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  • August 18, 2022 5 min read

    What Is CBD Cream? (And What To Look For)

    CBD cream is a topical product manufactured from organic hemp plant extracts. They are offered in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. The best CBD creams are obtained from CO2 organic hemp plant extracts and assessed for potency and purity.

    CBD creams are among the latest best beauty products delivering therapeutic benefits. They are manufactured with various elements from either hemp plant or cannabis sativa. The main elements from hemp are terpenes, flavonoids, cannabidiol (CBD), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD creams have unique properties from either of the elements suitable for making your skin glow, such as anti-inflammatory. However, they can only be effective if they are of good quality and applied appropriately. As the products continue to flood the market, it becomes difficult to determine which one is the best for use. There, it is important to have tips for what to look for in the best CBD products.

    What is CBD Cream

    A CBD cream is a beauty product manufactured from organic hemp plant extracts of cannabis sativa. Although some manufacturers blend in other essential ingredients, CBD oil takes a larger proportion. Unlike lotions, creams have a higher percentage of essential oils, about ¾, and water filling out the other proportion. It makes them denser and suitable for protecting your skin against water loss. There are three CBD creams; isolate, broad-spectrum, and full spectrum.

    Full- Spectrum

    Full-spectrum CBD creams are the most popular attached to different therapeutic benefits beyond the skin'. Full-spectrum CBD creams entail all the chemical compounds from the organic hemp plant of cannabis sativa; flavonoids, THC, terpenes, and CBD. Since they have various elements, they deliver an entourage effect; the ability of numerous elements working together to offer more than the intended therapeutic benefits. Therefore, full-spectrum cream can improve your general health. Leung et al. (2020) suggested that full-spectrum is suitable for alleviating anxiety by providing a suitable sleep environment.

    Full-spectrum CBD creams are highly embraced for various health benefits, although some researchers question their effectiveness. According to Sarris et al. (2020), THC is a psychoactive element that can make you dizzy, interfere with your appetite or lead to anxiety, especially in high potencies. However, high potencies are relative since it differs depending on experience. Besides being a topical product, it can still get you high.

    Broad- Spectrum

    Broad-spectrum CBD creams are gaining popularity rapidly. They are manufactured using flavonoids, terpenes, and CBD. The absence of THC in broad-spectrum CBD creams makes them suitable for evading intoxicating side effects. They also deliver entourage effects like a full spectrum. Working (2022)stated that broad-spectrum CBD is suitable for pain management. The study above showed that it is suitable for reducing internal and external pain but not treating it. Therefore, it can lower arthritis pain, among other skin issues.


    Isolate CBD creams are rare, although effective. They are manufactured using a single element of the hemp plant, CBD. Despite limiting you from the entourage effect, the absence of THC safeguards you from intoxicating side effects. Isolate CBD creams only limit you to CBD health benefits such as regulating inflammation.

    What to Look For

    Quality is mandatory if you wish to evade fake products and make your money count by getting the required effect. The best CBD cream manufacturers follow due manufacturing procedures to ensure quality. However, since so much money is spent to meet quality, the creams are sold at a higher price. Look for the following main things in the best CBD creams;

    Hemp's Purity

    The primary aim of hemp-based manufacturers is to offer organic solutions. Therefore, they must use organic ingredients to avoid contaminating CBD creams and other products.Julia (2022) stated that contaminated CBD creams could result in skin burns and irritation. The best CBD manufacturers obtain their hemp from Colorado, Kentucky, or Oregon. These regions are known for their soil fertility, allowing sustainable hemp growth. Some CBD cream manufacturers have employed agricultural experts to help them monitor cultivation practices and ensure no artificial chemical fertilizers or pesticides and included in the rapid growth of hemp. Therefore, consider buying from a brand that provides farming practices and its determination to ensure only organic hemp is. used

    Extraction Method

    CBD creams and other topicals will likely be contaminated during extraction or manufacturing. The two stages involve various chemicals that might contaminate the end products. Most companies prefer using ethanol and CO2 due to their effectiveness. Although ethanol is cheap and suitable for large-scale production, it involves various chemicals, which might contaminate the end products. Rochfort Simone (2020) suggested CO2 and terms it clean and effective.

    Other Elements

    CBD creams are manufactured with multiple essential oils to improve their effectiveness. Confirm the elements blended in CBD creams to ensure they are all organic. Artificial elements risk your skin and might lead to skin burns. Most manufacturers are using elements like MCT or coconut oil to improve the effectiveness of their creams. Coconut oil serves as a multiple-purpose ingredient. It has anti-inflammatory properties suitable for preventing inflammatory skin diseases. It also has bioavailability properties suitable for improving the absorption rate of CBD body creams.

    The Lab Results

    This is the only way of determining CBD creams' effectiveness and safety. Notably, the lab results should be from an IOS or FDA-certified lab. Confirm the purity levels of your products since chemical solvents might have infiltrated them during processing. This prevents you from using contaminated CBD creams that will damage your skin.

    Confirm the potency levels of your CBD cream to avoid overdosing unknowingly. Avoid relying on the posted concentrations since some are false. The FDA has been fighting various CBD brands posting wrong potencies, putting their customers at risk of overdosing unknowingly. Notably, avoid CBD cream manufacturers that often receive warnings from the FDA regarding their products' safety.


    CBD creams are one the most effective product. Various elements of the hemp plant have unique properties, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and microbial suitable for keeping your skin safe from infection, inflammatory diseases, UV rays, and free radicals. However, they can only be effective if they are of high quality. There are multiple considerations to checking for quality CBD products. The lab results are the most crucial part since they help you avoid overdosing or applying chemical solvents that might damage your skin than improving its appearance.


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