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  • by Nicola Boulton August 17, 2022 5 min read

    How To Take CBD: Methods And Dosages

    What are CBD oils? What methods of taking CBD oils? What is the best dosage for using CBD? CBD needs background information, found in the article below, and how best to use CBD.

    You have heard about CBD products and wonder how to use them. CBD products are oils derived from the hemp plant and refined with other carrier oils. Apart from the normal ways they take CBD oils and products, the food and beverage sector has also taken it a notch higher and decided to incorporate CBD in meals.

    It is easy for a person to use CBD products because they have a wide range of uses, from taking them with meals and beverages to inhaling them on their own. CBD has a lot of benefits that will come in handy to help a person with anxiety, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation, insomnia, and muscle spasms.

    Methods of Taking CBD Oils

    There are many ways to use CBD products depending on the dosage a person wants, the conventional method, and how long they want the effects to last. According to Cheyn (2011), with 250mls of CBD oil, a person can put the CBD drops under the tongue and wait for roughly 5 minutes to diffuse into their saliva. It can be done two or three times a day.

    Tincture of CBD

    A tincture is a mixture of the CBD taken by the bottle's dropper and dropped directly under the tongue. A user can Drop the CBD oil in the mouth, hold it for about one or two minutes, then swallow. The droplets of CBD tincture are placed under the tongue because there are a lot of capillaries. These highly vascularized capillaries will allow for easy diffusion into the body.

    Oral Capsules

    Hazekamp (2018) suggested that CBD oils, like medication or supplements, could be used as oral capsules for you to ingest. The CBD capsules will work as supplements because they benefit the body. CBD is highly recommended to people who want to regulate a constant drug dosage. However, if a person uses this CBD method, they will not experience the effect of the capsule as fast as they want because it goes through the digestive system before being absorbed into the blood.


    Some CBD oils do not have the sweet taste some people want in their mouths. A person can also add a teaspoon of CBD oil to their morning smoothie for a great start to the day. It will work because the smoothie will dilute the CBD oil-wry taste, and a user will not only taste the smoothie. Compared to the oral capsules, this method might not give that first effect because of the passage through the digestive system before absorption into the blood.

    With Coffee

    New coffee blends are being manufactured with infused CBD oils. These coffees will allow a person to sample CBD coffee and regulate the amount of CBD oil they take in a day or single dosage. Belay (2016) stated that these CBD coffee blends take away the anxiety of excessive caffeine consumption; thus, people can take as much coffee as they want.

    CBD Oils With Salads

    CBD oils also can take with salad as the dressing oil, like you can dress the salad with vegetable oils such as olive oil or almond oil. The CBD oil can also be used with these vegetable oils for healthy cooking though the CBD oils should be of lesser quantity. You can put 1-2 tablespoons of CBD oil in your salad.

    Vape Pens

    The CBD oils can be used in vape pens because they are smoked. The vape pens are infused with CBD oils, and a person is allowed to smoke them. The smoke goes directly into the lungs and the bloodstream; this can be termed the fastest way for CBD use to achieve the desired effect. However, Hall et al. (2021)  stated that vaping for long durations is not advised because the smoke affects the lungs and may cause long-term illnesses.

    CBD Oils With Sweets

    CBD oil can be infused into sweets, yummy treats, cookies, and cakes. These treats will be used anytime, depending on the type of treatment a person has. The cakes and cookies have a shorter life span and may lack mobility, but people can carry sweet and gummy treats wherever they want. It might be a good way of relieving tension and getting calm, especially under stressful situations. However, a person cannot get any other CBD product.

    Topical Administration

    CBD products can be infused into the serums, lotions, and balms used by people. People can choose from either depending on where they want to apply the CBD product. Bruni et al. (2018) stated that the topical CBD application is mostly used by people who want to relieve muscle soreness and inflammation. When induced into other fragrances such as coconut oils, it can give an enticing scent to the body.

    CBD Oils in Cocktails

    Not much research has been done on this, but one can find some places offering this type of cocktail. This cocktail is infused with CBD and can be found in Santiago.

    Dosage for CBD

    Try CBD products with a lot of care if you are new to them to avoid any adverse reactions to the drug. A person can start with a few drops daily as they set up the tone to increase more of the CBD used by the body. According to Iftikhar et al.(2021), as a person uses CBD oil, they must regulate the amount and maintain under 70mg daily to avoid any side effects.


    A person must keep CBD oil stored in a cool, dry place. People can use CBD at any time of the day, and the frequency depends on how they think their body needs it. CBD products require a person to use them with other combinations like sweets, salad, smoothies, coffee, vape pens, and cocktails. It is also best to regulate the amounts of CBD you use daily. Use the correct dosage of CBD oil in salad and other foods. Store the blended product in a cool and dry place to avoid reducing the CBD contents. Avoid too much vaping because the smoke can affect the lungs, causing lung failure. Ensure to avoid overdosing when blending CBD oils.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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