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  • September 28, 2022 4 min read

    How Many Hemp Drops Should I Take?

    The number of Hemp drops depends on the desired effects. This article discusses how to consume the hemp product and the right amount of Hemp drops to take for the desired effects.

    There is no standard amount of Hemp to consume. The quantity depends on a person's needs and the effect they desire to achieve from the Hemp. Factors like body weight, age, and metabolism may affect the amount of Hemp consumed. For instance, a heavier person will need more hemp drops than their lighter counterparts. Similarly, elderly persons may require more drops to achieve similar results compared to younger users with high metabolic rates. However, the amount to take depends on the effect you need. While Hemp may be safe, there are side effects associated with overdosing. 

    What Are Hemp Drops?

    Hemp drops are cannabis derivatives used in the form of drops. The drops could be CBD oil or hemp seed oil. Analakkattillam et al. (2022) stated that hemp oil is infused in many products to dispense health and therapeutic effects.

    Is Hemp the Same As Marijuana?

    Marijuana is not Hemp, although both belong to the cannabis family. The difference between Hemp and marijuana is that while Hemp has no psychoactive effect on the user, marijuana will make you feel high. Cannabis has a chemical component known as THC, which is responsible for psychedelic effects. Marijuana has a higher amount of THC (up to 90%), while Hemp contains 0.3% THC or less (Vilches et al., 2021)

    How Many Drops of Hemp to Take

    Users should start small; there are no 'one-size-fits-' with CBD use. First-time users should begin with a drop in the progress to higher dosages. According to Evans (2020), the right principle for CBD use is ‘start slow, go slow.' Below are the steps to get the perfect dosage;

    Step one

    Start with a Drop

    You start with drop-to-test compatibility. Hemp is considered harmless because it is a natural substance and does not have psychoactive properties. However, it may affect users differently, and some may adversely react to hemp drops. 

    Step Two

    Observe the Effect of Using the Drop

    The first user is unlikely to feel no effect after using Hemp. You ought to feel better if you are using it for pain relief. If you do not react negatively to the first hemp drops, you may add more drops until you achieve the desired effect; however, you must not overdose as it will cause some side effects.

    Step Three

    Set a Limit

    As you cannot continue taking the hemp oil in pursuit of the desired effect', have a limit beyond which you do not use it. You can decide not to take more than 15 drops in a day. However, the best tip is to listen to your body and stop using the drops as soon as you feel relieved. 

    How To Know the Right Amount of Hemp Drops to Take

    For most people, learning the right amount of hemp drops to take is based on trial and error. But the following tips can help in determining the proper dosage;

    Research More About Hemp Drops

    Knowing more about the hemp drops helps decide the dosage. The following is the information that you will need to research on;

    The Types of Hemp Drops

    Hemp drops are majorly CBD immersed in oil to be used as drops. CBD products are grouped into three spectrums according to their effectiveness; the more chemical components the cannabis has, the more effective it is. Products with higher chemical components have an "entourage effect." The full spectrum is considered the most effective of the three due to its chemical components, including THC. The broad-based has as many components, but it lacks THC. In contrast, the CBD isolate spectrum is the least effective and the mildest. Therefore, it is the best spectrum for first-time CBD users.

    The Potency of the Hemp Drops

    Potency means 'strength.' The amount of CBD per milliliter will determine the potency of the hemp drop. The first-time user should use less potent hemp drops and gradually progress to more potent drops.

    The Doctor's Opinion

    In a jurisdiction where hemp oil use is legal, you need not have a prescription but seeking the doctor's opinion is a step that the first-time user should not skip. The doctor can calculate the proper dosage concerning your weight, age, and needs. The following are more reasons why seeking the doctor's opinion is important;

    • If you are on other medications, the doctor can check to ensure that there will be no interaction.
    • The doctor can help you check the ingredients and additives in the hemp drops that may worsen your ailment.
    • The doctor can recommend the best places to buy hemp drops because the market is unregulated.

    Read Customers Reviews

    Customer reviews can be a helpful guide in knowing more about hemp drops and the side effects to expect from an overdose. Zenone (2021) stated that customer reviews are more useful to online buyers.

    Read The Instructions

    Manufacturers always give a hint on dosage on the package. Manufacturers from reputable companies run tests on the hemp oil and indicate the right amount for most people based on age and users' weights.


    Hemp drops do not have standard amounts. The dosage depends on the user's needs. The trick to using hemp drops is starting small and gradually adding more drops until you reach the desired effect. When buying hemp drops, you should research more about the dosage to determine the relationship between the types and potency. You should also seek the doctor's opinion on the dosage. Most importantly, read the instructions on the package before using the oil.


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