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  • September 27, 2022 6 min read

    What is CBD Face Moisturiser Cream?

    Have you been suffering from skin conditions? Did you know that CBD has properties that may help reduce skin problems? CBD has been infused in many skincare products, including face moisturizer creams. This article will explain what CBD face moisturizer cream is and how it may be helpful to you.

    For the past few years, CBD skincare products have been creating quite a buzz in the beauty industry, following its many health benefits. CBD is among the many chemical compounds present in cannabis. Most CBD products contain little to no THC, the psychoactive compound of cannabis that causes a high effect; therefore, the products are highly unlikely to make you high. This article will help you know what a CBD face moisturizer cream is, its benefits for the skin, how to use it for maximum benefits, what to look for while shopping for the cream, and everything else you might need to know regarding the CBD face moisturizer cream.

    What Is CBD Face Moisturiser Cream?

    A CBD face moisturizer cream is a topical product with CBD as its main ingredient, whose purpose is to moisturize the face, including the eyes. There are different types of face moisturizing creams. CBD is still the best and most unique moisturizing cream because it has a calming effect beneficial for your face, and most importantly, it maintains your skin's pH balance. Below are some benefits of CBD face moisturizer cream.

    Keeps Your Skin Moisturized

    CBD face moisturizer cream prevents the skin from drying off regardless of the weather and helps minimize skin problems. Experts recommend moisturizing your face after washing since it helps trap the water in your skin, needed to prevent dryness and keep the skin healthy. Additionally, using a CBD moisturizer cream helps maintain the skin's balance.

    Promotes Youthful Skin

    Using CBD face moisturizer cream consistently helps prevent the skin from aging. CBD has anti-aging properties, which help keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay. Proper moisturization improves the ability of your skin to produce collagen, self-repair, and stay firm, giving you a smooth and youthful appearance.

    Soothes Sensitive Skin

    Most people have sensitive skin, which often causes itchy patches, pimples, and redness. When your skin becomes too dry, it develops skin conditions such as eczema. If you suffer from such conditions, you should consider using a CBD face cream moisturizer to help balance your skin and hydrate it without greasing it.

    How to Choose a face Moisturizer Cream

    When choosing a face moisturizer cream, it's important to consider the ingredients. Below are some important things you should look for in a face moisturizer cream.

    • A cream that does not have comedogenic properties
    • A cream with ingredients that do not irritate the skin.
    • A cream with a great user experience
    • A cream with skin soothing, lightweight moisture
    • Cream with natural ingredients

    CBD Face Moisturizer Cream Is Good for All Skin Types

    CBD does not interfere with oil production, making it an ideal face moisturizing cream for all skin types. CBD is gentle and well tolerated by the skin, which makes it perfect for skin care

    Using CBD Face Moisturizing Creams for Maximum Benefit

    There are ways you can reap the full benefits of a CBD face moisturizing cream. Face moisturizer creams work best when they fully penetrate your skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is a permeable membrane. Your daily activities affect or determine how well your skin functions and accept the skin care products you use. The following are ways you can optimize your CBD face moisturizing cream.

    Use CBD Face moisturizing Cream Regularly

    CBD face moisturizing creams work best when used regularly. Research shows that CBD helps maintain balance and homeostasis on the skin. However, it's more effective when applied regularly. For instance, results won't be the same for someone who uses CBD face moisturizing cream twice a week and one who uses it two times a day. Using the cream regularly will produce better results compared to using it occasionally. You can keep using the cream even after achieving your desired results.

    Exfoliate Regularly

    Gonzales et al. (2017) noted that every skin has a skin cell turnover process, where aged skin cells die and are pushed to the surface by new skin cells. Aged skin cells recollect on the skin's surface and hinder skincare products from being absorbed by your skin. This is why exercise is advisable to eliminate dead skin cells regularly. When you regularly exfoliate, you create room for the ingredients in your cream to get into your skin, giving you radiant skin.

    Ensure Thorough Hydration

    The best way to make sure your skin looks great is through hydration. The body is made up of water; when body cells lack water, they appear dull. In addition, this can reduce elasticity. Your skin should be intact and firm, and the best way to ensure this is by staying hydrated to promote a youthful look.

    A Good Rest Is Beneficial for Your Skin

    A lack of enough sleep prevents your face CBD moisturizer cream from giving you a radiant look. Getting a full night's sleep is always important since your skin gets into restorative mode. Interfering with your body's natural process results in a dull appearance. Using a face CBD moisturizer would be pointless if you're not getting enough sleep.

    How to Shop for a CBD Face Moisturizer Cream

    Not all companies dealing with CBD are reputable. Therefore, you must be careful while shopping for a CBD face moisturizer cream. Pallasmaa et al. (2012) revealed that face skin is more sensitive than the rest of your skin. Therefore, you must ensure that your purchase is compatible with your skin. Here is what you should consider while purchasing a face moisturizer cream.


    Julia et al. (2022) revealed that the skin doesn't easily absorb topical CBD products such as creams and lotions, so it's advisable to pick potent products to achieve the best possible results.

    Third –party Lab Testing

    While purchasing CBD products, in this case, a CBD face moisturizing cream, it is important to look for a product from a company that ensures its products go through third-party lab testing and provides COA to its consumers. Additionally, ensure the COA indicates the potency of CBD and THC and the level of contaminants such as pesticides.

    Source of the Hemp

    According to VanDolah et al. (2019), CBD companies should be open about where they source their hemp. Pick a product that's made from naturally grown hemp. Since the CBD face moisturizer cream is meant to be used on your face, ensure other ingredients won't irritate your skin.

    How to Use CBD Face Moisturizer Cream

    Using a CBD face moisturizer cream is quite easy; you only need to rub it onto your skin and massage it until it is well absorbed. The potency of CBD creams varies, but you can apply a similar amount as you would with any other face cream.


    CBD face moisturizer cream is safe to use even after you've achieved the results you initially desired. However, it's advisable to do a patch test before using the cream on your face, especially if your skin is sensitive. CBD face cream moisturizers don't interact with other medications since they are applied topically. Therefore, they are highly unlikely to cause any side effects. Nevertheless, it is best to talk to a physician before applying CBD face moisturizer cream to help determine if it's safe for you.


    Over the past ten years, CBD has shown promise in the wellness industry, but lately, it has taken over the beauty industry. The moisturizing properties of CBD are essential for skin care, and they help tackle skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. To get beautiful and supple skin, use CBD face moisturizing cream regularly and while at it, hydrate every day and get enough sleep to ensure you don't interfere with your skin's natural process. However, consult your doctor before trying out a CBD face moisturizer cream, especially if you are on other medication, so they can guide you on its use.


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