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August 31, 2022 4 min read


CBD products have gained popularity on the market due to their potential health benefits. CBD capsules dosages are already calculated, making the ideal for beginners.

CBD capsules are taken into the body through ingestion. The products have a relatively lower bioavailability due to the capsule cover. Notably, ingested products are processed through the gut and take up to two hours to dispense the desired effects in the body. Similarly, they last longer in the body compared to other products of CBD. The capsules come from organic hemp derivatives and lack adverse side effects. However, low-quality products can have detrimental effects on the users. Therefore, users should shop for high-quality products to get the desired effects. In the current article, we provide a comprehensive guide to CBD capsules.


What is CBD?

 CBD stands for cannabidiol, a chemical product found in the cannabis plant (Gazette-Tribune, 2022). It is a non-intoxicating compound with many potential therapeutic properties in the body. The cannabis derivative interacts with the human's internal endocannabinoid system offering valuable properties such as anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants that suppress pain and inflammation.


What is a CBD Capsule?

A CBD capsule is a pill infused with CBD oil. The capsules are convenient because they contain a calculated CBD dosage which helps in promoting a balance in the body and overall wellness (Grof, 2018). CBD capsules contain other botanical ingredients which help in promote health benefits.

How Do CBD Capsules Work?

Grof (2018) noted that after ingesting the CBD capsules, its outer material gets dissolved in the stomach and the CBD compound is released into your digestive system. CBD is broken down and binds with the endocannabinoid system.  The system contains multiple receptors that regulate different functions including, but not limited to pain, rest, sleep, and stress.

How to Take CBD Capsules?

Taking CBD capsules is very easy because it involves placing them on your tongue and swallowing them with the help of water or your favorite beverages. It is not a must for the person to take CBD capsules with food because the food may affect the way CBD is absorbed in the system (Birnbaum, 2019). After ingesting the capsule, the CBD compound and other active compounds go through digestion then absorbed into the bloodstream.

The Best Dose for CBD Capsules

There is no specific dose for the CBD capsules because every individual requires an individualized dose depending on the desired effects.  Also, the effect of CBD differs from person to person depending on things like weight, metabolism, and receptivity to cannabinoids (Grof, 2018). While pre-measured doses are essential for beginners, it is vital for users to dose in small portions until their bodies adjust to the CBD product. For beginners, a 10-25mg dose of CBD is good for gauging your body's response to the CBD. After this, you can adjust your dose accordingly.

The feeling brought by CBD Capsules

CBD capsules don't have psychoactive effects (Grof, 2018). It lacks, THC, which causes euphoric effects.  The capsules are relaxation and feeling of focus.

When to take CBD capsules?

Taking CBD capsules depends on the expected results. For example, if you are looking for better sleep, then it is good to take them some minutes before bedtime.

Side Effects of CBD Capsules

CBD capsules have few side effects, especially when taken in the right way. Birnbaum (2019) observed the following side effects associated with CBD capsules and other CBD products:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth
  • Low blood pressure

Uses of CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are used for different reasons such as relieving pain, anxiety and depression, nausea, improving sleep, and other health potential benefits.

Why Use CBD Capsules?

The CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid systems which are responsible for regulating the body's system balance. According to Drill & Kurkowski (2020), the interaction dispenses therapeutic effects to the body, including but not limited to anxiety relief and improved mood

Importance of Using CBD Capsules

The CBD Dose is Already Calculated

Using CBD capsules is easy because there is no need to measure the serving. They contain specific dosages for specific capsules.

CBD Capsules Are portable

CBD capsules are packaged in bottles that are very portable when it comes to traveling. Birnbaum (2019) observed that they are easy to keep in your purse, bag, or desk locker. They are very easy to take regardless of the circumstances.

No Refrigeration is Needed

Unlike the other CBD products which require refrigeration; they are shelf-stable, packaged in safe containers. However, they should be stored in conducive environments.

No ‘Grassy’ Hemp Flavor

CBD capsules mask the earthy flavor associated with CBD.

How to Get the Best CBD Capsules?

Gazette-Tribune (2022) observed that due to the increasing popularity of CBD products, it has become hard to differentiate quality CBD products from unsafe ones. For this reason, you are advised to purchase your CBD products from reputable brands.


CBD capsules provide an ideal experience for users who dislike the earthy CBD taste, accurate dosages, and portable CBD products. They have a stable shelf-life and do not require refrigeration. While the product takes relatively longer to manifest in the body due to the lengthy digestion process, its effects last longer in the body. Notably, CBD capsules are safe and non-psychoactive. However, one should ensure to buy the products from reputable products to avoid the effects of sub-standard capsules.


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