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  • September 15, 2022 5 min read

    Do Your CBD Drinks Contain THC?

    CBD drinks can be contaminated with THC. With the legalization of CBD in the United States, there has been a range of products in the market that individuals can access. This article explains what the terms CBG, CBD, and THC mean, the factors contributing to the presence of THC in CBD drinks, and how to buy CBD drinks that do not have THC.

    Think of any product one may want to use as a CBD product, and chances are that it is available in the CBD market, or one can have some DIY fun with it. The popularity of CBD grew with the removal of hemp, from which CBD is derived, from the Controlled Substance List with drugs such as heroin and LSD. The legalization led to the acceptance of CBD among the global population and the production of CBD products infused with CBD to reach as many users as possible. Individuals can purchase CBD as an edible, sublingual, vape, etc. CBD drinks are an example of CBD products.

    What Do the Terms CBD and THC Mean?

    CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are two chemical elements in cannabis, alongside hundreds of other chemical substances. CBD and THC stand out because they set the difference between marijuana and hemp, which have been mistaken as the same plant but are not, although they are both cannabis. Hemp has plenty of CBD and less THC, while marijuana has plenty of THC and less CBD. Most jurisdictions that have allowed CBD use specify that the THC content should be at 0.3% or less if the product is considered hemp. THC is forbidden in many nations because it is responsible for the psychoactive properties of hemp.

    Factors Contributing to the Presence of THC in CBD Drinks

    The Type of CBD Drink

    CBD drinks, like every other CBD product, are not the same. CBD drinks are grouped in categories known as spectrums according to how effective they are. When defining a CBD drink's effectiveness, the term "entourage effect" implies that the user enjoys more from a CBD product if it has several chemical components than they would have if they used a CBD product with only one chemical element. The following are the main types of CBD drinks;

    Full spectrum CBD 

    The CBD drink in the full spectrum has some THC. Full spectrum CBD is the most effective of the three ranges. The effectiveness of CBD products is determined by the number of chemical components it contains, and the CBD spectrum has a majority of chemical elements, including THC. However, since CBD drinks are hemp-derived, the THC content is less than 0.3%. The user of the CBD drink in the CBD full spectrum will enjoy the entourage effect.

    Broad-Spectrum CBD

    Broad-spectrum CBD has as many cannabis components as the full spectrum CBD but lacks THC. Therefore, Broad-based CBD suits users who want to avoid CBD with THC.

    CBD isolate

    Suppose the CBD drink is in the CBD isolate spectrum. That means the CBD is purely cannabinoids, and therefore there is no THC. The CBD isolate is the best spectrum for the user who wants to avoid THC entirely and the new user because it is milder than the other spectrums.

    Mislabeling of the CBD Drinks

    According to Evans (2020), mislabeled CBD products could have some THC. Mislabeling products may not be deliberate. A mistake occurs at the factory during packaging. The CBD drink might have been mislabeled. Consequently, the buyer will consume a CBD drink that has THC.

    Low-Quality CBD Drink

    The CBD market is congested with both genuine products and contaminated products. Low-quality CBD drinks are meant to dupe customers into buying contraband CBD which may have THC. Chicoine et al. (2020) stated that low-quality CBD might have traces of THC.

    Contamination of the CBD Drink

    Lachenmeier et al. (2019) stated that the CBD drink could be contaminated with THC during processing because they are both obtained through extraction. The contamination may occur during processing or packaging.

    Deliberate Spiking

    Lacing people is common malpractice among party-goers. If the CBD drink has some THC, it may have been laced with THC.

    How to Buy CBD Drinks That Do Not Have THC

    The Reputation of the Company

    If the company has a good reputation, the likelihood of its products being of good quality is also high. The companies that have a high reputation have the following characteristics; Learn more about can you buy cbd drinks in the uk?

    The Products Have a Certificate of Analysis (COA)

    The Certificate of analysis is a detailed list of the contents of the CBD product. The COA is usually available on the company's website or can be sent to the user upon request. Suppose the company is reluctant about sending the COA to the user. In that case, it will be best to avoid the company’s products as they may contain contaminants, additives, and ingredients that the company does not want to disclose.

    A Third–Party Laboratory Has Tested the CBD Drink

    Companies with a good reputation intend to retain customers and win their confidence. The company will surrender its products to a third-party laboratory to confirm that the contents in the CBD drink are as they have been presented in the COA. The testing by a third–party laboratory has hints of transparency and trustworthiness. Blebea et al. (2019) stated that testing by a third-party laboratory ensures that the users are safe.

    Read Customer’s Reviews

    The customer's reviews are especially important for the first-time user of CBD drinks, and their thoughts about the product can guide them in buying good quality CBD drinks. The reviews will alert the user if the product has THC, while it should not.

    Seek a Doctor’s Opinion

    Seeking the doctor's opinion helps the user pick the best CBD drink. The doctor can help the user understand the CBD drink's ingredients, additives, and contaminants.


    CBD drinks are infused with CBD only and therefore do not contain THC. However, the CBD drink can have THC depending on the type of CBD, as the full spectrum contains THC. The spiking of the CBD drink with THC, contamination by THC, and mislabeling are some methods through which one can eventually consume a CBD drink that has THC. Good quality CBD drinks will be the surest way to buy CBD drinks. To buy a good quality CBD drink, you must consider the company's reputation. A company with a good reputation will have good CBD products and may avail of the COA, which will be identical to the details compiled after the third-party laboratory.


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