain and nerves, while CB2 is in the immune system and the other body parts, such as the skin. Therefore, CBD is a try cream and balm that interacts with CB2 receptors to provide the effect. CBD topical takes 10 to 90- minutes effect to the surface. Teitelbaum (2019) revealed that topical CBD relaxes the body and the mind, thus improving sleep.

    How Long Does CBD Stay in the Body System?

    CBD stays in the body but varies with different research on the duration. For example, one study was carried out on people administered 700 mg CBD every six days a week. After the first week, the CBD levels were non-existing in the body. Taylor et al. (2018) argued that CBDs' half-life after a dose in the day lasts for days. The period the body takes to eliminate one-half of the substance is called the half-life. Therefore, the half-life of CBD in the body can range from an hour to 5 days.

    The administration mode can determine how long the compound stays in the body; for example, chronic oral consumption can make the CBD start for 10 to 25 days, while when smoked, it can stay in the body for about five days. The long the compound stays in the body system will depend on;

    How Often You Use the Compound

    Your frequency of using the compound can determine the period the compound will stay in the body. This is because CBD builds up when used regularly. Therefore, using it for a week is advisable to confirm if it will work for you. When used occasionally, it will clear from the system faster. Learn more about how to use cbd serum?

    The amount of CBD You Take

    CBD products come in different doses. The topical product's potency might range from 3 to 8 mg per application. Too much use of CBD can cause side effects such as stomach upset, lethargy, nausea, and diarrhea. Iffland & Brothermen (2017) concluded that CBD could cause drowsiness mainly due to over or experienced by newbies.

    Mode of Administration

    Different ways of taking affect the kick in time and how long the compound would stay in the body system. Among the many common ways of using CBD are edibles, vaping, oils, tinctures, pills, capsules, and topicals. CBD vaping has a high bioavailability since the compound is inhaled directly into the lungs, where it is absorbed into the bloodstream and thus has the first effect.

    The body staring with the size, weight, and metabolism rate can affect the effect of CBD. For example, people with big bodies take longer to feel the effect since the compound has to cover a large surface area. However, the body fats will store the fats, and thus, you can benefit from the compound for a long. The body's metabolism rate will affect how long the compound stays in the body since a high metabolism rate will kick in faster but stay longer.


    CBD topicals are the widest since most compound d is infused in skin care products, including creams and balms. The difference between CBD balm and cream is the consistency, where CBD balm has more wax and oils while cream has a water base. Therefore, CBD balm is not good for large areas since it can get messy and stain your clothes. CBD cream and balms are used topically; however, the large molecules of CBD balms are absorbed slowly into the body. The time the body taskers to eliminate CBD from the body is called the half-life, which ranges from hours to 5 days. Some factors determine the long CBD can stay, for example, the mode of CBD administration, frequency of using CBD, and the amount of CBD used. Learn more about does cbd shampoo work?


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