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  • September 28, 2022 5 min read

    How Many Puffs Should I Take?

    If you are wondering how many puffs are considered safe daily, you are not alone. Most vapers struggle with the same issue. Keep reading to find out how vaping works, how many puffs should be taken daily, the adverse effects of vaping too much, and knowing your nicotine levels.

    People vape due to multiple reasons. Some people may vape it because they want a new hobby, while others may be looking for an alternative way to cigarette smoking. New vapers may feel disappointed when their journey begins because it is a different setup than cigarette smoking. Vaping correctly may help you get the specific hit a crave. Therefore, most newbies are concerned about the number of puffs considered to be safe. There is no standard amount of vaping since everyone has unique body chemistry. However, research points out that an average vaper should inhale between one hundred and thirty-two to two hundred and forty vapes.

    How Vaping Works

    During vaping, tobacco extracted nicotine is heated. It is mixed with varying flavors to produce vapor that the user inhales during vaping. It is advisable to take slow and long drags instead of short ones when vaping. This helps you enjoy the vaping experience even more. Longer drags minimize the chance of ingesting excess vape oils/juice. Waiting for some time before hitting the next session is preferable when vaping. It allows the heating element in the device to cool down. Also, it reduces the chances of sore throat pain to occur. Although vaping is recommended for individuals who want to quit smoking, it is not one hundred percent safe. Therefore ensure to do it properly always.

    How Many Puffs to Take Daily

    you can choose to vape as an alternative to smoking. It is advisable to puff, depending on your addiction level. It may help you get enough nicotine, preventing you from reaching out on a cigarette. It is crucial t avoid cigarette smoking while vaping since it may hinder a quitting journey and expose you to various risks. Note that vaping is self-regulate if you choose it as a hobby. This means you will puff your desired hits as long as no changes occur or outthink the recommended puffs given by the manufacturers. The average puffs are around one hundred and thirty to two hundred and forty. Therefore, if you puff more, you should probably slow down.

    What Happens If I Vape Too Much?

    Increases the Risk of Getting a Heart Attack

    Hong et al. (2021) noted that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking, although overdoing it may increase the chances of cardiovascular diseases. Taking too many hits exposes the body to unnatural-level chemicals. one of the primary ingredients is nicotine, and taking too much of it may cause unwanted addiction. Nicotine contents may increase blood pressure which in turn causes an adrenaline spike. It enhances the chances of a heart attack since there is an increase in the heart rate.

    Increases the Susceptibility of Seizures

    Since it's never certain what ingredients are in the vape oil, you should avoid vaping too much. According to Hughes et al.(2019), overdoing may increase the chances of seizures. It is because some vape juices may have more than the stated amount of nicotine. Overconsuming may lead to nicotine poisoning, activating specific neurons responsible for convulsions.

    It May Affects Your Mental Health

    Grant et al. (2019) stated that puffing more than you should impact your mental health negatively. You may begin experiencing more anxiety and depression-related symptoms.

    Damage the Lungs

    Traditional e-cigarettes are mostly linked to lung damage. Alexander et al. (2020) commented that although vaping is a safer alternative, taking too many hits may destroy the lungs. E-cigarette vapor is rich in chromium, a chemical linked to asthma. This chemical may cause cancer in the respiratory system. This is seen in vape juices and oils with buttery flavors. They cause a condition known as popcorn lungs due to artificial flavorings.

    Slows Down Brain Development

    Taking more than recommended puffs may interfere with brain development progress. The brain matures at twenty-five years, and it is not advisable to over-vape before 25 since it may lead to specific behavioral changes. Over vaping may interfere with emotional and cognitive development.

    Knowing  Your Vaping Nicotine Levels

    It is crucial to know your nicotine level as a vaper. Below are some factors that help you know your appropriate nicotine level:


    When it comes to alcoholic drinks, the more potent it is, the hoarser their flavor. The same goes for vapes—the more potent the nicotine level, the harsher its taste. Nicotine levels vary among different users. Some vapers prefer lower flavor amounts and more nicotine amounts. While those who can't tolerate the taste choose a lower nicotine concentration.

    Throat Hit

    The throat hit is the feeling experienced once you vape nicotine. People who want a smoother texture should try inhaling low nicotine levels. However, choose a higher nicotine level if you want a more substantial throat hit.


    Most heavy vapers choose to vape as a way to quit smoking. Hence, they prefer a higher nicotine level since it satisfies their cravings. Mild smokers choose lower nicotine levs since they have no carvings to fulfill. How much you vape also plays a significant role in choosing the right nicotine level. A high level is better for moderate paper and vice versa.

    Smoking Equivalency

    Choose a similar nicotine level when you used to smoke. It helps you feel a similar satisfaction level. However, you will need to lower your nicotine levels since you choose to quit smoking.


    Your preference is a crucial role in vaping journey. New vapers may feel disappointed when their journey begins because it is a different setup than cigarette smoking. Vaping correctly may help you get the specific hit a crave. Most newbies are concerned about the number of puffs considered to be safe. There is no standard amount of vaping since everyone has unique body chemistry. However, you should know your smoking habits to avoid vaping too much. Although vaping is less harmful than smoking, it is better to know the limit. Vaping too much may cause various health conditions, such as seizures, heart problems, lung problems, and even mental health. However, if you want to quit smoking, vaping may help you.


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