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  • by Nicola Boulton September 27, 2022 5 min read

    What to Look for in CBD Skin Cream

    CBD skin cream is a cream that has been infused with CBD. It is a popular, topical product that alleviates various skin conditions, such as acne and psoriasis. Read this article to learn more about what to look for in CBD skin cream and how to buy the best CBD skin cream.

    Initially, CBD was used through smoking, but with time, people realized alternative ways of consuming CBD. Therefore, various CBD products have been produced, such as CBD topicals. Contraband CBD skin creams with harmful additives have also infiltrated the market, and finding the best CBD skin cream for your skin is challenging. CBD skin cream is popular for its therapeutic benefits. It relieves inflammation, reduces muscle pains, and moisturizes the skin. Furthermore, it is widely available in various local and online stores. For users who do not want to gamble with the state of the skin, read on to know more about CBD skin cream.

    What Should You Look for in CBD Skin Cream?

    CBD skin cream is used for various therapeutic or recreational reasons. The therapeutical reasons are meant to revitalize the skin, relieve pain and reduce skin inflammation. There are various factors to consider when looking for CBD skin creams;

    The Type of CBD Cream

    CBD skin creams are different depending on the chemical compounds it contains. As you buy your CBD cream, you may see the words "full spectrum," broad spectrum," and "CBD isolate," which are the three main CBD spectrums. CBD skin creams are categorized in groups depending on their composition;

    • The full-spectrum CBD skin cream is considered the most effective CBD spectrum as it contains most cannabis components, including THC. The THC levels in the CBD skin cream are below 0.3% to minimize any possible psychoactive effects. Furthermore, full-spectrum CBD exhibits the entourage effect
    • The broad-spectrum CBD skin cream has as many components as the full spectrum CBD, and the user enjoys the entourage effect, although it does not contain THC.
    • CBD isolate is recommended for first-time users because it is the mildest of the three scopes. It does not have THC and is the most popular among people who wish to use CBD without THC, e.g., athletes who may not want the THC in the full spectrum to be traced in their system. The CBD isolate skin cream is the least effective CBD spectrum, and the user does not enjoy the entourage effect because, as its name suggests, it only has one cannabis component.

    The Potency

    Potency refers to how strong a CBD product is. The product label will guide you in knowing how strong the CBD product is. Curran (2020) discussed the importance of potency in determining the effectiveness of a CBD product. When you buy a CBD product, you may need to know how much CBD it contains. The lower the milligram of the CBD contents in the cream, the lower the potency. Therefore, if you buy two CBD creams of the same spectrum and one has a higher amount of CBD, the CBD cream with the higher amount is more potent than the other. Furthermore, potency usually depends on the effect you want. If you treat a chronic skin condition, the higher power will suit you better.

    The Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

    Khaleghi & Murgor (2020) stated that users should buy CBD products from reputable companies with a Certificate of Analysis. The CoA indicates the components of the CBD skin cream. It is usually available on the company's website; when it is unavailable, the prospective buyer can request the company to send it. If the company is reluctant about availing the COA, the user should avoid the product because it may have ingredients, additives, and contaminants that may harm the user.

    Testing By a Third-Party Laboratory

    Stojkovski (2022) highlighted the importance of intensive independent third-party laboratory testing. Conducting a thorough independent third-party test verifies the product's authenticity and brand.

    The Reputation of the Company

    Knowing the company's reputation is essential because it guarantees quality. The customer reviews give you more insight into the brand's reputation and customer service.

    The Price

    It may be tempting to buy the cheapest CBD cream, but sometimes the most affordable products are also of the lowest quality. It is important to purchase an affordable, high-quality CBD product since higher prices do not necessarily guarantee quality.

    Do a Patch Test

    When you buy a skincare product, it is prudent to test its effect on your hand. This helps identify whether the product reacts on your skin, causing itches, burns, or tingles. According to Maghfour et al. (2021), CBD relieves pain and inflammation that affects the skin.

    How to Buy the Best CBD Skin Cream

    Whichever condition you intend to treat using the skin cream, a contraband CBD skin care product can adversely affect your skin. CBD is a harmless product as it is natural; however, the additives, ingredients, and contaminants are the elements that usually cause adverse reactions from using CBD cream. Here are the tips that you can follow to buy the best CBD skin cream;

    Seek the Doctor's Advice

    Self-medicating CBD, like every other drug, may be risky. CBD is safe but not meant for everyone as it reacts differently. Seeking medical advice is important because:

    • The doctor will check if the CBD hand cream is compatible with your skin.
    • If you are on any other medication, the doctor confirms whether you can use CBD with other specific medications.
    • The doctor can help you identify the contaminants.
    • The doctor can recommend the best places to buy CBD skin creams.


    Finding out more about CBD skin cream is essential. This vital information guides you on the type of CBD cream to purchase, the benefits, and possible side effects. Moreover, you will also know about the best places to buy CBD hand cream.


    CBD skin cream is used for various therapeutical and recreational reasons. It may be used to treat various skin ailments or maintain the skin's appearance. Buying CBD skin cream is challenging, especially for newbies, as the CBD market is flooded with defective CBD products that can harm the user. Therefore, the user should research the product before buying it to know more about the right CBD cream for their skin. It is also essential to seek the doctor's opinion before using CBD cream. While purchasing CBD creams, read the customer reviews and check the hemp source. Also, confirm whether the products have undergone intensive independent third-party testing.



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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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