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  • by Nicola Boulton August 15, 2022 4 min read


    Cannabidiol bath bombs are manufactured with skin-rejuvenating natural oils, fragrances, and Epsom salts. They have increased in the cannabis domain following their high demand. Proponents report significant results after using them with essential oils. CBD products have flooded the cannabis market, making it difficult for consumers to access reliable products. Therefore, preparing local ones is an excellent alternative. Learn to prepare homemade CBD bath bombs here.

    Regular bath bombs are integrated into the skincare routine. Entrepreneurs within the cannabis industry are creative, especially in producing new cannabidiol products. Cannabidiol (CBD)’s versatility and several health benefits trigger manufacturers to integrate it into various products. Cannabidiol bath bombs represent expertise in the cannabis industry. Research on benefits linked with topical cannabidiol usage is available; enthusiasts report that using cannabidiol with soothing essential oils promotes skincare routine significantly. Unfortunately, infinite CBD bath bombs flood the cannabis industry making it difficult for consumers to access reliable products. Therefore, making the cannabidiol bath bomb better. This is how you prepare them.

    Recipe For Cannabidiol Bath Bomb

    Individuals are required to combine some imagination and science when preparing homemade cannabidiol bath bombs. First, purchase premium cannabidiol isolate for utilization in a cannabidiol bath bomb recipe. It must be pure, highly concentrated, and crystalline cannabidiol form. Although recipes differ, most cannabidiol bath bombs use common ingredients. This recipe can manufacture only 6 bath bombs based on the ingredients’ quantities provided.


    • One tablespoon water
    • Molten coconut oil (two tablespoons) - to increase moisture
    • The citric acid (one-half cup) - Makes bath bombs bubble when blended with sodium bicarbonate.
    • Epsom salt or sea salt (one-half cup)
    • Sodium bicarbonate (one cup)
    • Cornstarch (one-half cup)
    • Ten to fifteen natural essential oils like lemongrass or lavender incorporate more relaxation and pleasing mood into the bath bombs. The oil quantity is determined by the fragrance degree of the desired bath bomb and the therapy type intended, for instance, an energizing or relaxing bath.
    • Premium cannabidiol isolate (0.3 grams)
    • Two blending dishes
    • One mold for the cannabidiol bath bombs


    Mix salt, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, and corn starch in one blending dish to achieve a smooth blend (these ingredients must be dry). The second dish combines wet cannabidiol isolate, water, coconut oil, and essential oils. Combine dry with wet ingredients in portions while stirring until they blend. Individuals should incorporate ingredients in portions to inhibit them from bubbling. After transferring the liquid into it, whisk continuously to remove all clumps. After completion, the blend should remain dry to enhance clumping when packaged. The individual should hold bath bombs to test whether they retain their shape after losing grip. Immediately package the blend into one’s favorite mold to avoid drying out when pressing strongly to ensure the bath bombs are firmly packed. Allow your molded cannabidiol bath bombs to rest for 60 minutes. Give the products about one day to dry naturally before taking them from molds. After this, consumers can utilize the cannabidiol bath bombs, although they need delayed satisfaction. Furthermore, confirm whether the product remains firm throughout.

    Are Cannabidiol Bath Bombs Costly?

    The respective trademark determines the price range for their cannabidiol products. According to Tschopp et al. (2020), reputable brands with extensive laboratory testing and premium extraction methods are more expensive than average companies. For instance, companies utilizing supercritical carbon dioxide to generate their cannabidiol oil have more costs than those using solvents or oils. Other crucial factors are additional ingredients, CBD potency, and bath bomb size. Products containing more cannabidiol will have higher costs than their counterparts with low potency. Likewise, a cannabidiol bath bomb enriched with various organic ingredients has higher prices. Individuals do not require much cannabidiol for topical usage. Generally, cannabidiol is moderately expensive, considering the knowledge and technology applied to produce high-quality products. Alternatively, you can prepare homemade cannabidiol bath bombs rather than buying commercial ones. However, ensure premium ingredients are premium because they determine the end product’s quality.

    How Long Should An Individual Remain In The Bathtub Containing A Cannabidiol Bomb?

    Cannabidiol bath bombs are simple to utilize. First, set the temperature in the bathtub, incorporate the preferred tunes, avail some candles, and drop bath bombs. Enter into the water before it starts bubbling and fill the bathtub with attractive colors and produce calming fragrances in the atmosphere. The period an individual spends in the bathtub depends on their health goals, meaning it varies. Nevertheless, if deciding to optimize the cannabidiol effects, Wallace et al.  (2022) suggested that one can take a bath for twenty to thirty minutes. Avoid staying in the bathtub because the skin can become dry.

    Additionally, hot showers or baths make a person feel dizzy after some time. Typically, scientists recommend maintaining all bathtubs below thirty minutes limit. Also, when] fingers begin pruning up, culminate bathing.


    Cannabidiol bath bombs represent the most captivating innovations in the cannabidiol domain. They create better experiences than regular cannabidiol topicals. Adding cannabidiol bath bombs into the subsequent session offers advantages for people enjoying long baths. Relying on commercial cannabidiol bath bombs requires more expenses. Also, the market is filled with numerous products, thus exposing consumers to high risks of utilizing illegitimate items. Hence, making your homemade cannabidiol bath bombs encourage consumers to choose high-quality and favorite ingredients that yield better results. As established, this recipe is simple, and most ingredients are accessible. Enjoy maximum benefits by trying this recipe.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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