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  • September 15, 2022 5 min read

    Are There Any Side Effects Associated with Taking CBD Drinks?

    Do you wonder how CBD drinks may affect your body? This article outlines all the side effects associated with consuming CBD drinks, including nausea, diarrhea, drowsiness, and dry mouth.  Herein, you will also learn what CBD drinks are.

    CBD is an active chemical compound extracted from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis Sativa plant, especially the hemp strain. It has gained popularity since one can easily harness its power by infusing it into their daily routines, such as drinks. Despite the benefits you might get from Cannabidiol drinks, they can bear adverse side effects. If you are a frequent user of CBD drinks, it is without contradiction that you have experienced side effects such as loss of appetite and many more, as discussed in this blog. However, the potential risks of Cannabidiol drinks should not prevent you from enjoying their health benefits.

    What are CBD Drinks?

    Since CBD products have become the main trending herbal remedies in the past few years, companies' creative departments have not let their customers down by introducing drinks with added CBD to provide customers with the health benefits of the cannabinoid. Sarrafpour et al. (2020) stated that Cannabidiol drinks are healthy beverages that show promise in treating various medical ailments, including anxiety, epilepsy, sleep difficulties, arthritis, PSTD, Parkinson’s, and chronic disease. Although they can be associated with several side effects if they are overdosed, they contain traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is famous mainly for causing a feeling of ‘highness’ in marijuana smokers. CBD is a non-intoxicating compound with no mind-altering effects. Therefore, CBD drinks are any beverage of soft drinks that contains traces of CBD oil, and they include:

    • CBD caffeine
    • CBD beer
    • CBD Flavored water.
    • CBD soft drinks like Coca-Cola
    • CBD water CBD fruit juices laced with CBD

    Side Effects of CBD Drinks

    Iffland & Grotenhermen (2017) suggested that CBD has the following side effects

     Dry Mouth

    Like most marijuana smokers experience, CBD could cause inadequate saliva production causing dry or cotton mouth. However, this is common with CBD drinks that contain traces of THC molecules. Cases have reported that adding CBD oil full-spectrum to beverages or soft drinks can cause your eyes and mouth to dry. Though most CBD drinks contain small amounts of THC (less than 0.3%), companies may mislabel the THC level, duping users to overdose unknowingly.

    Nausea and Vomiting

    In some cases, those who ingest CBD drinks might have a nausea feeling which can mutual to consistent vomiting. However, it does not happen to all users since it depends on the amount your drunk and your body chemistry. Also, newbies to the CBD regime are prone to these side effects since their body receptors are trying to adapt to the new compound, resulting in irritation of the stomach.


    Apart from nausea and vomiting, some CBD drinkers may experience severe diarrhea which depends on individual medical history. When CBD overdoses, it is stored in fatty walls of digestive tracts since it is fat-soluble. As a result, it affects the normal breakdown and absorption of nutrients and water, leading to diarrhea in most CBD users.

     Fatigue and Drowsiness

    Drowsiness is an abnormal feeling of tiredness and sleepiness during the day. Taking larger doses of CBD in drinks is prohibited by physicians since it causes you to feel tired and non-productive. At the same time, when you take CBD drinks such as CBD-infused beer or any alcohol, you feel drowsiness and muscle fatigue thus impaired driving. It is because CBD compounds are chemically active; thus, they will react with alcohol molecules in the body, suppressing the body's energy levels.

    CBD Drinks Can Cause Hypotension

    Hypotension is common to marijuana smokers since it is caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure below the recommended level. CBD drinks are not exceptional because they are known to treat hypertension by lowering blood pressure, although if overdosed or frequently used, they can lower the pressure even when there is no threat. Learn more about how much cbd is in a cbd drink?

    Loss of Appetite and Weight

    When CBD drinks are consumed in optimal doses, you may have healthy munchies where you feel the craving for both greenery and sugary food type. It is possible because it reduces digestive tract inflammation, making you feel full. However, frequent use and overdosing can increase the release of the hormone leptin, decreasing appetite. At the same time, reducing the production of ghrelin makes you feel hungry and stimulates your brain to make you feel full. Loss of appetite for an extended period may result in a rapid decrease in body weight. Additionally, CBD contributes in broke down stored body fat into energy which can be excessive depending on the amount of the supplement you are taking. Learn more about can you buy cbd drinks in the uk?


    Dizziness is the expected side effect when you overwhelm your body with any medication, either prescribed or supplemented. According to Etges et al. (2016), when you drink CBD products for the first time, expect to feel a bit dizzy. It is because your body system is trying to adjust to the interaction with the cannabinoid with body receptors. Alternatively, dizziness can be caused by an overdosing of CBD.

    Down-to-earth Feeling and Tension

    Some CBD drinks may contain some traces of psychoactive compounds like THC due to extraction methods and manufacturer reputation. The food and drug administration (FDA) has not regulated the manufacturing and selling of CBD products therefore, some manufacturers may sell CBD drinks with traces of THC above 1%. It makes you feel an increase in fear and tension when you drink it. CBD is largely known to reduce anxiety and stress through interaction with brain receptors but overdosing on the compound can cause an increase in anxiety and stress leading to self-denial.

    Bad for Both Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

    According to Joseph & Vettraino (2020), when a pregnant woman drinks CBD drinks like beverages or soft drinks, CBD finds its way to the unborn baby through the placenta and may end up harming the fetus. The unborn baby has not yet developed strong endocannabinoid systems that can fully interact with the cannabinoid hence it can affect the growth and liveliness of the fetus. Additionally, mothers breastfeeding are advised by physicians not to use CBD of any kind since the compound can easily be found in the baby's milk from their bloodstream.

    The Bottom Line

    Any kind of CBD is technically an uncontrolled supplement in the USA states and therefore they should be consumed with caution. Fact Because CBD is active chemically, it can interact with your body systems to bring negative effects when misused or overdosed. CBD drinks can easily overdose because they can mask the unpleasant earthy taste associated with cannabis products making them easy to consume without considering the dosage. These side effects include dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, tension, dry mouth, and fatigue. Although depending on your body chemistry and frequency of use, you may experience some side effects leaving others.


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