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September 27, 2022 5 min read

Enjoy Your CBD Drink to Enhance Your Mood-Where to Buy CBD Products

CBD drinks are a popular way of enjoying CBD. You can benefit from CBD since it is associated with many health benefits, including pain relief and anxiety. While purchasing the CBD drink, you should consider the source of CBD, THC amounts available, cost and extraction method, and reputation of the company. Read on to learn more about CBD drinks and where to buy CBD products.

Cannabidiol is the most popular cannabinoid for its therapeutic and medical properties. Furthermore, CBD is widely spread since it is organic, non-psychoactive, and has minimal side effects. Most people consume it as an alternative to other inorganic drugs, which have various side effects. These side effects include headaches, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Luckily, CBD alleviates pain and inflammation and reduces high anxiety levels.

Furthermore, it effectively manages drug addictions, such as opioid addictions. You can take CBD differently since it is infused in lotions, creams, soaps, foods, and drinks. Drinks infused with CBD are delicious and can improve your mood.

CBD Drinks

CBD drinks are infused with cannabidiol and contain other additives or organic nutrients. CBD drinks include beverages and sodas. Therefore, you will appreciate the taste and benefit of CBD's therapeutic effects. According to Überall (2020), it relieves pain, improves sleep, and alleviates stress and anxiety, boosting mood.

CBD is derived from the marijuana and hemp plant. Hemp-derived CBD is legalized since the plant contains more CBD, whereas marijuana leads to THC levels. According to Arkell et al. (2019), THC is the most known marijuana compound with a psychoactive effect; it can alter the mental functioning of the user.

CBD can be used for medical and recreational purposes and thus can enhance your mood since it has a relaxing effect. According to Kuhathasan et al. (2019), CBD can soothe and relax the body and mind, relieving stress and improving sleep.

There are different formulations of CBD drinks since they are infused with CBD, which differs from the compound composition. The full spectrum CBD drink contains all the compounds from the plant, including THC. Although some people avoid THC in their products, research shows it is an essential compound for CBD. It enhances its efficacy for alleviating different health conditions, including preventing insomnia and improving sleep.

The broad-spectrum CBD has various plant compounds, for example, terpenes, flavonoids, and all other cannabinoids except THC. The user can benefit from all the plant's other compounds since they exhibit an entourage effect. However, CBD isolate does not have an additional compound from the plant.

Studies show that the efficacy of the full and broad-spectrum CBD differs from CBD isolate since an increase in their dosages increases the effect on the body.

Where to Get CBD Drinks

There are many retail and online stores where you can get CBD products. CBD is regulated by the FDA, although it does not control the CBD products in the market. Therefore, this has created a loophole for counterfeit products in the market. Research showed that most online CBD products are subjected to mislabeling due to the emphasis on the hemp-extracted CBD product. Therefore, it is hard to get a genuine product, but with the factors considered below, it will be easier to get a good quality product in any market.

Benefits of Shopping for CBD Online

  • You can read the customer reviews
  • Reduced shopping time
  • Access to a wider inventory
  • You can easily contact customer support
  • You can check the hemp source
  • You can check the extraction method
  • You can confirm whether the product has undergone intensive independent third-party testing

What to Look for in CBD Drinks

The Source of CBD

CBD is derived from hemp or marijuana plant. However, hemp-derived CBD is legal and considered safer by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Some states allow marijuana-infused CBD; therefore, it should be indicated on the product. US-grown hemp is emphasized because it is grown under strict agricultural regulations prohibiting inorganic farming techniques. Furthermore, cannabis plants tend to absorb several compounds from the soil. Therefore, when grown with many chemicals, they can be traced to the end product, thus lowering the quality.

The THC Levels

Some CBD drinks are full spectrum CBD; thus, they have traces of THC. The product should indicate the exact number of compounds that it contains. Additionally, the legal THC levels approved by the FDA are below 0.3%. This percentage is approved to prevent psychoactive effects on the user. Anything above that can be hallucinogenic. If you want to avoid THC, you will know which product to purchase due to the specific regulations.

The Dosage/ Specified Amount of CBD Per Serving

People react to CBD differently; therefore, the adequate dose will differ based on the amount of CBD taken, the body size, age, and frequency of use. It is important to seek medical advice concerning the right dosage for you. Start low and slow, then gradually increase the dosage according to your preferences. Some products can have instructions concerning the dosage to use. The lowest CBD dosage in a day is 25 milligrams, while 1500 milligrams is considered the highest dosage, although it is generally tolerable.

 The Cost

 CBD drinks should not be too expensive or too cheap. You should consider the quality of the drink since higher prices do not guarantee quality.

 The Company's Reputation

You should purchase your products from reputable, trusted manufacturers that guarantee good quality. CBD products can be found in many physical and online stores. Therefore, it is good to consider going through customer reviews since they give you more insight into the product quality and the brand's authenticity.

The Mode of CBD Extraction

CBD is extracted from hemp and cannabis plants using chemicals or CO2. According to Wongwailikhit et al. (2021), CO2 is the best method of deriving CBD since it does not use chemicals that can contaminate the compound and thus affect the quality of the CBD end product.

The Legality of CBD

Hemp-derived CBD is legal in 50 states, but only a handful of full-approved cannabis CBD. The legal. The amount of THC is below 0.3% since the amount is certified as non-hallucinogenic; it cannot alter the user's mental state. CBD is infused in many products but is illegal in foods and beverages. However, many sellers sell the products, but there are no legal actions against them apart from issuing warning letters.


There are different ways to enjoy CBD, for example, consuming CBD drinks. The drink enhances the absorption of CBD into the body; thus, you can feel the effects immediately. CBD drinks can be infused with full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate, which differ in the composition of compounds. For example, the full spectrum CBD has all the plant's compounds, including THC. There are different factors to look for in the drink, including the THC percentage, dosage, source of CBD, cost, and mode of CBD extraction. Furthermore, there are different places to purchase CBD drinks, but you should consider buying the products from a reputable manufacturer.


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