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  • by Nicola Boulton September 28, 2022 5 min read

    Do Edibles Show Up in a Drug Test

    CBD edibles are available in the market in online bands and walk-in stores. This article hights CBD edibles, how to use CBD edibles, why you choose CBD edibles, why you might have positive drug tests, and the health benefits of CBD edibles.

    CBD is infused in many products. This follows the legalization of the compound by the food and drug administration. However, CBD is not legalized for medical use because it does not have scientific proof for its effect on the body. However, epidiolex is the only CBD drug used for treating epilepsy. Many CBD companies are making different products since the compound is infused in foods and drinks. Cannabis is subjected to many laws since it was known to be intoxicating and thus alter the user's mental state. CBD is derived from hemp and cannabis, but the compound on its own does not cause a high feeling; it cannot appear in the drug test

    Do Edibles Show Up in a Drug Test

    What is CBD Edibles

    CBD edibles included drinks, foods, and gummies. They are infused with CBD. CBD is the cannabinoid compound derived from hemp or cannabis plant. Food and drug administration legalized the use of CBD from hemp since the plant has more CBD. CBD edibles are designed to be used orally, put in the mouth, chewed and then swallowed.

    CBD edibles can be infused with full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolates. The full spectrum CBD edibles have all the compounds from the plant, including THC. Watt & Karl (2017) stated that THC, the most common marijuana compound, has a psychoactive effect. However, the legal THC amount is below 0.35, which is the approved amount to be non-intoxicating to the user. Broad spectrum CBD has all cannabinoids except THC, flavonoids, and terpenes. While CBD isolates edibles contain CBD as the only compound of the plant.

    CBD drug test is carried out differently. The tests are carried out on blood, urine, saliva, and hair. Taking hair for CBD drug tests is rare since many consider blood and saliva for better results since each sample has a different mount which can cause a positive drug test.

    How to Use CBD Edibles

    CBD edibles are taken into the body orally and chewed and swallowed. They are subjected to digestion before being absorbed into the body system. Soleymanpour et al. (2021) suggested that CBD edibles are good for sleep since they have a soothing and relaxing effect on the brain and the body. The compound also improves sleep by targeting the root cause of sleep issues. This mental distresses is based on statistics, but when well managed, it can result in stress and depression.

    According to Muller & Reggio (2022), CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors to provide any form of relief. The cannabinoid receptors are divided into CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are found in the brain and the nerves, while CB2 receptors are majorly in the immune system and other body organs such as the skin. The study above also showed that CBD binds CB1 and CB2 receptors while THC acts on CB1 receptors alone and thus causes a high feeling.

    CBD edibles can appear in a drug test. However, you might have a false drug test when you use full spectrum CBD edibles due to the THC traces. A cut-off of the THC can cause positive drug tests; therefore, not all the amounts present in the product can show up. Passing the drug test does not mean your body system does not have THC.

    Studies show that THC and CBD work together for the well-being of the body since they create the entourage effect, where they complement each one's effect. Therefore, THC is an essential compound for CBD to work.

    Why You Should Use CBD Edibles

    • CBD edibles cover the weedy test and thus make it easy for beginners to use the compound
    • They are convenient enough since they can be taken anywhere and time. Nd they are easy to fit into the routine since they of not need special time you can enjoy the compound with your meal.
    • CBD dibbles are readily available in walk-in and online stores or can be made at home by adding CBD annually into your food or drink.

    Why You Might Have Positive Drug Test After Using CBD

    CBD alone does not intoxicate the user and thus cannot result in a positive drug test. However, there are chances you might have a positive drug test caused by

    Cross Contamination

    Cross-contamination draws back to the manufacturer and the extraction process. This is when the company wants to manufacture pure CBD products with THC or the two compounds. There might be traces of THC I, which can result in a false positive drug test.

    Mislabelling of the Product

    CBD products are infused with full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates products. The extraction of CBD isolate products is the most expensive, resulting in mislabelling o products. This is based on the statistics showing that CBD products in many online stores are subjected to mislabelling.

    Second Exposure

    Second exposure occurs when the product can be exposed to THC at home or even in the market stores resulting in contamination. When you use the product, you have a false positive drug test. Also, when you are exposed to marijuana smoke based on the potency of marijuana, it can be traced in your blood. Learn more about how long do cbd edibles last?

    Benefits of CBD Edibles

    Pain Relief

    Imagine easing pain with a glass of your favorite drink. This could be the easiest way of taking CBD for pain. According to Philpott et al. (2017), CBD can relieve different forms of pain, for example, nerve, muscle, and joint pains. CBD can relax the body and calm the mind, thus easing pain.

    Alleviating Stress and Anxiety

    Stress and anxiety are commonly based on statistics; they are simple mental disturbances, but when not managed well, they might result in stroke and heart attack. Cambrell et al. (2020) showed that CBD could soothe and relax the brain and thus alleviate stress and anxiety.


    CBD edibles are the easiest and the most convenient way of taking cannabidiol in the body and are thus considered the best for beginners since they overs the weedy taste. CBD edibles can be drinks or foods and thus easy to incorporate into your daily routine. CBD edibles cannot appear in the drug test since the compound is non-intoxicating. CBD is taken through edible take long for the effect top surface since the compounds are subjected to digestion before being absorbed into the blood system. You might have a false positive drug test due to cross-contamination, mislabelling, and second-hand exposure. Although CBD edibles are not legalized, they are readily available in the market and can help with pain relief and alleviation of stress and anxiety.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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