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  • by Nicola Boulton August 15, 2022 5 min read

    How To Make Your Own Edibles from CBD Flower

    CBD flowers are derived from the hemp plant. You can make your own edibles from the CBD flower. Read this article to know more about the benefits of the CBD flower to the body, types of CBD flowers, the benefits of the CBD flowers and how to make an edible from a CBD flower.

    In the past, the only way you could use CBD was through smoking. For that reason, non-smokers avoided CBD. Nowadays you can find CBD products in the stores and online in almost any form that you can think of and CBD edibles have turned out to be the most popular because of the discretion that it offers the user as observed by Evans (2020). However, CBD edibles may not be cheap and when what you want to eat is not within your budget, people have always found that making them at home may be a better and cheaper alternative. You may also have your CBD edible in whichever food you want rather than being restricted by the CBD edibles being offered by the retailer. In this article, we will learn how to make CBD edibles with the CBD flower. Read on;

    How To Make Your Own Edibles from CBD Flower

    What is CBD?

    CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are two of many other chemical elements found in marijuana and hemp. Marijuana and hemp are not the same according to  Grotenhermen & Russo (2002). When you use a CBD product and it gives you the psychoactive effect, the chemical responsible for that effect is THC. THC makes marijuana and hemp different. Marijuana has plenty of THC at 50%-90%, while hemp has less than 0.3 % THC. Hemp, and products extracted from hemp including CBD are exported in more countries than marijuana and products extracted form marijuana. marijuana is shunned by many countries because of the presence of hemp. if you purchase a CBD product and you wonder if the product is from hemp or marijuana, the THC content will give you a hint. If the amount of THC is very high the product is from marijuana and if the amount of THC is too low, i.e., 0.3 and below the product is from hemp.

    What is the CBD flower?

    The CBD flower is the flower of a cannabis sativa plant. The CBD flower is planted and deliberately grown to be a CBD flower and to be low in the amount of THC. The amount of THC in the CBD flower is always 0.3% or lower. We can therefore draw the conclusion that CBD is from the hemp plant. The hemp flower and the CBD flower are therefore the same thing.

    Benefits of the CBD flower to the body

    CBD flower has a low THC content. It is worth noting that sometimes you may find the CBD flower in the stores but with a high content of THC. However, the usual THC content in a CBD flower is 0.3%. CBD flowers can be consumed as food or a smoke among other forms. Like any other CBD product, the CBD flower is beneficial to the body for therapeutical reasons such as;

    For relaxation

    When the user is suffering from stress, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. According to Ashton (2022), they may use CBD flowers for relief. CBD products that have less than 0.3% of THC have always been viewed suspiciously as users wonder how a product may have little or no THC and still have effects that simulate the presence of THC. like other CBD products the CBD flowers can have a relaxing effect on the brain and the body.

    For treating insomnia

    The CBD flower can be used in treating insomnia. sometimes insomnia is caused that by some underlying issues such as physical pain and emotional distress. The CBD flower can be useful by helping the user to relax and easing the physical pain as it has painkilling and anti-inflammatory purposes.

    Types of CBD flowers

    Like other CBD products, CBD flowers are also categorized into groups known as spectrums as explained by Brockway. The spectrum considers the amount of cannabis elements. If the cannabis has many elements, it is considered more effective than the cannabis that has few elements. That means that when the cannabis has several elements, the user gets to enjoy what is known as an entourage effect. The entourage effect implies that the user benefits more when they use cannabis that has many elements. Below are the main types spectrums that your CBD flower may belong to;

    Full spectrum

    The full spectrum, as the name suggests contains CBD, THC and most of the other elements. It is believed to be the most effective because of the entourage effect. It is worth nothing that the CBD flower may be in this spectrum only when it has some THC in it.

    Broad spectrum

    The CBD flower in the broad spectrum has many elements of cannabis but it lacks THC. the CBD flower may be in this spectrum if it does not have THC at all. The CBD flower in this spectrum is more effective than the CBD flower in the CBD isolate spectrum but less effective than the CBD flower in the full spectrum.

    CBD isolate

    As the name suggests, CBD in this spectrum is alone. It is CBD in its purest form because it does not have any other element. The CBD flower that falls in this spectrum is the least effective of all the three spectrums.

    How to make an edible with a CBD flower

    Cooking with CBD flowers involves adding the CBD into the preparations. Below are some ideas of cooking that you may follow the following two steps;

    Step 1: Decarboxylate the CBD flowers

    Decarboxylating the CBD flowers involves heating the CBD flowers until its CBDA nature turns to CBDA (cannabidiol acid) to CBD. Cannabidiol acid has to be heated so that it is in a form that can be metabolized by the body.

    Step 2: Use the CBD flowers to make your CBD edibles following ways;

    Adding into your cooking oil or CBD oil

    You may add the CBD flower into the cooking oil and fry with it but doing that may make it lose its potency. It is more advisable to sprinkle the CBD flowers onto the food when it is ready,

    By adding into salad, dressing and icing.

    When you are cooking you may opt to add the CBD flowers on the salad, icing or dressing so that you have it uncooked which means it will be more potent than it would have been if you cooked it.

    By adding it into some drink

    You may sprinkle the CBD flowers into your drink for instance a smoothie or chocolate to enjoy the benefits of CBD via your CBD flower.


    As CBD gets more popular, people are finding more ways to use CBD without inhaling it. Initially the only way that you could a CBD edible would have been through purchasing the product but people are finding ways to make CBD edibles at their own convenience at home. Home-made CBD edibles tend to be cheaper. They are convenient because you may use them whenever you want. They are also enjoyable to make and you may share it with several people, like a party. CBD flowers are gaining popularity because they are versatile, they effect of using them lasts long and they are cheaper than most CBD products.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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