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  • by Nicola Boulton August 16, 2022 7 min read


     There are many reasons that can make consumers opt to use CBD products. They are on the market because of their health-related benefits. Since CBD is a natural ingredient, it makes it reliable because it cannot cause serious side effects.

    CBD is infused in most products, including food and drinks, making it easy to be experienced by all people, thus meeting their needs. There are various ways in which CBD can be taken into the body, including edibles, sublingual, vapes, and CBD topical.

    What Is CBD

    CBD is a chemical compound found in both cannabis and hemp plant. It is widely used due to its health effects. The usual CBD is in oil but can be found in vaporized liquids, capsules, or solid extracts. Also, it is infused in most skin care products because of its therapeutic effects, including treating skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis, relieving stress and anxiety, reducing muscle and joint pains, and treating insomnia. According to Watt & Karl (2017), THC is a popular active chemical compound derived from the hemp cannabis plant. It has a psychoactive property which gives the users a high feeling. Although CBD and THC are extracted from the same plant, CBD does not alter the user's mental state. Nahler et al.  (2019) explained that when CBD and THC are used at the same time, they cause an entourage effect where they complement each other properties. THC less than 0.3% is legal and approved by the food and drugs administration. CBD derived from US-grown hemp is recommended since it is grown under agricultural regulations.

    Von et al. (2021) reported that the only type of CBD approved by food and drug administration for medication is epidiolex which is used in treating epilepsy. However, other products made of hemp-extracted CBD are legal.

    Types Of CBD

    The types of CBD are CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD, and broad-spectrum CBD. The three types differ based on compound formulations.

    CBD isolate contains only CBD   with no other additional compound from the plant, such as cannabinoids which complement CBD. This form of CBD   may not have any notable effect since it is in its pure form. However, the user will benefit from the general health benefits.

    The broad-spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids found in the plant except THC, which has a psychoactive property. Therefore, it is reliable and more effective than the CBD isolate since the user can benefit from the other compounds apart from CBD.

    Full-spectrum CBD includes all the compounds from all parts of the cannabis -plant. It also has THC of less than 0.3%.

    Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD have recorded reasonable effects when used; this is because when all the diverse compounds come up together, they form an entourage effect.

    Formulations Of CBD

    CBD is in different forms, including oils, edibles, e-liquids, and topicals. CBD topical is designed to be used on the skin surface where it is absorbed into the body. For example, creams, oils, lotions, balms, salves, and ointments. There are also bath bombs, bath samples, and soaps.

    What Is CBD Soap

    These are soaps infused with CBD. People enjoy skin benefits from the soap they use, CBD soap gives more than cleanliness but also treats skin conditions, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, and skin infections. Learn more about what is aromatherapy massage?

    Why You Should Use CBD Bath Soap


    CBD can be used to reduce aging signs such as the appearance of wrinkles resulting from sagging skin. Atalay et al.  (2020) suggested that CBD has an antioxidant property mainly offered by vitamin E and vitamin C.   CBD topicals are designed to protect the skin from free radicles that cause fine lines making the skin look younger.

    Acne-prone skin

    According to Burstein (2015), CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect; it regulates and reduces the appearance of acne, eczema other skin conditions. Baral et al.  (2020) showed that CBD can limit excessive sebum production, the natural oil found in the skin. When produced in large amounts, it can clog pores resulting in inflammation. Cream (2020) reported that CBD can also soothe irritation on the skin, reducing the appearance of breakouts and reducing the reddening of the skin.

    Antibacterial Property

    Gildea et al. (2022) showed that CBD has antibacterial and anti-itch properties; it is used in treating skin infections, including eczema, which is characterized by itchy and red patches on the skin. Baswan et al.  (2020) showed that CBD can be a natural remedy for treating eczema. Learn more about add cbd to your skin care routine

    Hydrating The Skin

    According to Stella et al. (2019), CBD has the ability to lock up moisture in the skin, making the skin radiant and glow. Since it has an anti-inflammatory effect, CBD relieves the skin from stress. Skin breakouts make the skin dry and dull. Therefore, using CBD soap helps brighten and nourish the skin.

    It Is A Convenient Way To Incorporate CBD Into Your Routine.

    There are many ways in which CBD can be taken into the body but using CBD soap is a convenient way. It is easy to incorporate into one’s skincare routine because it does not require time allocation. Taking a bath is a common and daily routine for many people; they can enjoy the health benefits of CBD soap daily, making it reliable and efficient.

    It Has No Psychoactive Effect.

    CBD does not have the psychoactive effect that THC has. Making it suitable for all consumers.

    Risks Of Using CBD

    According to Pamplona et al.  (2018), CBD has side effects that vary from one user to the other, including increased appetite, change in weight, diarrhea, and excessive fatigue.


    CBD has real benefits; users are advised to buy good quality products to maximize the benefits. There are many products in the market, both in retail and online. Purchase your products from a reputable and trusted brand. Consumers should validate the products since it is evident that most of the CBD products found in the market are mislabeled. The source of the CBD is also a consideration since hemp-extracted CBD is emphasized by the FDA.


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    What is CBD soap?

    CBD soap is a type of soap infused with cannabidiol (CBD), a compound derived from the cannabis plant known for its potential therapeutic benefits. It combines the cleansing properties of soap with the potential health benefits of CBD.

    How does CBD soap work?

    When used topically, CBD in soap interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in the skin, potentially helping to regulate inflammation, pain, and other skin issues. It may also moisturise and soothe the skin due to its antioxidant properties.

    Is CBD soap legal in the UK?

    Yes, CBD soap is legal in the UK as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive compound in cannabis. It must also be derived from EU-approved hemp strains.

    What are the potential benefits of using CBD soap?

    CBD soap may help in relieving skin inflammation, irritation, and redness. It could also assist in managing conditions like acne and eczema. Some users find it beneficial for relaxation and stress relief when used during bathing.

    Is CBD soap safe to use?

    Generally, CBD soap is considered safe for most people when used as directed. However, individuals with sensitive skin or allergies should check the ingredients list and do a patch test before regular use.

    Can CBD soap get you high?

    No, CBD soap does not produce a high. It contains negligible amounts of THC, which is the compound responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

    How should CBD soap be used?

    CBD soap is used like regular soap. Simply wet the soap, lather it on your skin, and rinse thoroughly. For best results, allow the lather to remain on the skin for a short period before rinsing off.

    Are there any side effects of using CBD soap?

    Side effects from CBD soap are rare but can include skin irritation or allergic reactions in some individuals. It's advisable to discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur.

    Where can I buy CBD soap?

    CBD soap is available for purchase online through various retailers and in some health and wellness stores. Ensure to buy from reputable sources that provide third-party lab testing results for their products.

    Why should I consider using CBD soap now?

    Using CBD soap now may offer potential benefits such as improved skin health, relief from skin conditions, and overall relaxation during bathing. It's a natural addition to your skincare routine that may enhance your well-being.

    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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