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  • September 27, 2022 5 min read

    How Should I Use CBD Lip Balm?

    CBD lip balm is easy to apply if you follow the guidelines correctly. Some people find it hard because they are probably new to CBD products. This article explains more about CBD lip balm, how to make CBD lip balm, how to use CBD lip balm, its benefits, and what to consider when purchasing CBD lip balm.

    CBD is a chemical compound in the cannabis sativa plant and contains several potential health benefits. The compound is infused in regular lip balm formula to form a CBD topical. Furthermore, CBD lip balm prevents your lips from dehydration, inflammation, and irritation. The infused CBD lip balm helps your lips maintain their natural moisture and protects them from external pollutants such as cold weather, harmful bacteria, micro-orgasms, and excessive sun lays. The skin layers on the lips are thinner and softer than other skin parts; thus, it has lower oil production, which moisturizes the skin. Therefore, more people are opting for organic products like CBD lip balm, which has maximum health benefits and minimal side effects.

    How to Make a CBD Lip Balm

    Evans & Jamie (2020) suggested that you could make your own CBD lip balm at the domestic level by having the following ingredients.

    • A small amount of butter – butter is effective in treating several skins conditions
    • 20 Mg of bees wax
    • 20 ml of firm coconut oil
    • Two tablespoons of CBD oil
    • Aloe Vera solvent


    • First, melt the butter and beeswax in the microwave for only 30 seconds. Excessive heat may degrade the composition of butter, thus making it less effective.
    • After that, on the melted ingredients, add coconut oil, aloe vera, and CBD oil, respectively.
    • Filter the mix to remove the beeswax. Stir the mixture in a bowl several times to ensure they are compact.
    • Use a funnel to pour the mixture into a lip balm or a tube. It will solidify in a few minutes.
    • Once it is ready, store it at room temperature.

    How to Use CBD Lip Balm

    Applying CBD lip balm is easier and more convenient than other inorganic lip balms. It involves choosing the right CBD lip balm based on your preferences and following the key guidelines below. In cosmetics and beauty products, there are two major types of CBD lip balm:

    1. CBD lip balm with an applicator
    2. CBD lip balm without an applicator

    CBD Lip Balm with an Applicator

    With this lip balm, you can retrieve the CBD balm differently since they can be in different containers. The most common type is CBD lip balm with the tube. It contains a dial on the small container's bottom where you raise the balm by half a centimeter. Gel-based CBD balm lets you gently squeeze the balm through tiny holes on the tube to the lips, and the top of the tube will spread the CBD balm. For CBD lip balm, stick or tube raise the balm above the lid, and for others, squeeze the CBD solvent gently to avoid wasting the product.

    How to Use the Product

    1. Apply a small amount of CBD balm at a time to your lips.
    2. Allow the balm to settle on the lips for a few minutes to allow the ingredients to work their magic on your lips. Baswan et al. (2020) explained that CBD compounds penetrate through the thin layers of soft lip skin to the inner layer, where it interacts with skin cannabinoid receptors to relieve inflammation.
    3. After 2 to 4 minutes, draw in your lips to spread the excess CBD balm to the other lips. This step ensures you spread the balm to other areas in the mouth, which can also be dry or cracked. Don't spread too much; be precise to avoid a streaky mess on your face.
    4. Close the CBD lip balm and store it at room temperature for next use.

    CBD Lip Balm Without an Applicator

    They are the most common type in the market and are also relatively cheaper. However, the cheaper it is, the more cautious you should be during applications. It involves using your fingers to spread the balm on your lips.

    Step-By-Step Guidelines on How to Use CBD Lip Balm with Hands

    1. Wash your hands with soap or an anti-bacterial gel. It is important to ensure your hands are clean and germ-free before you touch lips since lips are sensitive, and germs can easily penetrate the soft, thin layers causing lips infection. The proper way to clean your hands is by scrubbing your palm and back, between fingers, and under the fingernails.
    2. Squeeze a small amount of CBD balm on your left-hand palm.
    3. Using your fingers, apply CBD on your lips as you spread gently. Use the index finger since it has a larger surface area, thus covering a larger area of the lips. Start with the center of your lips as you gradually work towards the corners. It is important to note that you should not use your fingers to apply CBD balm when sick to avoid contaminating the entire process.
    4. After once, apply the CBD balm to other dry areas on your face, from your nose, cheeks to foreheads. Though, this depends on your preference.

    How to Use CBD Lip Balm Responsibly and Effectively

    Mead & Alice (2017) highlighted that the FDA had not regulated the production of CBD products; therefore, it is important to avoid purchasing low-quality or contaminated products. The quality affects the effectiveness of CBD on lips. Bhamra et al. (2021) highlighted various key guidelines to consider before purchasing and using a CBD balm for an effective result;

    • Consider manufacturer reputation by reading customers' reviews.
    • Consider the CBD type present in the lip balm. The broad-spectrum CBD is the preferred CBD type since it provides additional benefits to lips and contains other cannabis cannabinoids except for THC, which causes a 'high' sensation.
    • Check the CBD concentration on the lip balm - By reading the label, you can find the concentration of each ingredient. The higher the concentration, the more effective it is.
    • Third-party testing- consider buying CBD lip balm, which has undergone thorough independent third-party testing.
    • Go organic - Avoid CBD lip balm with an inorganic chemical composition rather than organic oils like coconut, hemp seed oil, and vitamins. The nutrients provide additional benefits to users.
    • Maintain cleanness when applying CBD.
    • Don't use CBD lip Balm if you don't need it.


    CBD is essential for overall health since it can relieve pain, reduce depression and anxiety, and alleviate body inflammation. On the lips, it helps to restore moisture and cleanse any infection. CBD lip balm is easier and more convenient if you follow the above guidelines correctly. To harvest CBD's therapeutic properties while using lip balm, you must maintain hygiene and ensure you purchase high-quality CBD lip balm. Some people avoid buying CBD products since they don't meet the price; fortunately, you can make your CBD-infused lip balm with the right ingredients. Ensure you read customer reviews, and confirm the hemp source before purchasing CBD lip balms.


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