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September 27, 2022 5 min read

What is CBD Hand Cream?

CBD hand cream is a popular skin-care product. Read this article to know why people use CBD hand cream and the benefits of CBD hand cream. You will also read how to buy CBD hand cream.

CBD hand cream is hand cream that has been infused with CBD. Think of any product you wish you could have your CBD product, and chances are it is already in the market. As CBD continues to be popular, industries are also producing CBD products in desirable forms for users. The forms that CBD can be used include edibles, topicals, sublingual, and inhalants. You do not have to avoid using CBD because you are a non-smoker. The only form you could use CBD in the past was smoking. The skin care industry has benefited the most as the users benefit from CBD use through the body's largest organ- the skin. Read on to know more about the CBD hand cream as one example of a skin-care product;

Why Do People Use CBD Hand Cream?

Brave (2019) stated that CBD has medical benefits. The hand is probably the most neglected part of the body. People do not take time to give handsome attention, yet it takes care of every other body part. The hand is the part that tests if the water is hot enough. The hand is the same part of the body that you will run a patch test to check if a skin product is safe for your body. The hands spend most days in water and harsh detergents. Hand cream may seem unnecessary but below are some of the reasons why it is useful;

To Prevent Premature Aging

Some people have hands that do not seem to belong to them because their face says they are younger than what their hands tell. Ignored hands may develop wrinkles and seem dry. Applying oil to your hands when you come from the shower is not enough. Draelos (2018) suggested that you could give your hand attention and keep them moisturized by applying CBD oil or cream on them right before you sleep; they are hydrated. You will notice that your hands are glossy and look your age.

For Healthy Nails

Some people do not only take care of the hands but the nails too. What you'll experience after years of neglecting your nails and hands is infections in the cuticles, which can cause the nail to break off from the nail bed and even develop fungal infections. The infection in the nails is prevented with proper hand care.

For Beautiful Hands

All the special regimens we take are meant to keep our hands beautiful. Beautiful hands have some shine and are smooth and soft. They also smell nice.

Benefits of CBD Hand Cream

CBD hand cream derives its therapeutic benefits from CBD. The following are the reasons why you should use CBD hand cream;

As a Pain Reliever and an Anti-Inflammatory

CBD hand cream will come in handy by relieving the pain and inflammation if you have pains in your joints or your hand has infections. Martinelli et al. (2021) emphasized how CBD treats inflammatory skin diseases.

For Sebum Regulation

Sebum is a substance produced by the body to ensure the skin stays smooth and glossy. However, an overproduction of sebum on the hands will make it flaky. The CBD hand cream will be useful in regulating sebum production so that the body produces enough sebum for the skin.

As a Moisturizer

The hands come into contact with harsh detergents and chemicals and are exposed to the environment, so it deserves to be given as much attention as we give our face. You do not want to scratch people when shaking hands. Brave (2019) stated that CBD is good as a moisturizer for dry and cracked skin.

For Relaxation

Although the CBD hand cream does not get into the bloodstream, it helps the user relax by soothing the pain and inflammation that they may be experiencing in their hands. Some conditions in the joints and wrist may be painful, or when the hands look unappealing, the person may suffer low self-esteem, causing emotional distress. O'Brien & Blair (2021) concluded that CBD is a treatment plan in mental healthcare.

For Insomnia

The hand cream indirectly affects the user's sleep pattern by alleviating the conditions that cause insomnia, such as pains, inflammations, and distress.

How to Buy the Best Hand Cream

The CBD market keeps expanding as it becomes more popular; therefore, finding the best CBD hand cream may be challenging, especially for first-time users. The following steps will be useful in buying the best CBD hand cream.

Seek the Doctor's Advice

First-time users of CBD products should seek the doctor's advice, especially if they intend to use CBD to treat a condition. The following are more reasons why it is important to seek the doctor's advice;

  • For the doctor to check if CBD hand cream is safe for the user's skin
  • Some CBD hand creams have contaminants or ingredients, and additives may harm the user's skin.
  • The doctor can recommend the best places where the patient can buy good quality CBD hand cream.

Read Customers' Reviews

Buying the best CBD product is a challenge, especially for first-time users. The online buyer can get a hint of the best CBD hand cream by reading the opinions and experiences of other users.

Buy the CBD Hand Cream from a Company with a Good Reputation

CBD hand cream is readily available, but some are of poor quality and may worsen or trigger a skin condition. The allergic reactions you may get from CBD hand creams are common when the CBD hand cream is low quality and contains harmful additives and contaminants.

It Should Have a Certificate of Agency (COA)

The Certificate of Agency contains the composition of the contents of the CBD hand cream. It is available on the product's website or at the buyer's request. However, if the company is reluctant about availing of the COA, the buyer should avoid buying the product because it means that the product has some contents that the company does not wish to disclose.

Tested By a Third-Party Laboratory

It indicates that a third party has tested the product. It is a sign of transparency. The company is trusted because it allowed a third-party laboratory to confirm that the product's contents are as stated in the COA.


The hand, like every other body part, requires attention. It is not enough to rub some oil in your hand and continue with your activities. You may get CBD hand cream to give the special attention it deserves. CBD hand cream is beneficial because it is used for relaxation, managing insomnia, as a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, etc. The tips for buying CBD hand cream include seeking a doctor's opinion and reading customers' reviews. It is also important to buy a product from a reputable company that can avail of the COA. The product is also of good quality if it has undergone 3rd party testing.


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